Build Your First WordPress Theme Using The Following Tips

First WordPress Theme

It has been a long time since I started working on WordPress. Over the time, not only did I work on CSS and HTML files but also put my hands into the PHP codes. Developing your first WordPress theme could be quite hard for you if you are not familiar with the WordPress platform. At the time I started building my first WordPress theme, I was completely nil regarding the basic tag. So, initially it was tough for me but over the time I developed the WordPress skills in me. In this post, I’m going to cover some important tips that will make it easy for you to build your first WordPress theme.

Best tips to begin creating your first WordPress theme

Follow the below-given tips to create the WordPress theme by yourself.

Understand the Default WordPress Theme

When you look at a working WordPress theme, it becomes easy for you to understand its functionalities. To begin with, you need to download any default theme and go through each of its elements. It will help you in better understanding how a theme actually works.

Template tags

There are some template tags that are used in Themes so as to bring several effects. The template tags are really important to display the content of a blog post or a page wherever the tags are placed. A variety of template tags can be used for different things in WordPress.

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customizer

If you are a WordPress novice, I’d suggest you download some basic WordPress themes. Customize those themes because that is the way to learn in depth about them. It will help you in knowing about the working of a stylesheet and what the theme is composed of.

Index.php file

At the beginning, I used to make various files first. Then, I used to insert codes in it. We want our codes to be separated in the different files. The better way to do this is to form your index.php file with your different codes in it. When you will make changes in it, you can preview it. After you finish with this, separate them into proper sections.


Avoid hardcoding the links in your theme if you wish to sell your themes sooner or later. When you want to link the files and images from the folder of your WordPress theme, use the following tag

Make it simple

The first WordPress theme of a novice designer has to be simple. When you form a simple theme, you come to understand the basics in a better way. That makes you prepared for a tougher project. Begin with a minimalist design and understand the different PHP codes, functionalities, elements, and template tags that are related to WordPress.

Find the solution online

The internet serves to be the best source of any kind of information. If you are stuck somewhere in the coding, find the solution online. There are a variety of resources online such as blogs, WordPress articles, WordPress official site, forums, etc. forum gives you the best solution when you are having trouble while developing a theme.

Live working

I like to work on a live theme which means I form the required stuff and put it on my server. After finishing up the lines of code in your index.php file and stylesheet, you can activate the WordPress theme and check its progress. It helps you in knowing how your theme is going to appear after you have done working on it.

Keep your work saved

I’m mentioning this tip because I’ve experienced the mistake of losing some of my WordPress themes when I was a beginner. If you are spending much of your time working on comments.php file, don’t forget to save your work. It will prove out fruitful to you in the themes you will be developing in future. To help save your time and efforts you can simply copy paste your previous codes onto the new themes. While reusing the codes, see that it does not lose its value and meet the newly set standards.

Enjoy with WordPress

Enjoy while designing a WordPress theme as that is the best way to bring success to your table. I have a good experience of making themes and I believe that you should put your ideas into work when you are in a good mood.

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If you are new to WordPress, then for framing a website for the first time, you will have to take a lot of effort. This is so because you will have to go through the tedious part of coding. Meanwhile, if you use readymade WordPress themes, you certainly save a lot of time and effort. They make the web designing work seem to be so easy that even a novice can do it with minimum efforts. The WP Theme Bundle that our company brings; has an amazing collection of user-friendly WordPress themes. Try our themes to build your business website.

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