The To Do List Of Designing Blog For Global Audience!

The blog website is something that comes with a lot of expectations. These websites have to serve their readers from across the world. To design blog for global audience you need to be aware who you are writing to.

First you need to target your audience and sort the content accordingly. There are more than 4 billion people who have access to internet. You are accessible to these people. So you have to be prepares. How? Check out!

designing blog global audience

1. User-Friendly Design:-

To design blog for global audience you need to make it just as the audience expect it to be. You need to make it ‘audience friendly’. It’s the most important feature to look for. Any website builder strives for results. But it must be user friendly to make it easy for the users. Before going global with your blogs, make sure it offers user friendly approach.

A user friendly design always wins the hearts. To achieve this, you need to start with wireframes. First plan the whole look on paper and test it on wireframe or mockup software and then start coding. After finishing the design you can take review from a non-coder. That always helps!

2. Unicode:-

You might be wondering what is it! A Unicode is computing industry standard. This allows constant representation of text no matter what script you are using. You can use English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and many more languages in your blog website with Unicode.

This Unicode works whether the language reads Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left. This will be useful for designing blog for global audience. Unicode is preferred mostly because it has a hundred thousand characters and 90 different scripts.

The UTF-8 is the most commonly used character encoding for Unicode. It is because it provides variable-length encoding representing all the characters in Unicode set. With UTF-8 encoding system as a default you can easily ensure that your blog website will work fine with any language.

3. Responsive:-

Just like these things, you need to make sure that your blog website is responsive. It might look a tiny thing, but has an impact worth noticing. For designing blog for global audience you will have to serve them on global speed.

If your website is lagging behind than other competitive websites, then you wouldn’t even impress local. That’s why your website has to be fast. It has to have fast loading speed, CTAs on every page and it has to respond to any of the requests made justly.

Being responsive will get you more traffic and more attention on global level. You also need to study what kind of device does your target audience use. For this you can use Google Analytics data.

4. The Keywords:-

To attract global audience you need to talk their slangs. For your blog website, you will have to use certain keywords for the content. These keywords are the things global audiences have searched on browser about your relatable topic. By mentioning them in your blog, you will get enlisted in the top suggestions to appear on browser.

This will boost your SEO ranking and your viewership too. With such great ranks and viewership it would become easy for you to reach global audience.

You can search for keywords on browser suggestions or on websites that keep record of keywords and how they are used.

5. Geo-Targeting:-

Just like keywords, you can use geo-targeting for better responses from global audience. As you are targeting audiences across countries, there is a system which will allow you to post content for each country or region. There are various plugins available for this online.

6. Geotargeting Lite-

This is the coolest tool you will find for geo-targeting. This plugin will give you access to information about the country and help you create content for it. You just need to put a shortcode to decide which countries will be able to see your content. It is compatible with Popups plugins. With this you can even geo-target popups. This plugin saves the caches in countries you are in.

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