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Are you concerned about identifying AI-generated content on your website? While generative AI tools like ChatGPT offer numerous benefits, their misuse is prevalent. Many experts across various industries deem these tools inappropriate and pose security risks. Educators also perceive generative AI tools as threats to academic integrity.

In response, the demand for AI detection tools has surged. AI content detection software harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify text produced by generative AI models. Its primary goal is to ensure transparency for readers and maintain the publication of only high-quality content.

To help you choose the best solution for your organization's needs, we've evaluated leading Detect AI Written Content software, considering their unique features, costs, and pros and cons.

What Are AI-Written Content Detection Tools?

In today’s digital era, it is hard to detect AI written content. Fortunately, there are AI Content Detectors available to help with this issue. They scan through written text for patterns that indicate whether the content was created by a human or an AI. They use advanced algorithms and AI technologies to analyze the content.

The main advantage of using AI content detection tools is avoiding penalties from search engines like Google. Google, the world's most popular search engine, prioritizes exact and concise content that answers queries. And on the other hand, the content generated with the help of AI often includes soft language and needs more accuracy. Therefore, the content written by humans is more likely to rank on Google than those generated by AI, and AI Detectors can help you identify human content.

However, a disadvantage of using AI content detector tools is their lack of accuracy. They rely on the data they have been trained on to search for patterns and inconsistencies in content, which could lead to inconsistent results when using different AI detection tools.

Let's take a look at the Best AI Content Detection Tools for 2023.

Top 10 Best Tools To Detect AI Written Content

1. Copyleaks


CopyLeaks is a tool that detects content written by AI tools, bots, and even ChatGPT. The founders of this popular tool are Alon Yamin and Yehonatan Bitton. Founded in 2015, it's renowned for its use of AI technology.

How do I start with CopyLeaks? You have to create a free trial account. This tool is highly advanced and offers multiple ways to add content. A file can be uploaded, pasted as plain text, or a URL can be entered. Before analyzing your content, you can also specify parameters.

In addition, CopyLeaks lets you select your sources, match types, and enable cheat detection. You can even perform a cross-language search by choosing from their list of over 30 languages.

Using this tool, you can check a document for matching percentages and similar words. It even breaks them down into identical words, minor changes, paraphrased content, and omitted words. It's a truly comprehensive tool for detecting copied content.


  • Affordable Price: CopyLeaks offers an affordable pricing structure, making it accessible for users seeking cost-effective plagiarism detection and content analysis solutions
  • You can create a free trial account: Get started with CopyLeaks by creating a free trial account, allowing you to experience its plagiarism detection and content protection services
  • It is a helpful and accurate content analysis: CopyLeaks provides precise content analysis, aiding in accurate plagiarism detection and ensuring the integrity of your written work.

2. AI Detector Pro

If you're apprehensive about determining whether a piece of content has been authored by AI, AI Detector Pro is the ideal solution. This tool specializes in identifying content generated by GPT-3-based algorithms.

To utilize AI Detector Pro effectively, begin by registering for free on their platform. Once registered, simply submit the content you wish to examine. The tool will then conduct a comprehensive analysis and generate a detailed report, pinpointing any AI-generated text.


  • AI Detector Pro excels in identifying and analyzing AI-generated content, ensuring high-quality, reliable results for content creators and editors.
  • AI Detector Pro offers versatility, enabling users to input text manually or extract it from a web URL effortlessly

3. GPT Zero

Detect AI written content in no time with GPT Zero. It is one of the best premium-level AI detection tools. Founded by a computer science student named Edward Tian in January 2023, The tool is powered by artificial intelligence and is easy to use. 

You do not need to create an account to get started. You can paste your text or upload files in PDF, DOCX, or TXT formats. The tool highlights AI-generated sentences and determines if the entire text is human-written or AI-generated. Additionally, it provides a perplexity score and a burstiness score for your document.

  • Good content analysis: GPT Zero offers exceptional content analysis capabilities, ensuring accurate and insightful insights for better decision-making and content optimization
  • Affordable price: GPT Zero offers affordability, making advanced AI accessible to a wide range of users without breaking the budget
  • Upload files in PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats: GPT Zero allows you to upload files in PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats, making it versatile for various document-based tasks.

4. is a top-tier tool for detecting AI-generated content. It was founded by Jon Gillham in 2022. The tool is capable of efficiently detecting content created by various GPT models, such as GPT 2, GPT-3, GPT 3.5, GPT Neo, GPT-J, and ChatGPT technologies.

To use the tool, all you need to do is input your text into the editor window, and it will display how many credits will be used for running your query. You have the option to choose whether you want to detect AI content, plagiarism, or both. The content analysis could be more detailed, but it gets the job done.

A recent update to the tool includes a heatmap that rates your content on a scale of green (100% human) to red (100% AI) to Detect AI Written Content. While we appreciated the accurate detection of AI content, there were a few bugs and glitches that we hope they fix soon.

Overall, we believe the highlighting feature could be incredibly useful for content agencies and writers to identify which parts of their content consist of plagiarized text.


  • Can also detect plagiarism: offers plagiarism detection, ensuring content integrity by identifying and highlighting any copied or unoriginal text within your documents
  • Modern and intuitive interface: offers a modern and intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience while checking content for uniqueness and plagiarism.
  • Handy Chrome extension available: offers a convenient Chrome extension, making it easily accessible for users to check content originality and prevent plagiarism

5. Content at Scale

Are you looking for a tool to detect AI-written content to help you create SEO-friendly long-form content? Content at Scale, founded by Justin McGill in 2022, is the perfect tool for the job. Not only that, but it also features a content detection tool that can detect AI written content.

You have to paste your content into the editor window to get started. You don't need to sign up for a free account on the website. The tool will then analyze your content and display the percentage or plagiarized content. Additionally, it will provide a Human Content Score and conclude whether the content was primarily written by an AI or a human.


  • No sign-up required: Content at Scale offers effortless access to its resources without the need for sign-ups, ensuring quick and hassle-free content generation
  • Easy to use: Content at Scale is user-friendly, simplifying the process of creating and managing large volumes of content on your website effortlessly

6. Corrector App

The Corrector App is another popular too to detect AI written content created by Grammar Buddies in 2022. Its features include a user-friendly AI Content Detector that effortlessly checks grammar. Through NLP algorithms and deep learning models, it is able to accurately identify patterns and detect GPT-2 and GPT-3 content. No account is necessary to use the app. Paste your text into the editor, and the app will display the percentage of fake content found in it.


  • Checks up to 300 words: Corrector App efficiently checks up to 300 words in one go, making proofreading and editing large text chunks a breeze
  • No need to create an account to use: Enjoy hassle-free usage with the Corrector App; no account creation required, making it quick and accessible for instant text correction.

7. Crossplag

Detect AI written content with Crossplag. It is a tool that detects plagiarism and was founded by Besart Kunushevci in 2020. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to identify similarities in content. The tool is in its Beta phase and is not yet available for institutions.

To use the tool, you can sign up on their platform and copy-paste the content you want to check. The AI Content Index will display the percentage of AI-generated text. Additionally, it shows whether the text is primarily created by humans or AI-generated. 


  • You can check more than 800 words: It empowers you to efficiently check and correct documents exceeding 800 words in length, ensuring thorough proofreading and accuracy.
  • User-friendly interface: It boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy and intuitive for users to navigate and correct their content effectively.

8. Winston AI


Many schools and publishers prefer to use Winston AI as their go-to tool for detecting AI-generated content. It is due to its accuracy and efficiency in providing two types of assessments: an overall AI detection score and a sentence-by-sentence AI prediction map that identifies potentially AI-generated sections of your text. Winston AI can even scan large texts and documents in various formats such as .pdf, .word, and photo scans.

Sign up for their free trial to get started. However, if you get their paid plan, you'll also gain access to their plagiarism detection tool, which provides a readability score for any text.


  • 99% detection rate: Winston AI boasts an impressive 99% detection rate, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in identifying and addressing potential issues and threats.
  • Free readability: Winston AI offers a valuable free readability feature, making it easy to assess and improve the readability of your content
  • Affordable Price: Winston AI offers affordability, making advanced AI tools accessible to businesses of all sizes, without straining budgets or resources.

9. Writer

Writer is a platform that offers various tools for enterprises and agencies to create content. However, recently, users have been enjoying the AI Content Detector developed by Write AI.

This tool is easy to use and completely free. Simply enter a URL up to 1500 characters of text that you want to test, and within seconds, it will provide you with the percentage of human-generated text. The higher the percentage, the better.

Writer gained popularity due to its simple integrations and availability on various third-party platforms such as Chrome, Figma, and Contentful.


  • No sign required: Writer's no-sign-required feature allows immediate access to its writing tools and resources without the need for registration or account creation
  • User-friendly interface: Writer offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced writers to create and edit content effortlessly

10. Kazan SEO


If you're looking for a text detection tool designed for evaluating SEO content, Kazan SEO is worth checking out. To get started with the Kazan AI detection tool, all you need to do is sign up. 

This SEO tool offers several other features with AI content detection, including content optimizer, SERP overlap, and keyword clustering tool.


  • Intuitive SEO tools: Kazan SEO offers intuitive SEO tools that simplify complex optimization tasks, making it user-friendly for improving website rankings
  • GPT3 content detector: Though we have ChatGPT-4 now but Kazan SEO's GPT-3 Content Detector is a powerful tool that automatically identifies and flags duplicate or low-quality content on your website


While using AI writers to rapidly create content has gained popularity, it's crucial to recognize that to prevent Google penalties and enhance your SERP ranking, refraining from AI-generated content is advisable. In this post, we delved into tools to detect AI written content

Have you discovered any of the tools mentioned above to be exceptionally accurate? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below if you intend to incorporate them into your workflow.

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