Embed PDF Files WordPress Website In Easy Steps

Embed PDF Files WordPress Website In Easy Steps

In Today's topic for embed pdf files WordPress website, Portable Document Format (PDF) is an amazingly handy tool for everyone could use efficiently. Pdf is basically used when you want your data or information files to be shared, transferred, and printed while not letting the format of the preserved data be changed. In this generation, everyone has a version of Adobe Reader or any other software application that allows them to read a PDF file on their computer or handsets.

PDF is a simple method to give your audience insights. Users have the opportunity to download useful information simply when adding a PDF link it helps to save tons of space. With WordPress, you can quickly upload and download PDF files. To develop your e-mail subscribers, you may use PDF file downloads. The basic goal to embed pdf files WordPress website is to offer as much information or data as possible in as little amount of space without any changes in formatting. 

With this option, people are having the convenience to download the pdf file data or information for their future use and also to download the most information they wish to have. We have top WordPress themes in the market for all businesses, blogs, and services.

PDF is the most common file format you will find. There are several advantages of uploading PDFs on your WordPress website.

Such as by uploading PDF files to WordPress you may utilize them to increase website traffic and reduce the bounce rate. You may simply minimize the high bounce rate by allowing your users to download PDF files and straight away allowing them to perform an activity without any hassle. have a look at WordPress Website Worth Noticing by VWTHEMES.

How to Embed PDF Files WordPress website website to build your list

How Can I Embed PDF Files WordPress?

It is not hard as you may have imagined. It's even easy than you think to embed PDF files into a WordPress website. It will only take a few minutes of your time basically. In general, there are a number of various ways to embed PDF in WordPress. Yet the two basic ways are either by using a plugin or simply embed PDF files WordPress. The two approaches are elaborated on below.

First Approach To - Embed PDF Files WordPress

Follow the steps given below to simply embed PDF into your website without any hassle from your WordPress account.

  1. Go to your dashboard for WordPress
  2. Go to mail -> New Add
  3. Click on the "Add Media" button when you are in the WordPress editor
  4. A WordPress Upload Fenster is provided.
  5. You may easily drag and drop your PDF file on this window by clicking "Select Files."
  6. WordPress starts to upload files now
  7. You will receive an icon preview of your PDF file when the procedure is finished.
  8. Click on the button "Insert Post"
  9. On your editing page, WordPress will incorporate a link to your uploaded PDF

Your visitors can thereby be able to download the PDF files seamlessly on their respective browsers by just simply clicking the links provided.

Second Approach by: Use of plugin for Embed PDF files WordPress websites

The other way is to basically use a WordPress plugin and that’s very easy. It is comparatively simpler as well. You will find hundreds of plugins available in the software market to choose from. There are also free plugins available too.

Follow these steps to seamlessly install a plugin:

1. Firstly You Will Need To Install The Plugin PDF Embedder.

You can do this by performing these points step-wise:

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard
  • Then go to Appearance option and select step wise -> Plugins -> Add New
  • Search for PDF Embedder.
  • When you find it, you will need to select it and proceed to “Install Now” option button.
  • Once installation is  complete, click on to “Activate” option to activate the plugin.

2. Then You Will Need To Set The Plugin Configuration

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard's settings page for the plugin. -There you may find height and width, and the many other types of configuration choices, Where you can choose and use them according to your setting choices.

Once you are done with choosing your customized settings, you can now save your changes and upload your PDF and embed it.

3. Upload And Embed Your PDF

You will need to open the page where you wish to embed the PDF link

And select the“Add Media” option.

  • After that Media Library appears—select Upload Files -> then Select Files
  • Once the PDF files are uploaded in Media Library, Select “Insert the Post” option.
  • here the option will appear for short code for your PDF within your Post Editor
  • then select “Publish” button. You're finished.

Now we have seen that using a plugin simpler and easiest approach to embedding PDFs in WordPress. But when it comes to choosing the right plugin for yourself in an ocean of various plugins is not easy work. WordPress plugins are filled with numerous types of plugins. Each plugin has its very own distinct types of features and functionality. However, you can narrow it down by recognizing the requirement you have and suits your work in the best of ways.

Let’s look at the best plugins available in the market today:

PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder is evidently the most simple WordPress plugin for embed pdf files WordPress website into your WordPress website. It will basically allow you to smoothly embed PDFs to your site in the simplest of ways. It allows you to manually customize the height as well as width. Note that the width must be a specified value while the height will be computed automatically. This plugin is free in the market and is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

PDF Viewer WordPress

WordPress' PDF Viewer is an easy-to-use plugin. It comes with a user interface that is easy to use and completely customizable. With the flip speed, the backdrop, colors, or the menu choices, you may adjust everything. You can pick the text according to your preferences in the PDF.

WordPress PDF Viewer And Embed

WordPress PDF viewer and embed plugins are simple to use as well. It will display your PDF file as a full-screen reading document or, as well as embed it on any website using a shortcode. It basically enables users to download the PDF by selecting the "Download" option. Also by using the shortcode option, you can deactivate or enable this feature smoothly without any hassle. The users can also share the PDF  via social platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can simply use the Shortcode to disable or enable this feature.

PDF Embed

PDF Embed is a contemporary WordPress PDF reader plugin. It may also be used to embed PDF files on your WordPress website. It allows you to add files by means of uploading, by using the URL, and lastly, by selecting files from the most recently posted.


When you want to embed pdf files WordPress website, there are several possible approaches you can proceed with. However, we have discussed two easy ways to approach this task. Which are either by using a plugin or simply embedding PDF files to the WordPress website. The four best plugins are discussed elaboratively in the article, but you could choose whichever plugin suits best your requirements and needs.

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