The 10 Best Keyword Clustering Tools For 2023



Do you want to enhance your site SEO by organizing your keywords better?

Now get the best Keyword Clustering Tools of SEO and improve your site ranking on the search engine for receiving millions of hits consistently.

Today, we will be introducing to you the broadly used 10 best Keyword Clustering tools in this article. Before that, let's talk about the foundation of clustering tools.

What are Keyword Clustering tools?

While developing a website or content hub, there is a procedure for keyword research. The practice of organizing and grouping related keywords into clusters is known as keyword clustering. s

To implement and follow the process of keyword clustering, a high level of expertise in SEO is required accompanied by time and money. If stronger keywords you put in the content your chances of getting top rank in SEO will be higher.

For better SEO results, there are some efficient Keyword Clustering Tools that only work for better SEO. Let’s find out its advantages first.

Benefits of Keyword Clustering Tools

  • Decreased possibility of cannibalization where many pages obtain the same rankings.
  • The capacity to produce a sound content architecture or a strategy that enables simple navigation for both humans and crawlers.
  • The chance to find new themes that can improve your site’s authority and performance in SEO page results (SERPs).
  • Increased knowledge of what other articles rank for and how to increase your chances of being featured within the feature snippets.

The 10 Best Keyword Clustering Tools

There is a broader range of Keyword Clustering Tools available on the market, offering advanced SEO features and functionalities. Some are free, and some are available in premium versions too. Let’s dig into the depths.

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an excellent SEO tool to quickly optimize content. The plugin primarily works to uncover the most common phrases and topics relevant to your keyword. It uses a technique named Surfer’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize trending topics, questions, and ideas.

Also, it monitors the top-ranking pages for every keyword. Clustering of the keywords in its cluster to give you an in-depth understanding of how Google sees the topic.

This helps you match the search intent of the primary keyword, figure out the number of keywords you need to include, and get a group of keywords to guide the content creation process in WordPress.


KeywordInsights is one of the most advanced and influential Keyword Clustering Tools that provides a great range of features for easy content optimization. Apart from this, the plugin comprises keyword clustering, search intent mapping, and the production of content briefs with the help of advanced AI technology. is a plugin that delivers the long-tail versions accompanied by the relevant themes when you enter your seed keyword.

Other than this, it also provides search volumes and intent levels. You may filter based on important factors such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC.


Frase is again a high-octane SEO tool for optimization used for content brief generation and content scoring. The plugin is a keyword clustering tool that groups the keywords easily.

You are not allowed to create a thorough blog post that includes all relevant and long-tail keywords with Also, you can have enough information to create a comprehensive cluster based on all the keywords connected to a specific issue.

4. HubSpot

You must have heard this name before in the context of server sharing. Hubspot is also a popular and widely used model for keyword clustering. There are numerous clustering options as a part of their SEO and marketing tools to allow you to rapidly aggregate and categorize your keywords based on the topics.

You can also use this tool to discover related words and phrases, latent semantic indexing (LSI) concepts, and even chances for internal linking and content optimization. Besides this, the plugin comprises tons of additional content marketing tools that can assist you in increasing sales and enhancing your rank. You can also read our blog on why is content marketing is important for more information.

5. Google Sheets and keyword grouping add-ons

Are you looking for an individual platform for keyword clustering?  Google Sheets and keyword grouping add-ons can get quick results with Google Sheets. With this, you can make use of add-ons like keywords in Sheets or text Clustering in Sheets.

Both of these add-ons operate in a similar manner once you enter your keywords into a sheet. These add-ons compile groups of keywords that are similar to each other. If you already have a list of keywords that you are working with, this can be an efficient and simple way to begin keyword clustering.

It’s very easy to export a CSV file in Google Sheets and cluster the data with one of these add-ons.

6. Keyclusters

Keyclusters is an amazing plugin that functions for clustering long lists of keywords into relevant groups quickly. An exclusive algorithm makes the plugin potent for analyzing the semantic links between the words.

Additionally, this is a dedicated keyword grouper without built-in keyword research features. However, to begin with, just submit your CSV file to the programmer.

7. Keyword Cupid

Keyword Cupid is one of the Keyword Clustering Tools that functions in the process of clustering with the help of machine learning. For holistic content optimization, the plugin uses an aneural network that uses Google’s Knowledge Graph.

If you really want to target the market, you can use the facts and figures from the keyword research with this plugin.

A plugin is so prompt and outstanding that sends a detailed report consisting of an interactive mindmap and a downloadable Excel file. This file includes niche-relevant page recommendations to target all the keywords belonging to similar word groups. You can obtain suggestions for perfect word counts, outbound links, and image data for enhancing your web page rank higher on search engines.  

8. SE Ranking Keyword Grouper

SE Ranking Keyword Grouper is a well-known keyword clustering tool that is an individual part of the SEO application suit.

You can plan the SEO architecture of your website along with the content strategy, and distribute your pay-per-click (PPC) grouping. It magnifies the influence of your advertising campaigns.

The Keyword clustering method of grouping is done based on their SERP result similarity.

Whenever two or more search phrases rank identically in the top 10 SERPs of Google, they are grouped together into one cluster.

Apart from this, you can prioritize keywords, immediately check search volumes, and help expand the content’s semantics with fresh keyword suggestions on the basis of synonyms and closely related terms.

9. KWFinder

KWFinder is one of the most inexpensive Keyword Clustering Tools that you can implement very easily. It's fast and reliable. It can function deeply to make your site SEO-friendly.

The most special feature of this plugin is that it has a database that is filled with 2.5 Billion related keywords, accompanied by more terms and phrases. The database is consistently updated every month.

Additionally, in KWFinder, you may benefit from focused keyword research for more than 52,000 supported sites globally.

10. Google Search Console

Last but not least, Google Search Console is a product of a branded Google search engine. It is one of the most admired plugins that is used for monitoring the high traffic and performance of the site. It’s a completely free tool that can be used for clustering keywords. Once you integrate this plugin into your website, it can cluster the different keywords through individual URL inspection. Perfect keyword guessing helps index the results and make your site SEO-friendly. The plugin is dedicated and fully focused on ranking your site higher in the search results.


We have seen the 10 best Keyword Clustering Tools in this article today. All the plugins are made to help you enhance your search engine optimization strategy. You can choose any of the tools we have mentioned today if you want to create your website as an authoritative source of information. It can be done by creating a content strategy that incorporates the most significant keyword variants for supporting content relevant to your keyword cluster.

The WP theme bundle is a curated collection of premium WordPress themes, designed to cater to a wide range of website needs. These themes are meticulously crafted to provide a visually appealing and functional framework for various types of content. When integrated with Keyword Clustering Tools, this bundle becomes an invaluable asset for website optimization. Keyword clustering tools allow for the strategic organization of keywords, enabling a more efficient and effective SEO strategy. By pairing these tools with the WordPress theme bundle, website owners can ensure that their content is not only visually appealing but also structured to maximize search engine visibility. This synergy empowers users to create websites that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well in search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic and ultimately leading to higher engagement and conversions.

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