WordPress Panel | The Issues Surviving It And How To Fix Them

While managing WordPress website you will have to manage your WordPress admin panel as well. This WordPress panel will face a lot of issues. There are many reasons behind it. The server can have issues, your higher CPU plugins can cause some, having too many unused plugins can be problem and many more.

There are ways to fix the WordPress panel depending upon the reason behind it. We have gathered some top 7 ways to fix it. To fix the WordPress panel you first need to understand the reason behind it. Check it out! All Premium WordPress Themes are available on VWthemes.

wordpress panel

1. Higher CPU Plugins:-

The higher CPU plugins are meant to make your website run smoothly. But having faulty plugins can cause your WordPress panel big harm. So the first thing you need ensure is never buying slow plugins. On the internet you will find these plugins tagged as high CPU. But don’t get tricked into buying them.

You have to make sure you don’t have any of such plugins in your website. But to identify them you can use a plugin. Download a plugin for it. It will tell you which plugin particularly is causing the issue. Then you can disable that plugin and issue will be fixed. Choose your favorite WordPress Themes to create a stunning website easily.

2. Server Time:-

This is another reason behind problematic WordPress panel. Your server is what runs the website. If its running slow then you are going to have issues with your website.

The results also won’t be satisfactory. It’s better check the speed of your server every now and then. For this you can use Google Page Speed Insights. This will check the status of your server. Your server speed should be more than 200ms according to Google.

3. Better PHP:-

Having low quality PHP can cause issues with your WordPress panel. If your website is running slow, then you have to check if the PHP are updated. Having the latest version of PHP will make your website run faster.

You can update the PHP version on your own or always ask for help. You can take expert opinion or hire some expert to do it for you. You can even ask your host to help you with it. This will help you fix the WordPress panel.

4. EIG Hosting:-

The EIG hosting may look like a preferable choice but actually it can be the biggest mistake you can do. Before planning to use EIG hosting rethink about it and take second opinion.

The EIG hosting is known for packing too many customers to one server. This will slow down your website. It will also help you avoid all the issues that could occur on your WordPress panel.

5. Site Ground:-

It is a very important factor to maintain the fast speed of your website. The site ground provides hosting services. These services are known for fast speed results. You have an option to research and choose your own host for ensuring fast speed. You can even get free hosting with premium speed if you look closely.

6. W3 Total Cache:-

This is a cache plugin. You will find it on the internet and even in your WordPress dashboard. The description of this plugin is that it helps you eliminate W3 caches. But they don’t mention the number of bugs it carries.

With this W3 Cache plugin you will welcome a lot of bugs to your website. These will affect your website performance. The WordPress panel will be most affected. So to fix this you need to disable this plugin and start using new one.

7. Configure WP Disable:-

This plugin will help you in disabling the plugins which are absorbing more CPU. Such plugins slow down the website and lags it. The WordPress panel as well performs slow with these plugins.

The WP disable plugin will identify such plugins and deactivate them. Just navigate to your settings and choose what else you want to do along with disabling plugins. With this plugin you will fix the WordPress panel successfully and increase the speed of your website.

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