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Today, blogging has become one of the professions. And because of this reason various blogging platforms had come into existence. Whenever some person wants to start a blog, he is not sure which blogging platform will be best for him to start with. So, here I am with an article to clear the confusion among the bloggers that the Features Of WordPress platform will be best for them.

The answer is right here. Because of Features Of WordPress is the best platform as a choice for bloggers. It is one of the most renowned and used blogging platforms among bloggers for both beginners and experienced professionals as well. WordPress is free open-source software that allows the user to create a website and blog.

WordPress utilizes PHP as a programming language & MySQL for database management. WordPress content management system supports plugins & themes for easy customization and functionality. Here, I have stated 10 reasons why WordPress is a blogging choice.

Know Features Of WordPress And Why WordPress Is Perfect

  1. Impressive Support

The Biggest Benefit you will Encounter in using WordPress as a Blogging Choice is its Amazing Support. Even if you are new to WordPress and need help you can simply visit WordPress Support Forum. You can even Google your WordPress-related questions, you will get all your questions answered by the Community.

There are lots of Tutorials available on Google and YouTube from scratch to advance to polish your WordPress skills. You will get detailed step-by-step tutorials posted by various WordPress users. This Features Of WordPress makes it win over other Blogging Platforms.

  1. Varieties In Design

To design a Website using WordPress you don’t need any web development experience. The reason is the richness in the availability of designs, themes, and layouts in Features Of WordPress. When it comes to Bloggers, they will find endless Minimalist WordPress theme that is suitable for their Content. No other Blogging Platforms provide such richness in themes and layouts. Whatever the blog’s content is, whether the blog is for food or poems or sports or travel, you will find the theme that suits the particular content.

Each Theme is Customizable. You can easily customize the logos, menus, and other visual elements. From the WordPress Theme Search, you can have a look at the WordPress themes and plugins used by the popular bloggers in their blogs.

  1. Search Engine Friendly

Bloggers always want that their blogs should rank higher on search engines. By using WordPress as a Blogging Choice one can fulfill this need. The WordPress Websites are so attractive and are written using simple compliance and highly standard codes, this makes the WordPress Sites SEO friendly as it improves the domain’s optimization. The WordPress sites have a responsive and highly logical design.

This allows the Search engines to give preference to such websites. For more precise search optimization, this platform gives unique Meta tag keywords to each page and post. Also, you can use various available SEO plugins for WordPress to rank your blog higher on search engines.

  1. Handy To Use

Another feature of Features Of WordPress is that it is easy to handle even for beginners and non-technical geeks to build highly professional and functional websites without any prior knowledge of Web Development.  The installation process of WordPress is very easy. Due to its popularity, there are various installation tools available all over the web.

The user experience is so comfortable; you can easily access all the things. Just after Installation, you can access the WordPress dashboard, after that, you can choose a theme and build the content. You will have access to all the Plugins that are available in Library. This is the reason why it is Handy.

  1. Varieties of Plugins

Plugins are the Functionalities that are used to perform various different tasks in the Website. You do not need any coding experience for this. You just have to add the right plugins to perform the desired function in your websites. WordPress comes with a vast library of Plugins. For creating forms, improved site security, search engine optimization, and many other things, you will have something that will match your specific needs.

For Plugins, you have to access the Plugin Directory through the WordPress dashboard. Apart from this, there are lots of third-party plugins available that give you varieties in using different Plugins.

  1. Monetization Made Simple

Features Of WordPress has lots of potential to get Monetized by different advertisers. Many Advertisers don’t even look for blogging websites like, Hubspot, and many other blogging domains as it is used by spammers to create Backlinks. This is not the case with WordPress as it gained lots of trust and respect. AdSense and Propeller Ads have made dedicated plugins for WordPress Blogging.

  1. Open Source

The major reason to use Features Of WordPress is that it is open-source and can be downloaded at no charge. It is free to use. There are lots of free WordPress themes and plugins available. Also, there are many professional WordPress themes and plugins that can be purchased to make your blog look so professional.

  1. Security

WordPress is the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world. When you are creating your Blog it becomes important for you to protect your content from spammers. WordPress is the favorite place for spammers to target. But there are many options available in WordPress to secure your content. There are various paid and free security plugins available in WordPress.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, mobile users are increasing drastically day by day. So, whatever our blogging site is, it should run smoothly on smartphones. Future viewers of your blog will love to see your WordPress site from their smartphones. So here comes another great feature of Features Of WordPress is that it is very mobile-friendly and runs smoothly on smartphones. You will not have a single problem while running it on your mobiles.

  1. Scheduling Posts

WordPress Blogging provides you with a convenient feature of scheduling your post. You can schedule your content to publish at a certain time. Let’s take an example, you want to publish your content on some particular day but you are having a meeting so you don’t have to miss any of them. So, here Features Of WordPress will help you to do both.


When we plan for our content in Blogs it becomes necessary to give some weight to researching and deciding on a suitable Blogging Platform. Choosing the right blogging platform is the major key to making your blog fly. Now you know the reasons why WordPress is a perfect blogging choice. So, use it and make your blog fly. Happy Blogging. Check out WordPress Bundle by VWTHEMES for amazing themes.

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