3 Easy Ways To Identify Website Theme

One of the most crucial steps in building a website is to choose an eye-catching theme of the website. Your theme is in charge of not only the look of your website, but also the pace, efficiency, and SEO of it. It's vital to Identify website theme to create a beautifully pleasing and effective website that aids you in achieving your objectives.

WordPress Themes usually allows you to customise the webpages as well as individual components such as footers and widgets as well as website templates. It'll ultimately decide how open and extensible your site is. While you will frequently be spoiled for several choices available, narrowing down thousands of choices to the right design can be difficult.

You could look at thousands or even hundreds of themes in the WordPress website catalogue and third-party marketplaces to make this crucial decision, which can easily become daunting if it took a lot of your time. Visiting a WordPress site that you really admire is one way to narrow down your options for selecting the theme. You would want to use the theme if your company is in the same niche or if you require the same functionality for your website. Not only does WordPress Website Themes essential for styling your website and other components like widgets, footers as well as website templates, the WordPress website theme will also determine how extensible and accessible your website is.

You could change the colour scheme, font, and page templates to make the website stand out.

However, the question arises, “How do we find out which theme is the website using?”

There are many resources available to assist you in determining the theme used on a WordPress website. You'll also find a wind range of browser plugins, web software scanners, and other tools. Fortunately, these techniques are very easy to use.

As there are many resources available to assist you in determining what theme a website is using. Here are 3 easy ways mentioned below:

1. Finding Theme Using Online Detector

Using a theme detection method is the simplest way to know which theme is being used on a website. Copy and paste the site's URL, and the tool can locate and access the theme name in seconds.

Although these tools cannot identify all custom pages, it might be worthwhile to spend a few seconds scanning the URL in one of the tools listed below before proceeding to the next level.

WP Theme Detector

The best way to figure out what theme a WordPress website is using is to use this tool- WP Theme Detector, which is among the best online applications (WPTD).

WPTD is an online application that can be used to determine the theme of a website. This tool is extremely simple to use and it not only will recognise the them but also it can detect the plugins that your website utilizes. You will simply have to

copy the URL or domain of the website you find on the internet, paste it into WPTD, and press the "Enter" button. WPTD will examine the site and provide detailed background on the theme and plugins it employs. This tool is free, and checking a site and providing information takes just a few seconds.

Gochyu Theme Detector

Another excellent tool for detecting WP theme website is Gochyu Theme Detector. Simply enter the desired website's URL into the tool and press "Detect" or "Enter" on your keyboard.

It also takes a couple of minutes for the website to serve the data. Gochyu is suitable for both WordPress.org and WordPress.com pages. It also assists in the detection of plugins on a website.


This tool also acts the same and efficient ways as previously mentioned tools above. You will just have to enter the website's URL into the tool and press "Detect." The tool displays a great deal of information in seconds, along with the theme's name, edition, price, snapshot, and tags.

It also includes links to where you can Buy WordPress Themes as well as the vendor's name. You'll also see the many extensions that the website utilizes, and it's available as a toolbar addon on the Google Web Store. It will help you Identify website theme.


IsItWP is another common method for determining a WordPress website theme and plugins. Simply enter the site's URL into the tool and press the "Analyse Website" button.

It will show the theme's name as well as whether or not it is in their index. If not, you can still look it up online and see if it's available for download or to identify the seller.

2. Manually Finding The Theme

You can manually inspect the page source. Manually inspecting a website to determine what theme it is using is another easy way to figure out. This can be accomplished by inspecting the source code.

In certain cases, website owners modify or delete theme titles, making it impossible for a WordPress theme detector to determine which theme is being used. In this scenario, you can conveniently determine the theme by hand. WordPress site has a style.css file that includes the theme's header. The header typically displays the theme's name, edition, author, URI, and other information.

To begin using this technique, open your preferred browser and navigate to the website. Then, right-click on the homepage and select the ‘inspect' option.

By selecting the inspecting option, a new window will open, displaying the code for your website. The key CSS file, which can be found in the page header folder, is what you'll be searching for.

This CSS file is called style.css and can be found in the wp-content > Themes section. You should use an inspector built in the search box to figure it out. Once you have access to that specific file, you must click on the connection to open it in a separate tab.

The full information on that file will be shown at the top of the file. You will also be able to see the author's name, theme name, user id, and descriptive tags. you can Identify website theme using style.css

3. Using The Browser Extension

In addition to using online software and manually searching, browser extensions such as WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector (WTDPD) can be used to recognise the active theme on a WordPress blog. If you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, this is a good option. After installing WTDPD on your Chrome, you must now press the button in your toolbar. WTDPD will display the theme's name, version, and other details. This addition, like the online theme detectors we discussed earlier, will show you what plugins a site is using.

Since you don't have to abandon the current browser, using WTDPD is arguably the most easy way to recognise the style a platform is using.


There are three ways to find out what style is being used on a WordPress site:

  • Use an online detector, such as WP Theme Detector, to identify the theme.
  • Manually determine the theme by inspecting the site's source code for the style.css format.
  • Use a browser extension to look for the theme, such as WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector.

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