A Complete Guide On How To Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue!

WordPress is known for its best services. The website is supposed to be the face of your work to the world. It is supposed to be the medium between you and your customers. Through the website your viewers around the world can contact you for the work. The contact page in your website provides all the information on how to contact you. It contains the contact number, address and mail address as well. The social media handles are also mentioned there. They can either call you, mail you or connect with you on your social media account. There will be times when you will face issues with email. You may not receive any emails or send any to others. To fix WordPress not sending email issue you have to follow some steps.

This issue can happen due to many reasons. The WordPress theme that you are using can be wrongly configured. Or you may be using theme or plugins having a compatibility issue. These are the main reasons that your WordPress is unable to send or receive emails.

Here we are going to see how to fix WordPress not sending email issue step by step. Let’s go!  

1. Check Email:-

To fix WordPress not sending email issue you have to first check your email. You need to check if the configuration of the emails is correct. It’s not that hard to do. You just need to install and activate the check email plugin. This will do the job.

After installing the plugin, enter on it. Put the email address you use for this website. This way you can check if the WordPress sends email or not. Go to your email and check if you have received the test email. Check your email spam and test email as well. If you find the test email then you have fixed the WordPress not sending email issue.

If this is the case then the issue is caused by misconfiguration with your contact form. It can also cause by the compatibility of the plugin you are using currently. To resolve this you can contact the host provider or the plugin developer. Let them know about the issue and ask for help.

2. SMTP Provider:-

If the above step doesn’t fix WordPress not sending email issue, then you should use SMTP provider. There three ways to do that. They all come with clear instructions on how to process it. They also guide on how to restrict them to the earliest.

First SMTP provider is Gmail. It is free to use and offers over 3000 emails per month. Second is Mailgun. This SMTP provider is also free to use. It offers 10000 emails per month. The last one is Sendgrid.

There are plenty of other SMTP providers on the internet is you look properly. Make sure to test each provider before buying it. You have to test to confirm if the email provider is the best as they show off.

3. Configure Gmail SMTP:-

If you are trusting Gmail for the WordPress email, then you need to check the configurations of it. For this you are going to need a plugin. Download and install a free plugin named ‘Post SMTP’. This plugin will make sure that all the emails should get sent on time.

To connect with your Gmail account you will be primarily using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Your users won’t have to enter User ID and password to access the same.

Click on the set my SMTP wizard. There enter the email address that you will be using to send and receive emails. Enter your name as well. Some other mail services don’t allow you sending emails from other address. They make you to stick to the one you put on the first place.

The next step is to enter the outgoing server email. This will be the mail address of the SMTP server you are using. It is smtp.gmai.com. Some hosts require you to use their email address as the outgoing email. In such case you would need to ask your hosts about the preferred email address.

Now you only have to configure the connection. For this purpose you will have to use Gmail API. After connecting to the Google or Gmail you need to create new project. This new project should be with Google to read and review all the emails you sent and received.

For this go to console.developers.google.com, then set up a new project. Give the project name and click on create. This will effectively create a new project under Google.

Now go to the dashboard of the new project. There locate and click on ‘enable API and services’. Then go to Gmail suite and enable it. There click on credentials on the left hand screen.

After all this you just have to enter the oAuth client ID and password. You just have to configure the consent screen and everything else would fall in the right place.

After configuring the consent screen the steps ahead are very easy to perform. They will help you in setting up the Gmail SMTP easily. After processing everything you just have to send out a test email to check if it’s working properly or not.

4. Mailgun And Others:-

If the Gmail SMTP looks like too much work, then you can always try out other SMTP servers like Mailgun. It involves all the steps mentioned above. If you follow each step carefully every other thing would fall in place.

There are other ways as well to configure your website correctly. You can set it up by connecting with Gmail and other SMTP providers. To work on compatibility issues you can tweak the theme and plugin as well.

Before processing anything its better to take backup of website. Your web host is supposed to provide you with automatic backup. You can also contact your host and ask them to resolve the issue or help you in the process.

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