Top 10 Free Podcast Website Templates for Audio Podcast Websites



Are you on the hunt for the finest free podcast website templates? Well, that’s a good step to unleashing your podcasting game on the web. And why not when over 80% of the audience is listening to podcasts? A well-designed website will attract more users. So with that thought, you must be looking for the best podcast website templates, right? Your hunt ends here, as we have some of the best themes that have the most creative podcast website templates. 

Managing podcast content is easier when you have a well-grounded place for it. And designing a podcast website needs perfect tools to handle. And so, the list of the 10 best podcast website templates will help you raise bigger and better standards. 

List of the Top Free Podcast Website Templates for You 

This is the most unique range of the top 10 free WordPress themes with the finest podcast website templates. 

1. Free Podcaster WordPress Theme 

This high-profile podcast radio theme sets the stage for all sorts of podcast and music websites. It creates a high-quality website that not only attracts users but also engages them to stay on your music site. The theme is completely free of charge and does not require any developer charges for web design. Your music production or podcast business is in safer hands when you have this podcaster radio theme. 

The theme covers the finest podcast website templates with incredible inner pages to use. The users are completely free to add, delete, or edit the pages without any codes. Its slider and sidebar formats are the boosting elements that raise the user experience. Plus, there is Woocommerce support that enhances the site in terms of business. Also, you can find various styling elements to customize the entire aura of your site. Various plugins are there to render extensive functionality and immunize your site. Above all this, the theme uses a drag-and-drop facility to bring out the best custom features. Responsive design is the biggest feature that helps your site have a mobile-responsive interface. 

2. Free Audio Podcast WordPress Theme 

Audio Podcast WordPress Theme is an ideal choice if you want to promote podcasting with a website. Create a modern and enthusiastic podcasting site in no time using this free audio podcast theme. The theme is free and comes with an entire collection of web design assets to use. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, the theme acts the same. There is no need to add codes as the interface is already pre-designed using HTML and CSS codes. That renders you the best qualitative music and podcasting website.

It comes with a dusky and gloomy design that perfectly symbolizes how music feels. You can see how beautifully the colours are blended with your content to fit in. You get to customize the entire interface by just using the drag-and-drop facility. Fine-tuned free podcast website templates are there with inner pages to add productivity to your podcast website. Also, the plugins increase the overall functionality and reliability of your site. Social media icons are a big gift that helps your site connect with your social profiles. 

3. Free Video Podcasting WordPress Theme 

If you have this great idea of having a video podcast website, then this is your way. Here’s the most-talked-about and creative video podcasting theme for your web design journey. This free and versatile theme is a true partner for music, podcast, and video blogging websites. What can be the greatest thing when you have everything for web design without spending any money? Also, there is no need to add codes or hire a developer for your podcast website. 

The theme offers you an incredible range of the best podcast website templates. It further gathers the finest pre-built inner pages built for offering music web pages. You can simply customize or add more web pages on your own using drag and drop. The theme supports SEO optimization so that your site is equally active on search engines. Woocommerce comes in great support when it comes to music businesses. Then, it adds various navigation controls, widgets, and social media icons for web development. 

4. Free Musician WordPress Theme 

Tune into this mesmerising Music Band Artist WordPress theme, perfect for music and podcast websites. This free theme is a banger tool to induce the best music, music artists, and podcasting experiences. The theme is completely free of charge and does not require any hidden installation charges. Also, your website's budget won’t hurt due to the theme installation. This creative theme has a standard set of clean codes that set up enthralling music websites. It has a flexible interface that is ready to hold modern podcast shows. A smashing range of the best free podcast website templates takes your podcasting website to new levels.

Apart from having no installation, the theme has a code-free interface, which is even good for beginners. What to say about the design: it's ravishing with husky backgrounds and customizable features. It even gathers the best suitable plugins that raise your site’s overall functionality. And you can connect your social accounts on the site using social media icons. 

5. Free Music Recording Studio WordPress Theme 

The most captivating tool for having a podcast and music website is this Music Recording Studio theme. This free tool works like a treasure if you belong to the music and podcast industries. Podcasts are bringing good light to the world of music and the radio industry. And so, getting an online presence for such a booming industry is a must. This free and versatile tool is your tool to handle everything for your podcast website. It gives you the best and most user-friendly interface, even for beginners and non-developers. 

Whether you are looking for a startup plan or upgrading the existing one, the theme is right for you. It sets an ideal stage where you can customize the entire website smoothly. The integration with various plugins like Woocommerce, WP Forms, and more makes it worthwhile. The theme offers SEO optimization, bringing on the best SERP ranks for your site. Navigation becomes much smoother when you have easy menu controls to handle. There are smoothly running CTAs and buttons to reach the desired pages. It even holds social media icons, letting your music profile shine on social platforms. 

6. Free Video Blog WordPress Theme 


Blogging is the most trending niche in today’s fast-moving world. When it blends with podcasting, it holds a unique thing that can be clubbed into a website. So, here’s a wonderful creation by VW Themes, a video blog theme. This free theme is crafted meticulously for promoting music, video blogs, and podcast websites. This theme has the finest and most unique range of the top podcast website templates for you. 

The theme is all set to create a banger image for podcasting and music services on the web. It comes with a clean but versatile interface for counting various blogging sections on your site. Its unique slider and moving widgets speak volumes when it comes to fast-responding sites. Also, the theme is fully responsive, so your site fits on every screen. It further adds a layer of SEO optimization, contributing well to the search engines. If you have a thought of music business, then the WooCommerce integration will help. You can see the theme gives you well-aligned content layouts and sections to customize. Not only this, but the entire interface is easy to customize without any codes to add. 

7. Free Vlogger Video Blog WordPress Theme 

Taking your video blogging niche to a digital place is the biggest contribution you can make. With that said, this free Vlogger Video Blog theme is for you to begin with your video blogging culture. This versatile theme gives hands-on experience in music, podcasting, and all sorts of blogging niches. You can trust this free theme blindly to get that highlighting impression on the web. Your blogging and podcasting career will be at the top of the charts using this theme. 

Take a tour! This theme offers an incredible range of the best free podcast website templates. The single-click demo importer not only directs web design, but it completes web design with a single click. Also, you can find a specialized dashboard featuring all the vital options to explore the site. There are pre-built inner pages with easy customization to add. Then the theme offers some of the best-optimized plugins for extensive functionality on your site. Its unique sliders and sidebar menus offer advanced and creative changes to your podcasting site. And finally, the social media icons help your blogging and podcast sites shine well on social platforms. 

8. Free Photography WordPress Theme 


If you are in search of the best podcast website templates, then this photography theme can be a good choice. Yes, this free photography theme plays a versatile role not only for photography businesses but for podcasts and video blogs too. The theme is all decked with impressive and eye-catching features and designs to portray. You can have the best of your photography and podcast business on digital platforms easily. With that said, the theme is fully user-friendly and offers great customization features to add. 

It has full control over offering the best podcast website templates with inner pages to add. Common web pages are pre-built, but if you need more, you can add them by using drag and drop. The theme offers creative layouts that easily blend with your content. Responsive design is offered so that your website fits well on every screen size. It further offers to play with appearance using custom styling elements. SEO integration gives your site a place to rank well on search engines. Additionally, it offers Woocommerce, widgets, and social media icons. 

9. Free Writer Blog WordPress Theme 

The Writer Blog theme is crafted with a sophisticated and intellectual interface to work with. It is for creative writers, bloggers, and content creators blooming out in the digital world. But wait, there is more to this theme. This free theme works as a versatile and flexible partner, even for video bloggers and podcasting websites. With that said, you can find a sleek range of the best podcast website templates for your podcast websites. The theme layouts have modern and creative textures to work with. You can pre-build web pages to blend with any of your niche content. 

The theme sets a great stage for heavy-content websites too. Unleash the ultimate range of creative custom features that allow and drop facility. You can see there are various plugins integrated, giving extensive functionality to your site. Also, there are smooth sliders and creative visuals to enhance the blogging and podcast experience. Woocommerce is the page builder that makes web design faster and easier. Even beginners would find it efficient to create visually appealing sites in no time. 

10. Free Blog Magazine WordPress Theme 


Here’s the last but important one to bring out budding bloggers and podcasters on the web. This free blog magazine theme is designed for you to give your niche a perfect place to settle. The theme is currently ruling hearts when it comes to the modern blogging and podcasting experience. It gives you an entire range of features and designs that lift your niche in less time. This is the time when you can get a standing-out image and showcase podcasts and blogs of yours. 

The theme has a well-structured interface, creating magic for your podcast shows and artists. It comes with seamless working free podcast website templates chained with inner pages. You are allowed full customization and can create a personalized touch without using any codes. You can add, remove, or edit web pages and even the features you need. The theme works best on every screen with its responsive design. Also, it supports sliders and creative widgets to add sophistication to your content presentation.

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That’s all about finding the best and top-rated free podcast website templates for podcasting websites. We have professionally managed to collect the best themes that direct you to design podcast websites in no time. 

Here are VW Themes’ best-crafted themes for building and promoting podcasting websites on the web. You can see how beautifully the themes portray their features and designs in the first look itself. But deciding one is again a crucial task to do. But with that relief, you don’t need to spend hours deciding which platform is best. 

We have VW Themes working for the users, and their expectations, and putting their best foot forward. They have their best-created themes, and those too are free of charge. All the above themes do not charge any installation charges; simply click to download, and you are ready to customize. So, hurry and choose your podcast theme today. You can find more themes at WordPress Bundle by VW Themes. This bundle consist of 240+ professional themes with sleek design and layout.

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