Know Why The Ecommerce Stores Need Amps

Know Why The Ecommerce Stores Need Amps

We live in the most convenient era the human race has ever lived in. It’s not too spoilt and not too great as well. We are handing in the time where we are one foot ahead of the natural way of living and one foot away from the machinery world. In this middle ground, our best friend is our smartphone. Smartphones have everything. There’s an app for each of your needs. All these apps are eCommerce apps. They have money transactions service in exchange of the things you get. To make is more safe every ecommerce stores need AMPs. There are companies that provide ready-to-use WordPress themes where you only have to install and add content into it.

The journey of an ecommerce store starts from a simple website. This ecommerce website contains everything it has on an app. The website then transitions into a mobile app. But even for an app, ecommerce website works better. Before we get into why Ecommerce stores need AMPs, lets know more about its beginning an Ecommerce website.

Ecommerce is the new way of marketing. It comes in digital marketing and in today’s era of internet it’s the only fastest way of reaching a wide range of customers across the world. Ecommerce websites join various different brands together. While starting your own ecommerce store you will always look for the best things that exist. So here we suggest the best for you! You need the best ecommerce WordPress theme for your website.

WordPress hold the power of 75% websites on the internet. It is without a doubt the most trusted platform. Being an open source its not as easy to handle as it may look. You will need to know about coding and programming. But with the right ecommerce WordPress theme it will all be simple.

In why Ecommerce Stores Need Amps, There are plenty of places where you can get the desired WordPress theme for your ecommerce store. There are some companies like VWThemes which will eliminate your worry about getting a perfect WordPress theme. To operate themes from here you don’t have to worry about coding.

You will need an Ecommerce WordPress theme which is made with bootstrap framework. It gives the website a robust functioning. But it should also be flexible to changes. The customization feature will give you the space to make any changes you want into the layout. This feature makes it multipurpose too. The layout of the theme has color palate and over 100 font family options to choose from. It should have sections for contact details, newsletters, reviews and social media icons. Along with this have a look at Best WordPress Themes Like Amazon By VW Themes.

What Is AMP?

The AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. They are must for every ecommerce website or application. Your Ecommerce stores needs AMPs. This is latest term introduced by Google search engine. By reading the name you must have understood that it enhances the performance of your ecommerce website or application.

The AMP works promptly on the speed of the ecommerce store. It makes the website or application work faster, have responsiveness and give better user experience. Now there are mainly three components that are used in the AMPs. The ecommerce stores needs AMPs with AMP JS, AMP HTML and AMP cache. These components work together to make your ecommerce store effective and impressive.

Google has made quite a research on this tool. It has announced the AMP to be the fastest loading service. These three components will make your ecommerce store faster than any other mobile-friendly tools available on the internet. It has even said that if you have AMP in your ecommerce site, it will make it so fast at loading that it will open right the second you click on it.

In why Ecommerce Stores Need Amps, The ecommerce store with AMP will have inner content in its best presentation. The appearance of your ecommerce store will be on lighter code but effective. The AMP will take all your worries away. Regardless if you are a hard core coder or not.

The AMP brigs before your several guidelines and resources for the convenience. But if you don’t want to learn this you have the option to skip. You will find other compatible plugins on the WordPress directory who do the same thing as AMP. But if you don’t know how to handle them, then its not worth.

You will find some AMP plugins as well. These plugins will help you to work efficiently on all CMS platforms. This will make your task even easier.

Why To Have It?

There are plenty of reasons why your ecommerce stores needs AMP. All of the big ecommerce websites already have AMP in their website and application. Leading ecommerce company eBay has the AMP project to perfect their performance. With this project the company has created many AMP pages. It has attained the fast loading pages to its stores. Plus has number of satisfied customers and rising revenue.

If you want to reach the heights like eBay or Amazon, your ecommerce stores needs AMP. To be honest that’s enough reason to have AMP on your ecommerce store. But if you need more reasons, we got you!

Low Bounce Rate

In why Ecommerce Stores Need Amps, What makes a website more desirable is the fact that it has low bounce rate. Bouncing might be good for your body but for your website it’s the worst nightmare. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to open, half of your viewers will give up and move to another ecommerce store.

This will give them a bad UX that is user experience. They will never return to your ecommerce store and suggest other the same. This will obviously affect your viewership, SEO and finances. You wouldn’t want that.

Having AMP in your ecommerce store will delete this issue forever. The AMP works specifically on the loading speed of ecommerce store. With a fast loading and responsive website you will have low bounce rate. Thus fixing all your problems!

Let’s say one of your viewer visited your ecommerce store and leaves it without requesting Analytics server; the AMP will effectively decrease the bounce rate. When your ecommerce store has low bounce rate it enhances the organic ranking of it.

This organic ranking is the SEO of your website. In why Ecommerce Stores Need Amps, Websites are the new way of reaching your desired customers. Internet has become new market where anyone from across the world can sell anything. To build a successful and professional website you have to build it at WordPress. WordPress is the perfect platform for making website.

There are companies which provide ready-to-use WordPress themes where you only have to install and add content into it. But while buying such creative WordPress themes, you have to make sure that its SEO friendly or SEO optimized.


The like the performance, the appearance of your ecommerce store is also important. The fast speed and responsiveness will enhance the functionality of your store. But with the AMP on your ecommerce store you will also enhance its visibility of it.

The visibility holds importance because it's all that the viewer notices for the first time. If your website isn’t organized, decorated, readable or easy to navigate the viewer will despise you from their list. This can turn into a big problem for the SEO of your ecommerce store.

We have explained above why SEO is important for your website. So losing it is not a good idea. Even Google prefers websites with the fast loading speed and a better user experience. When you get the AMP pages for your ecommerce website it will enhance the visibility of your store. With dynamic visibility, your ecommerce store will attract some organic traffic and increase the SEO.

Many prestigious agencies have conducted studies on the AMP. They all have agreed that it works effectively on attracting more traffic. They have stated that the website has improved loading time up to 80%.

Conversion Rate

Another factor that makes a website successful is the conversion rate. The conversion rate is the meter of your healthy relationship with your customers. The SEO of your website depends on this conversion rate. The AMP works on making this rate profitable for your ecommerce store.

You will have a lot of ways to enhance the conversion rate of your website. You can do it through newsletters, emails, offers and sales, and social media posts. They all are the way to connect with your ecommerce store. Through blogs, you can express your interest in some subject related to fashion or products you sell. The viewers will connect with it and even share it on their social media handles.

While running an ecommerce store you need a higher conversion rate. All of these elements have to work the best to maintain this rate. But with AMP you can be stress-free. The AMP in ecommerce websites takes care of the conversion rate.

The AMP will increase the loading speed and responsiveness of the ecommerce store. This will result in better website performance. This way it will take the viewer less time to open the store, surf through it, look at different products, add some to the wish list, add them to checkout and buy in less time.

When they get a faster reaction to their actions they start using that stuff more. They recommend it to others. This will get you more conversion rate with them. With it comes the organic traffic. Having AMP in your ecommerce store will change the conversion rate for good.

These are the reasons why your ecommerce stores need AMP. You can get the AMP through plugins. Choose wisely and make your ecommerce store more relevant and more profitable. Along with this also have a look at WordPress Theme Bundle By VW Themes.

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