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Layouts play a vital role in determining the actual presentation of any website. These are the manual arrangements of any web page, divided into various sections.

These are mostly helpful in getting huge content fit on a single page. If you are looking for themes with the best layouts, then this blog is for you.

We are presenting the most responsive and free layouts to help your site work efficiently. Also, the themes are worth taking a look at, as they are filled with a lot of quality features.

Dive into this list of 15 best free layouts for WordPress

Dive into the world of limitless possibilities with this curated list of the 15 best free layouts. These meticulously selected layouts encompass a spectrum of styles, catering to various needs and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your website.

Whether you're envisioning a sleek portfolio, a vibrant blog, or a sophisticated business site, these free layouts provide a solid foundation for your creative aspirations. Additionally, if you're looking to expand your options and enhance your website-building journey, consider exploring free WordPress themes that offer both aesthetics and functionality.

These themes provide an array of customizable features, empowering you to craft a unique and engaging online presence without compromising your budget. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with the dynamic combination of the 15 best free layouts and the flexibility of free WordPress themes

1. LMS Education Course Theme

Getting started with the list of the best free layouts for WordPress, we pinpoint the LMS education theme. This newly designed template is somehow the most considered one for schools and education websites. If you are looking to enhance the education system of your institute, then this theme can surely help. The theme adheres to clean and modern standards, making it well-suited for education sites. Furthermore, this template kit is completely free and includes numerous custom features. The theme prioritizes responsive design and user-friendliness as its top features. Its skilled templates offer easy course building within minutes. Also, it comes with various plugins supporting education businesses.

2. Influencer Agency WordPress Theme

Bringing up one of the finest themes is dragging the entire social media for free. We are talking about the superb influencer agency WordPress theme made for social media influencers. If you are a budding influencer looking for a solid kick in your career, then this is the right theme for you. The theme is filled with the trendiest design features you have ever seen. This free theme allows a huge number of free layouts for WordPress that are easy to customize as well. Also, the theme is completely user-friendly and easy to customize. It comes with a lot of attached plugins that increase the overall functionality. The theme has a creative interface with a responsive design so that mobile users can even use it. Social media icons and custom widgets make it a perfect choice.

3. E-commerce Watch Store theme

This is something watch lovers and owners should look at. We are bringing up the sleekest theme to turn up your premium watch stores online. The free e-commerce watch store can easily head up your brand on the web. This free and responsive theme is the key to the success of your venture. Get this free theme to raise your business on the web without any hassle. The theme is user-friendly and requires no codes to build your dream watch store. It is supported by e-commerce, making businesses stronger than ever before. You can customize the entire interface for free using the drag-and-drop facility. Social media icons, smooth sliders, and more to conquer in a single theme.

4. SAAS Services WordPress Theme

Let me bring you the moonlight theme for tech and IT firms. This SAAS Services theme is free, responsive, and the most modern theme to launch software websites. Software and tech firms can now widen their services and clients using this polished theme. It is made to deliver the finest and most creative features to your software websites. This free theme delivers the best free layouts for WordPress that can turn up the tables in no time. You can design a personalized logo, tagline, and title for your site. Not only this, but it allows one to bring out personal creativity without using any codes. Additionally, it offers plugins like WooCommerce, contact forms, social media icons, and more.

5. Hosting Services: WordPress Theme

This Hosting Services theme is revolutionary in the digital hosting world. Hosting companies can now bring up their services with a personalized touch. Yes, your hosting company will have a unique stand in the digital crowd. What you need to do is get this free hosting service theme with a lot of free layouts. The theme features a selection of the most professional templates to choose from. It includes Bootstrap compatibility for creating best WordPress responsive theme for a website. Designed for both beginners and developers, the theme prioritizes a user-friendly interface. Along with that, customization is available, with the most creative features to add. Plus, there are social media icons, custom widgets, and more.

6. Automobile Car Shop Theme


Presenting the most stylish and robust theme in the world of the automobile industry. With the increasing market rate of automobiles, the owners are stressed about getting a certified place. To beat this, this free Automobile Car Shop theme is a banger solution to stand out in the crowd. The theme is free, responsive, and the most powerful asset to bring your business online. Competitors will fade once you are with this theme. Also, the audience will love to visit your site, which has the most powerful homepage and template designs. More than that, the free layouts for WordPress add extra robustness to your website. The WooCommerce plugin proves to be a weapon to handle this competitive market. There are social media icons to share your business on social media.

7. Accommodation Rental WordPress Theme

Cheering the hospitality industry, we have got the most versatile and modern theme for you. It is the accommodation rental theme that can turn the tables for your firm on the web. This is the right tool through which you can excel in your services, revenue, and sales. The theme is professional barriers heading your company to the highest heights. This free theme comes with modern and luxurious designs that are completely user-friendly. Woocommerce integration, along with more plugins, helps your business reach maximum heights. Plus, there is customization to the best levels, and it is even accessible for beginners. You can even design the entire website from scratch using its free layouts.

8. HR Management Consultancy Theme

The free HR Management Consultancy theme is made to build HR management firms. This free theme is made professionally to build online portals to handle consulting services too. It comes with a wide variety of creative templates with endless custom features to add. Responsive design is the most powerful asset, so the website easily fits on every screen. The theme is made with the latest WordPress versions, which have the best features. It maintains the entire dignity of the HR firm by getting the relevant free layouts for WordPress. The theme further gives access to various WordPress plugins, like Woocommerce. It further stretches to level up with SEO optimization, setting better ranks on search engines.

9. Movie Critic Review Theme

Individuals in the movie and production industries can truly rely on this theme. The free Movie Critic theme incorporates captivating elements for building movie review portals. It boasts the finest aesthetics, providing everything necessary for a movie review website. The homepage design itself features the latest and husky designs, portraying the production industry. The user-friendly design is easily accessible for beginners. There is no need to add codes or hire a developer to build a movie critic website. It caters to audiences who love checking movie reviews and exploring the industry. Additionally, it integrates with various plugins, including WooCommerce. The theme also features social media icons, ensuring that your social media profiles connect seamlessly with your site.

You can also go for our WordPress premium themes that are designed to serve your online store. These themes not only have sleek user-interface but also offers great functionalities. These themes are best for all niches whether you own online store, portfolio or blogs. They are just a perfect choice for you.

10. Wall Decor Wallpaper Theme

Counting all the elegant aesthetics, here’s another finest theme built for wall and interior decor websites. This sleek and modern theme is made with the most versatile theme design. It has clean and soft color schemes, perfectly portraying your firm on the web. Although the theme is free, you will not regret getting it for your startup or existing decor firm. A lot of unique features are ready to make your business run efficiently on the web. The theme also comes with a lot of free layouts, making your site innovative. You can customize the entire look of the site according to your taste. It requires no codes or any developer to build the website of your dreams. Getting this theme even associates you with various business plugins like WooCommerce. Social media icons are made to promote your site efficiently on social media.

11. Designer Artist WordPress Theme

As an artist, you need to have an online presence to maintain the dignity of your artwork. And so this Free Designer Artist theme is made to deliver features as per your standards. The theme has a colorful yet versatile design that is easy to customize as well. It comes with a user-friendly interface that even beginners can easily use. The theme has a unique, captivating design that evenly blends with your niche website. As a designer, you can use your creativity, as the theme supports a fully customizable interface. Plus, if you wish to have a business website, it supports the Woocommerce plugin. The theme has various free layouts for WordPress that can be used to showcase your designs. You can even use portfolios to indulge your artwork in them.

12. Podcaster Radio WordPress Theme

With the rise in podcasters, we are bringing up one of the finest themes under your consideration. This podcaster radio theme is something that radio stations and podcasters must have. The theme is designed with a focus on modernity and aesthetic appeal. Its interface incorporates the latest WordPress versions and theme designs. All you need is to get this fine theme for free, along with free demo content. The demo content makes your mind clear on how to get a website ready. Or you can simply use the demo content and customize it. The theme further comes with a unique layer of templates that are customizable too. Plus, it has various plugins like WooCommerce and contact forms. Social media icons play a vital role in promoting your site on social platforms.

13. Ebook Store WordPress Theme

The free e-book store is a fantastic theme when it comes to having an online book store. This free theme can take your old bookstore to a newly innovated book depot. The theme has a versatile design with user-friendly features and templates to add. The best part is that the interface is completely customizable, so you can put your creative skills to use. There is no need to have any coding skills or hire a developer. The theme is pre-coded with HTML and CSS codes. It further allows for the addition of product pages and more custom pages using drag and drop. It has a clean and modern interface that evenly fits every screen size. For online businesses, there is Woocommerce integration and gallery plugins.

14. VW Job Board WordPress Theme

Here’s another banger theme to find the best free layouts. This is the VW Job Board WordPress theme made for online job portals. The theme has a clean and polished interface that puts your firm on point. Whether you are a job posting company or recruiting agency, the theme works best for you. It has a lot to add just for free. Yes, the theme is completely free of charge and easy to use as well. Even beginners wouldn’t hesitate to build their job agencies online. The theme even allows for the creation of professional portfolios and resumes. It has a fully customizable interface, so you can add your creative skills to it. It even supports WooCommerce plugins, along with more essential plugins to add.

15. Fitness Crossfit WordPress Theme


This fitness crossfit theme is something most loved by fitness-oriented websites. If you are into the fitness or training industry, then this theme is calling for you. The theme has robust features that truly suit gym lovers and businesses. Theme even works best if you are a startup launching a fitness business on the web. The theme is completely responsive, so your site looks great on every screen size. Plus, there is integration with various business plugins, like WooCommerce. Smooth sliders and various blogging sections make it worth installing. This free theme even comes with free layouts for WordPress that are easy to customize. Social media icons, custom widgets, and cross-browser compatibility are seen.


In conclusion, creating a standout website becomes seamless and exciting with the 15 Best Free Layouts. These layouts offer a diverse range of options, ensuring that your website not only meets but surpasses expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

As you embark on this transformative process, consider the unparalleled convenience and versatility provided by our WordPress Theme Bundle. This comprehensive collection opens the door to a multitude of themes, each with its unique charm and customization features. By choosing our bundle, you not only expand your creative toolkit but also empower yourself to craft a website that reflects your vision with precision.

Embrace the potential of your online presence and take advantage of the myriad possibilities that these free layouts and our theme bundle offer. Your website is not just a digital space; it's a representation of your identity and purpose in the vast online landscape. Let the 15 Best Free Layouts for WordPress and our theme bundle be your trusted companions on this exciting journey of digital expression and success.

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