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Theme Builder allows you to build a highly efficient website easily. It is a great solution and tool to own when dealing with establishing a website. With it you can build a responsive website, giving you great flexibility to create and modify a website.  In this article we have mentioned 7 Free WordPress Themes Builder that are of high quality, allow users to use tools for visuals, and easily customize the sections of the website.

Before we dig in, if you are someone who has questions in mind relating to theme builders, then check out the following question-answer part of this article.

Why use this Free WordPress Themes Builder?

 Creating a website may be quite difficult for any new user or newbie. whereas for professional developers pursuing the traditional route would need a lot of time and effort, which can really become tedious and time-consuming. So for this is a very reason Free WordPress Themes Builder plays a significant role in building a powerful website.

 If you want to build a website quickly, this page builder will be really useful. It greatly aids developers in speeding up the page creation process with flexibility and ease, allowing users to utilize it efficiently. You may utilize the pre-built elements and blocks provided by this page builder, as well as a variety of modification settings and choices that are combined in it.

What Should You Look for in a WordPress Themes Builder?

 Several individuals want to start their journey on the WordPress platform. Choosing a beautiful theme is an important element of creating compelling user experiences. That being said it's crucial to select the right Theme builder, Here are some key points to remember while choosing one:

  • Look for a builder that is highly User-friendly, such theme builders have drag-and-drop builders built-in theme.
  • Also, check if the pre-built templates are included, as they will save you a lot of time.
  • Conditional Template display that allows you to control the usage and format of templates accordingly.
  • Content Integrations- which should allow you to easily insert content from plugins such as ACF and toolset.

Check out WordPress Theme Builder Features

  • Includes a progress bar that displays the progress of your work to the webpage. This comes in very handy
  • Post type Slider- This enables you to showcase the different posts or other products in a categorical manner.
  • Advanced Button features enable users to add CTA buttons to the webpage while you can easily alter the adjustments of it like for example the opacity and font size etc.
  • Advanced Social Icon - this option helps you to share your content with several social media platforms.
  • Google map display- you could include the location and edit it accordingly.
  • Shape Divider is specifically designed for SVGs.
  • Creating simple tabs has never been easy with the tabs block option.

Here are the best WordPress theme builders


This is a Free WordPress Themes Builder that is used by millions of WordPress sites to produce content and designs using a visual, drag-and-drop builder. When it comes to page builders on WordPress, Elementor is the best alternative because it has bricks that allow you to create your website exactly how you want it, along with the ability to adjust the margins and borders. Elementor is extremely compatible with most top WordPress themes, essentially making it a fantastic tool.

Here are some cool features of Elementor:

  1. It has a Visual drag-and-drop builder
  2. Highly Responsive controls
  3. Enhanced design feature and functionality that is exceptionally advanced with an intuitive drag-and-drop Editor.
  4. Faster performances functionality that instantly enables the users to perform live edit, page load and you name it- drag-and-drop.
  5. It has the functionality to edit content effortlessly while being live on the website and works amazingly along with Gutenberg.
  6. Users are entirely capable of creating templates for many aspects of their theme, including Header, Footer, Singles, Archives.

The Elementor UI is both fairly fast and user-friendly, with a plethora of layout and design choices.

WordPress Website Builder  

WordPress Website Builder

This amazing Ibtana website builder is a highly compatible and user-friendly tool. It enables its users to create a WordPress website efficiently eliminates all of the extra work required to create a working and smooth running site. This Free WordPress Themes Builder with various blocks provides greater editing and formatting options without the need for coding.

It is intended for the creation of rich, adaptable, and appealing websites via the use of several ready-made components, modernizing the traditional web construction method. Featuring 13+ helpful blocks and capabilities, you have ample space to incorporate all of the parts as well as features when constructing a new personalized page utilizing the page builder.

Dragging and dropping the block very smoothly without any hassle, modifying the content with custom material, and editing the photos with your images, and you're set! This WordPress website builder will work miracles because you how would not have to start from scratch. Given an emphasis on providing a fresh and improved page-creation experience, this website builder is without a doubt the greatest tool anyone could own.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

The Woocommerce Product Add-Ons will assist in the creation of a completely personalized product page that provides clients with a one-of-a-kind consumer experience. It converts the standard product site into a Gutenberg editor, allowing you to modify and add components using drag and drop. You may simply construct a product page design based on your criteria by visually dragging and dropping the various pieces.

This premium edition provides you with complete power, as well as a slew of one-click editing tools. Gutenberg is, at its core, a contemporary editor for the WordPress blogging platform. This tool fundamentally alters the process of producing pages, articles, goods, and other features for the user's website.

WooCommerce is mostly used to create an e-commerce website using WordPress. WooCommerce is the most widely used method for developing any type of eCommerce website. A Woocommerce Product Add Ons custom-made product page has several variables to create a completely original product page. Using the Best WooCommerce extensions is crucial since it will increase your visitors and, as a result, receive great profit.

Here are some features of it

  • Product Template for WooCommerce

You acquire 5 ideal Product Page Templates along with several product choices such as FAQs, reviews, trust badges, and so on.

  • Rate the Products

Users can easily Customize the rating options on your product pages of the website.

  • Add to Shopping Cart

Use this Add To Cart block to add Cart Button to the product page or template using the effortless drag and drop functionality.

  • Product Review

The Product Review block allows you to showcase customer ratings by calculating the average star rating depending on the evaluations and displaying it on the website.

  • Switch Editor

You may change editors whenever you want with complete ease. The Woocommerce product add-on provides you to switch between the traditional and Gutenberg editors.

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is a one-of-a-kind tool since it is the best WordPress themes rather than a plugin like the other builders that are available on the internet market today. In contrast, the other mentioned theme builders function distinctly as they work on designing your website from the beginning. Thrive, Theme Builder, on the other hand, is more akin to a highly customizable theme that comes with a slew of various templates. Check out key features of this Free WordPress Themes Builder:

  • Not a plugin like other utilities, but an actual WordPress theme.
  • Responsive controls along with  visual drag-and-drop builder
  • Simple setup wizard for selecting basic templates
  • Complete freedom to modify current templates or design your own.
  • Make as many templates as you like.
  • Dynamic content, including custom fields, is supported.
  • has an efficient WooCommerce integration built in it

Brizy Pro

Brizy enables you to quickly turn visitors into users. Websites and landing pages may be integrated using any of your favorite marketing software. The Brizy website builder gives you complete command of your website photos by utilizing our strong and simple tools of the builder. Brizy's visual, drag-and-drop editor is one of its most distinguishing features. Check out key features of this Free WordPress Themes Builder:

  • Visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Controls that respond efficiently
  • Make as numerous templates as you like.
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Email marketing connectors are built-in.
  • Builder of popups
  • Brizy Cloud service integration


Divi is among the most well-known WordPress themes. It's a theme and a page builder in one package. It's a full-fledged design framework that enables users to create and personalize any aspect of your webpage from the bottom up.  A drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create almost any form of the website by mixing and organizing content, Get all this done with efficient Divi's functionality.

Perhaps one of Divi's strengths is that it offers its users with plethora template kits.  Divi has a thriving market of 3rd plugins that can extend the core plugin's functionality.

Check out key features of this Free WordPress Themes Builder

  • Has visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • There are several designs as well as style possibilities options.
  • Controls that are highly responsive
  • Display of a conditional template
  • "Theme Packs" are full-site templates.
  • Support for dynamic content for native WordPress content and custom fields
  • has Integration with WooCommerce
  • It may be used as a theme or a plugin.
  • Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular WordPress page builder plugin that has been around for a long time. The Beaver Themer addon allows you to implement the same visual, drag-and-drop Beaver Builder interface to your whole theme. allows you to effortlessly design drag-and-drop design and floor plans from the front end of any website.

Perform all this without having to even perform any part of the code section.  It's quick and adaptable, with a plethora of design possibilities for WordPress users that are suitable for every user coming from different stages of experience.  Additionally, a  notable feature is its responsive design option, which allows you to rapidly transition between big, medium, and small-screen views and fine-tune the parameters for every dimension.

Check out key features of this Free WordPress Themes Builder

  • Visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Controls that respond
  • Make as many templates as you like.
  • Display of a conditional template
  • Interactive data, with custom field support


These best free WordPress Themes Builder are amazingly responsive, functional, and highly capable of redefining and constructing your website in the best of ways including, the very best cost-effective approach.

WordPress Theme Bundle

Having to purchase each and every theme may be tedious and time-consuming. A WordPress Theme Bundle saves you a lot of time and hard work in your search for high-quality WordPress themes. You also save a lot of money with a WordPress Theme bundle since purchasing a single theme would be expensive, but you could get a selection of themes in a single bundle for a low price.

Our WP theme package is packed with remarkable high-quality features and functionality that will astound you and leave you wanting more.

A WordPress Theme Bundle will provide you with excellent value for money, as well as high-quality performance, appealing designs, and responsive themes. The bundle offers exceptional worth for money. As the product and its features function efficiently, the themes are very responsive and have enticing and powerful designs.

You can quickly and easily create a business website using Theme Shopy's WP theme bundle in just a few clicks. They're all easy to use and perform admirably. Each theme has been painstakingly created in compliance with the most modern WordPress coding standards.

The example material included in the package streamlines the process by allowing you to develop a website fast and efficiently. All of the themes provide a plethora of customizing options. Your logo, font, color, and images may all be changed.

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