These Are The Best WordPress Themes With Fast Loading

It is needless to say why speed matters for your site. And if you are tired of looking for the best WordPress Themes with fast loading, don't worry! This article is the answer to all of your questions!

Speed is always considered a significant factor in determining the likability of your page. It also affects the time spent on your site and things like conversions and how people perceive your brand. In short, the speed of your webpage will have a significant impact on your search engine rankings and visitors' experience. And to optimize your load time, you will have to be very picky. Ideally, a theme should be lightweight, SEO-friendly, and coded to match supreme standards. Now the question that's running in your mind is, "where do we find these Premium WordPress Themes?" Right? But, don't think so hard because we are here with the list of best WordPress themes with fast loading. But let's first start with the basics.  

It would help if you kept in mind that speed optimization is challenging, and you can't win it with slow themes. You have to keep a sharp eye on the competition. It is significant because when it comes to speed, even seconds matter in this game. According to a report, more than 50% of visitors leave the site if the content is 2 seconds late to pop up! Moreover, we have this perception in our mind that if it's fast, it must be professional! This is why speed also matters in creating the first impression on the visitor. And almost 79% of online shoppers say that they won't go back to a website if they face problems with the load speed of the site. This means that a slow website also kills conversions! 

User Experience  

How can we forget about this when talking about speed? In my opinion, speed is one of the ways you can stay ahead of your competition. If we think from a customer's perspective, there are two ways to improve the user experience:

  1. Serve what they want. 
  2. Do it fast! 

That's why the load speed of your website is the number one priority when it comes to user experience. If your visitor has to wait, he becomes frustrated, and then word of mouth spreads. This is the reason many websites are famous for their "slow speed" and are hated for the same reason. Even if the content on your site is rich, if you are taking time to deliver it, it becomes of no use. That's what you need to take note of. I think we have talked a lot about the importance of speed for your website. Now let's move on to the list of best WordPress themes with fast loading.

Video Blog : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

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Now the first on our list is a delightfully created WordPress Videos Theme with a focus on videography. With classy layouts and vigorous ways to present your videos and articles, this theme perfectly meets the needs of a video magazine and news website. This theme is a perfect fit for websites related to video blogging, podcasts, video courses, video portfolio, or a website for viral video sharing. And, of course, it is fully compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other common video content platforms. And, with the rise of digitalization, videos are the new reality of learning. It is not so shocking to see that videos are considered as an effective and efficient way to penetrate through people's minds, and the same can be witnessed with the rise in the video content viewers as well as creators. And if you are into making such content, there's no better choice than this theme if you want to publish content. You have my word! You will find this theme suitable for any content-related website. Whether you are a beginner or an established player in the niche, you will appreciate your decision after choosing this theme. 

The theme mainly focuses on the quality of videos and ensures the smooth functioning of your site. There are enhanced and secure codes written in the core code files, which is the reason for my confidence in this theme. Moreover, the retina-ready design makes sure to present the content with utmost clarity and uncanny ability to catch the viewer's attention. And again, the design is designed in such a way that it is fully compatible to work seamlessly with all popular web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. And what is it that you are searching for when such a masterpiece is in front of you? This is something we call 'perfect'. 

VW Gardening Pro : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

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Are you looking for a theme specially built for Landscaping Companies, Groundskeepers, Landscape Architects, Lawn Services businesses, and other related businesses? This is the Responsive WordPress Themes you were looking for. The theme mentioned brings about a lot of amazing and distinctive features to help you design a performance-based website with a visually appealing and stunning look. This theme is beautifully crafted and designed in such a way that it will make the visitor stop and look at it. The attentive and solicitous arrangement of objects throughout the theme makes it even more attractive. And to put the cherry on the cake, refreshing colors and wonderful typography make the theme stand out from rest.  

Whether you are famous for running a nursery shop or offering gardening services throughout the country, this WordPress theme will perfectly match your brand and help you run your website smoothly without even spending a lot of bucks. And guess what? You don't need to understand any rocket science to set this theme up. This theme demands no efforts to set up. Just a few clicks and you are on the mark! This makes it equally easy for an experienced coder as well as someone who deals with coding once in a blue moon. This is what makes this theme even more likable and irresistible to download. You will be able to handle your website smoothly without even needing to take help from anyone. And that's what makes this theme appear on our list. We highly recommend you to download this and, needless to say, extraordinary features and benefits are just a few clicks away. 

VW Minimalist : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

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This theme is the perfect stop for writers and bloggers. If you are someone who wants to write reviews about startups, businesses, sports, fashion, shopping sites, books, personal development, health and fitness, and many other things, this theme is for you! If you can scribble your thoughts in such a way that will be appreciated by the audience and you can express yourself well, this multipurpose Minimalist theme is a treat for you. You can also use this theme for various kinds of businesses like online firms and agencies. And the cool CSS animations, sticky posts, custom background, instinctual interface, and flawless functionality make this theme even more interactive. A perfectly designed layout that will work seamlessly across different platforms and web browsers is what makes it more in demand. 

This fabulous theme comes with tons of features and functionalities that will take your site to the next level. And to put the cherry on the cake, this theme is developed using the Bootstrap framework, and its core is packed with the latest HTML codes. All the codes are tested for performance and are ensured for a safer and more secure environment for your site. And in case you want to check your creativity, you can personalize the theme. Because this theme has an intuitive theme options panel that has tons of personalization options for you. What more will you ask for when you have everything at your fingertips? And to let you experience the richness of the theme, Vowel Web also gives you a demo so that you can check the authenticity yourself. This evinces the confidence of the theme providers that whatever they commit, they fulfill. Go check out the theme! 

VW Automobile : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

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In the list of Fast Loading WordPress themes, we cannot neglect this one. This exclusive WordPress theme is developed especially for car dealers and car resellers, and people related to that field. This multipurpose and responsive theme was built while keeping the motor-heads in mind. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that will appeal the most to the people. To offer more convenience, this theme is built to easily customize it as per your needs. Moreover, considering the security, this theme uses secure and safe codes that will match the standards and ensure a secure website. You can also add and remove anything as per your preferences which makes this theme more likable. 

With this theme, you will get an interactive demo, responsive slider, multiple post formats, quick page speed, display options, SEO-friendly features, social media icons, and ample astonishing and exceptional. You also get a bunch of personalization options such as a Call to Action (CTA) button, attractive banners, useful shortcodes, several styling options, etc. And to make you greedy, this theme will ease the web development as it is built with the Bootstrap framework. It does not matter what kind of automobile services you offer; this theme will perfectly cater to your needs. Whether you deal in used cars, have a vehicle reviewing blog, car rental, bus services, or anything covering this scope, you will find this theme a complement. And this makes it needless to explain that why you should install this theme. I cannot agree more with the fact that this theme has helped thousands of gear-heads out there who were looking for a theme that perfectly meets their needs. So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

VW Bakery : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

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When looking for fast loading WordPress theme, you can never forget this one! VW WordPress theme is an appealing, attractive, and precisely crafted WordPress theme specially designed for bakeries, cake and pastry shops, food joints, eatery, and many other businesses dealing in bakery products and services. And to widen the scope, this theme is a perfect match for food bloggers. The theme is designed in such a way that the visuals will crave the audience and will force them to make an order. It has a pleasant design that will attract visitors to explore the site and take a deeper view. And as always, you can also customize it as per your needs. This liberty of being able to control and customize almost everything is what makes Vowel Web different from other theme providers. 

Moreover, you get banners and a slider to add a touch of glory to the site. The VW Bakery WordPress theme is fully responsive, multi-lingual, minimalist. This theme will give the visitor an experience to remember. And I am not making this up, the reviews say it all! And if you don't believe me, you will get a demo of the theme so that you can confirm it yourself. Editor Style, Block Editor Styles, cross-browser compatibility, and RTL writing support are the features that will let you personalize the website your way. I don't see any reason not to be impressed by the quality and convenience this theme will give. But, if you are not impressed yet, let me tell you one more thing. This theme is Search Engine optimized. This means that it will get a large amount of traffic to your site. And the more the traffic, the more is the sale! You get more than you pay for in this case! Don't miss this one!

VW Sirat : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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Now, this theme is built with speed and user experience at its top priority. The theme has a free and a premium version which can be seen on the website's homepage. VW Sirat Pro is designed with the latest coding standards of WordPress. And this means that this theme is compatible with almost every WordPress plugin, including WooCommerce. And if you are thinking about the size, it's exceptionally lightweight. In fact, you will be surprised to know that a default install with this theme is less than 30KB. There are many reasons to use this theme, and one of those is that it integrates well with other tools from your tech stack. You can consider using this theme. 

VW Grocery : Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Grocery Store WordPress Theme

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When we are talking about the best WordPress themes with fast loading, this theme is known for its loading speed. VW Grocery is a clean and professional WordPress theme that makes only a few HTTP requests and features few elements on the page. Their motto seems to keep things simple but significant. And that's something to be appreciated. It comes with a fully responsive layout that will make your site look exceptionally impressive, even on small screen devices. And its best features include related posts widget, ready-to-use icon fonts, Google Fonts, social media integration, and many more! You should download this theme if you want a unique experience on your site. 

Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro is an attractive package of themes specifically built for the Genesis framework. And not to surprise you, Parallax Pro comes with a splendid parallax effect to add more depth to your website. And to help you organize large volumes of content, the layout of this theme divides the pages into sections. One more thing people like about this fast-loading WordPress theme is that its vertical design encourages people to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Call to Action (CTA) button. And the reason why this site is considered to be one of the best WordPress sites with fast loading is that it uses GZIP compression to compress images. And the cherry on the cake is that it defers loading JavaScript. This is what makes this theme lightweight and fast. 


If you are on a tight budget, let me introduce you to Blocksy. Blocksy is a free theme with a minimalist design. And, mind you, just because this theme is free doesn't mean that it is not of good quality. Its speed is impressive, and it is lighter than many other themes. So, you don't need to be concerned about the quality. And to ensure speed, Blocksy not only has a clean codebase but also other significant features like code splitting. In simple words, 

  the theme only loads JavaScript when it is needed. And, in addition to these features, Blocksy comes with seven starter sites that are designed for different niches, including eCommerce, blogs, products reviews sites, etc. And you will be attracted to the theme when you come to know this theme is fully customizable as per your needs. A perfect complement for those who are on a tight budget or are starting their online journey. 


Now that we have talked about beginners, this theme is the next boon on the list for bloggers who are starting their online journey. With this theme, everyone can make a unique and highly functional website. It includes more than 10 Ready-to-Use homepage designs and a drag-and-drop page builder, which will aid you in building a website in absolutely no time. Moreover, it will offer unlimited colour options, sidebar options, 

pre-defined layout possibilities, over 630 Google Fonts and many more features. And to add more glory, MagXP is fully responsive and coded with HTML5 and CSS to load quickly and display optimally even on small screen devices. 


This is one of the fastest-loading WordPress themes for blogging. This theme is lightweight, and it defers loading JavaScript, which makes the theme a fast loading one. 

They also give built-in pagination options, social media sharing options, and a related posts widget, which makes it easier for everyone to navigate through the site. You can also customize and upload a favicon and logo. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of sidebar options. And to your surprise, these were the features available for free. There are even more to grab your attention in the Write pro version.  


Now, this one is a fast loading WordPress theme that you can use to build any type of website. And this theme is suitable even if you are on a tight budget. You can go for the free version if you wish. And if you want more features, you can consider getting the premium version. Furthermore, this theme is built on a lightweight framework, and it follows the coding standards set by AMP technology. And if you are concerned about the speed, this theme loads fast on mobile as well as desktop. And, to make you greedy, it has more than 65 pre-designed demos for a range of niches, including eCommerce, blogs, businesses, etc. This is what made thousands of people download this theme. You can get it too!


Leaving this one would be an insult to our list of fast loading WordPress themes. Designed with the suggested coding standards, fully compatible with the Yoast SEO Plugin and supporting Google Structured data, Newspaper is one of the best WordPress themes in the market. It is fully optimized for search engines so as to increase your search engine rankings.

The Newspaper theme loads so quickly because of its light weight, cacheable favicon, and few HTTP requests made. This theme has more than 90 ready to use demos at your fingertips that you can import in no time. And the customizability is what makes it even more appealing. You can customize almost everything as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get the theme and enjoy!


As the name suggests, this theme is an SEO-friendly and fast loading best WordPress themes that is compliant with the latest WordPress coding standards. SEOWP comes with 32-page templates and many design options, including unlimited header styles, a mega menu with numerous features, advanced social sharing options, and over 90 premium illustrations. Moreover, this theme reduces the number of elements on the page and defers loading JavaScript. And, to provide you more, there is also an estimations form builder for quickly adding estimation forms to your site as well as discount coupons, pricing proposals, and many more just a few clicks away!


If the topic is about the best WordPress themes with fast loading, let me introduce you to Mesmerize. This is a WordPress theme designed for speed and flexibility. Although the theme is heavy because of some unoptimized images, you can swap those demo images to reduce the weight of the site and increase the speed. A responsive and mobile-friendly design is what makes this theme look more attractive. And you should thank the WordPress Customizer with the help of which this theme is highly customizable. And, to your surprise, you get 18 pre-designed templates. And you can import any of them within a few clicks.  


This bestselling theme by Nimbus themes is one of the best WordPress themes. Its clean and responsive design is what makes it a bestseller. It will enhance the look of your site and will be a treat to the eyes of the visitor. And the light weight of this theme makes it a fast-loading WordPress theme. You can choose from multiple homepage layouts to showcase your images and videos in the best possible way. This theme is in high demand if we go with the stats. And you will definitely have a pleasant experience using this theme. 


If you are into a profession that demands creativity, Brando is a fast and responsive WordPress theme, ideal for creative portfolios and business sites. Brando is designed to make your site lightweight and fast-loading as it is built on the Bootstrap framework and is coded with HTML5 and CSS3. Moreover, to keep things simple, it makes few HTTP requests and features fewer elements on the page to reduce the number of bytes to download. Also, it defers loading JavaScript, which makes it lightning-fast. This theme has the uncanny ability to grab your attention as it will give ready-to-use demo designs and the premium drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin. You should give this theme a try. 


Created by MyThemeShop, Yosemite is considered to be one of the fastest loading best WordPress themes. And if you are considering a theme for your personal blog, Yosemite is perfect for you because of its minimal and neat design. And if you are concerned about the features, this theme will offer you a ton of them. You get unlimited colour and background options, a dominant theme options panel, numerous useful shortcodes, AdSense-optimized ad placements, and many more to count. To ensure speed, Yosemite uses GZIP compression and avoids URL redirects. But, to be honest, it makes a lot of HTTP requests, which, in some sense, affects the site's speed. You can try it to see if it satisfies your needs. 


And now, if you are looking to create a freelance service marketplace like Upwork and Fiverr, this theme is for you. This amazing WordPress theme is built on a responsive framework Foundation. And in comparison with others, it's lightweight and will make fewer HTTP requests. But again, in our honest opinion, the theme could be even faster if they used GZIP compression and prevented URL redirects. You can easily monetize the site with this theme by charging the users for their project transactions. Moreover, you will also get font-end project listings, freelancer listings, a user profile dashboard, discussion interface, etc. You can consider using this theme if you want to make it big in this business line. 


MoneyFlow is an ideal theme for bloggers who want to make money from blogging. Despite being a beautiful and fully customizable theme, MoneyFlow offers a featured posts section and multiple homepage designs that can be set up instantly. Also, with the MoneyFlow theme, you can enable or disable the slider feature in the theme options panel and use the parallax scrolling feature to keep the visitors engaged with your content. Font Icons, Google Fonts, unlimited colour backgrounds as well as sidebar options, and many other features are what make this theme loved by many. 

The list ends here! But I have something to share that is worth your time. You might have understood by now that how important it is to pick the best WordPress themes. And, in most cases, you might be concerned about the price of a theme, right? Well, here is something you can consider. As we have committed to sharing with you the best we can, please give us the fortune to introduce to you the VW Theme Bundle!


Well, a theme bundle is nothing but a monetary advantage to the user. Let me explain. If you look for single themes for your niche and buy multiple themes independently, it will cost you exorbitantly. But, VWThemes offer their theme bundle packed with 160 themes that are worth more than $9k, for just $99! You read it right. They will give you themes worth more than 9 Grand for just $99. They believe in providing value to the customer. And in my opinion, this theme bundle is more than what it costs. At just $99/year, you can access all the themes they offer and enjoy the benefits. And not just that, they also provide complete customer support depending on your subscription. And, to give you the best value for your money, they keep adding premium plugins and themes in their WordPress theme bundle. This is what keeps them updated. Their themes are backed by solid coding, research about the trends, and consideration of the customer's demands. This WordPress theme bundle is simply excellence and affordability put together! And 18k+ downloads prove it all.  


So this was it for today. This article was a brief piece of information about the best WordPress themes with fast loading. It would be best if you kept in mind that an ideal theme is made considering the needs and budget of the customer. I hope this article helped you and gave you a different perspective. And if it did, consider sharing it. And, of course, do let us know what you want us to write about in the upcoming articles. Thank you for going through it. Bye! :) 

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