How to Fix Edit With Elementor Not Working Issue: Different Causes and Solutions 



Did the customization and website building just stop as the edit with Elementor is not working? That’s the biggest breakdown when you are in a hurry to build your website. Well, you will find the best ways to tackle this issue. Elementor is one of the most promising plugins, delivering the finest website-building services. The tool is currently becoming very popular among beginners who don’t know coding. It gives you the best way to easily put on the required features using the drag and drop WordPress builder free facility. But it can even create an issue for several reasons and stop working properly. This needs to be solved with the right cause known. In this blog, you will find the best ways to resolve this issue on your site. 

Quick Causes and Solutions of Edit with Elementor Not Working Issue

There might be different causes for having the “Edit with Elementor Not Working” issue on the website. Of those, we have encountered some of them for you to find out if your website has this issue. You can also checkout our blog that consists of list of common WordPress errors.

Way 1: Enable Switch Editor Loader 

The first way to get rid of the Edit with Elementor Not Working Issue is to enable Switch Editor Loader.


What happens sometimes is that the server creates conflicts while configuring Elementor. The result might be the inappropriate working of the Elementor Editor on your site. 


This issue can be easily fixed by visiting the Settings section of the Elementor plugin. Then visit the Advanced area and enable the Switch Loader Editor Method. This means you have switched the editor loader, which can easily fix the currently occurring error. 

Way 2: Check Plugin Conflicts 

There is not a single cause of the edit with Elementor not working issue. Still, the cause is not resolved by applying the previous solution; there may be a plugin conflict. 


Sometimes, the improper functioning of the plugin can be a cause of Elementor Editor not working. 


This cause can be easily resolved by deactivating the plugins on your site. What you need to do is find the culprit plugin and remove it from your site. 

  • To do this, you need to first enable the Elementor Safe mode before any proceedings. Then, visit the Plugins section under the Dashboard area of your site. There, tap the Installed Plugins option, and you will find all the plugins listed on your site. You need to select all plugins from the top menu.
  • Then, among various options under the Bulk Actions dropdown list, hit the Deactivate option and then the Apply button. 
  • After this, start activating each plugin one by one on your site. Make sure every time you activate a plugin, the Elementor Editor is working or not. 
  • If you found that faulty plugin, simply remove it from your website.

Way 3: Update the PHP Version 

After deactivating the faulty plugins, if the issue is still the same, there might be some other cause. Here’s another cause of having an edit with Elementor not working issue on your site. 


One of the main causes of this Edit with Elementor Not Working issue is the outdated version of PHP being used on your site. It is highly recommended to use the most updated version of PHP that disables so many errors from your website. 


To update the PHP version to its latest version, you need to first reach the cPanel account and find “Select PHP Version." Once found, open it and tap the latest version option at the top of the page. Among the various versions listed, you need to tap on the latest version. This will update the PHP version to the latest one. 

Way 4: Increase the PHP Memory Limit 

Sometimes, not the PHP version, but there might be another cause for the Edit with Elementor not working issue. Here’s how it is: 


When the memory limit of PHP exceeds, it can cause the edit with Elementor to not work. You need to increase PHP memory limit on your site. 


Here, we will increase the PHP memory limit using the wp-config.php file. To do this, visit the hosting account and then the cPanel. 

  • Under the cPanel, look for the File Manager, and you will see a list of various files under it. 
  • Locate the public_html file and then the wp-config.php file. 
  • Once found, right-click the file and tap the Edit button, and the file will be opened on a new tab. Locate the sentence “define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘32M’)”. 
  • What you need is to increase the value limit to 256 million. In case you don’t find this line, then manually insert it above the “That’s all, Stop Editing! Happy Publishing”. 
  • This will eventually increase the memory limit of the PHP on your site. 

Way 5: Update Elementor to the Latest Version 

After increasing the memory limit, if the issue is still the same, there might be another issue. Here’s another cause and way to solve it: 


Sometimes, the older version of the Elementor itself can create a huge mess and stop the working of the editor. 


The issue needs to be tackled, so you need to update the Elementor to its newest version. For this, visit the Plugins section under the dashboard area and then the Installed Plugins. You will see a list of all the plugins and find the Elementor Plugin. Under it, there must be a link to Update, and you need to tap it. This will update the Elementor plugin to its latest version. 

Way 6: Check the “.htaccess’ file. 

Here’s another way to tackle the Edit with Elementor not working issue on your WordPress site. 


On your website, there is an Apache Distributed Server Configuration file named ".htaccess," which is used to set the server configuration. The settings are applied to every specific directory. This file is responsible for making necessary changes to your site, such as error handling, authorization, user permissions, and more. Certain incorrect settings on this file can be a cause of this issue. 


The only solution to this issue is to create a new “.htacess” file with the same content. Also, you need to keep a backup of the existing “.htaccess” file. 

Way 7: Increase Apache Server Limit 

Another way to resolve the Edit the Elementor is to increase the Apache Server Limit on your site. Here’s how: 


It happens when the Apache Server limit exceeds and creates unwanted issues on your site. The edit with Elementor Not Working could be a result of this. 


What you can do in this case is increase the Apache Server Limit by adding the below code to the “.htaccess” file.

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>

SubstituteMaxLineLength 30m


LimitRequestBody 9999999

Way 8: Change Your Current Theme 

Just like plugins, there might be a cause related to your current WordPress theme. You must know how: 


The theme you are currently using for your site can be a great cause for the element not working properly. 


The only way to tackle this is to activate the default theme on your site. For this, reach the appearance tab under the dashboard area and tap the themes tab. When you deactivate the current theme, the default theme will be activated automatically. 


Any error occurring on your site is painful, and you want to resolve it as soon as possible. Well, in this blog, the spotlight shines on the Edit with Elementor Not Working issue on your site. It happens that when you are customizing or building a site with Elementor, it may stop working at times or create issues. There could be many reasons behind the improper functioning of the plugin being installed on your site. 

Some of them just don’t know how to tackle or know the cause of this issue. But we have made it to the fullest for you in this blog. There are eight best ways you can solve this issue on your site. Also, if you are building a WordPress website, then you must try our premium WordPress themes. Our themes are meticuluosly designed to elevate your online website. So, buy our WordPress themes now!

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