Create Custom Blog Page Template In WordPress In Simple Steps

Our World Wide Web will carry infinite information for eternity. This information comes from people like you and me. This digital article system is called blogging. Blogging has gained enormous importance these days. In this blog, we will see about WordPress custom blog page templates.

This way you can also create your personal professional website with your set of articles. On this blogging site, you can write about anything and reach out to people around the world. With a professional blogging website! Try premium WordPress themes from VWthemes to create feature-rich websites.

WordPress was a blogging site in its initial days. After some time it became the most reliable website development platform. Websites made on WordPress have great performance and receive good customer review. WordPress has two hosts and

A Blogger WordPress Theme which is made for helps a lot in building a website. It's because doesn’t give anything ready-made but allows you to do anything you want with your website. That’s exactly what we want, complete authority over our website. Also, Buy WordPress Themes for your website with attractive designs and great support.

While creating a website you will have to choose a host first. is the most recommended host.  Then comes the most important decision you will have to make while creating a website. That is choosing the right WordPress Theme!

For as long as I remember, blogs have always been an integral part of the internet. The digital world has changed a lot over the course of time. And with it, the blogging trend has also changed. Blogs have created their own earning system. A large number of the population around the world are earning through blogging. People write on any and every topic that exists. People also read about these topics and learn new things.

In this fast digital era, people still take out the time to read. They read whenever they can. That’s why blogging will always be in trend. As a writer, you can set the new trend as well. But for this, you need a lot more than just writing skills.

Having an attractive blogging website is an answer to it. WordPress is the best platform for unleashing your power of writing. And we here present you with the best Blog WP themes that you can choose.

Choosing a theme is one of the things that you will have to do. Having WordPress custom blog page template is a must thing as well. For this, you will have to code. So you should know about it while developing your own blogging website.

Why To Have WordPress Custom Blog Page Template?

Blogging is a way of reaching out to people with your stories. Through this amazing medium, you can publish your writings on a large scale. But without beautiful visuals, you can’t keep your readers invested in your work. Blogging is a completely wordy task. But to engage viewers you will need to have an attractive layout. Have a look at this Perfect WordPress Theme by VWTHEMES enriched with all the demanding features anyone could ask for.

With WordPress custom blog page templates you can have a better layout. With this template, you can easily avoid providing boring visuals to your readers. The templates are designed in such a way that they will highlight your best work and promote the ones with less attention.

As the name suggests, these are custom blog page templates. So you will have complete liberty to make any changes to it. You can divide your writings into genres or series. You can ensure each genre or series gets a different layout. They all will have different settings. On the menu, each one of them will represent what’s inside.

 You will have all kinds of readers on your page. They will read, imagine, engage, comment, and even have a suggestion for you. So along with your content, you can categories your readers as well. With this WordPress custom page template, you can put certain content on highlight. It will target a specific group of audience.

You can organize your content as per your audience's priority. That’s one of the best advantages of having a blog page template.

The WordPress custom blog page templates are utterly and totally customizable. So you can do whatever you want with them. You can use them multiple times for different purposes. You can even assign as many templates as you want on a pre-post basis.

Now, to have a WordPress custom page template you have two ways. The first one is manual and the other one is a plugin. WordPress is capable enough to provide you with custom templates. The manual way is as easy as using an external plugin. But we are going to look into both ways. So let’s get started!


In other processes, you will find the manual way a bit more complex than using a plugin. It will involve a lot of coding and things that will confuse you. But while creating WordPress custom blog page template manual way is the easiest way. It doesn’t involve much complex coding.

But the process can differ depending on the theme you are using for your website. The base of the process will remain the same. So when you start the process make sure it goes by your theme settings. It’s not necessary that every theme has the same settings.

First, you need to create a child theme for your website. If you already have one then it saves much of your time. But if you are using a custom theme of any kind, then you don’t have to get a child theme. It’s fine to work with a custom theme as well.

The purpose of using a child theme is to keep your data safe. If you perform the procedure on the parent theme and something goes wrong, you will end up losing all the important data of your website. This will have a negative effect on your website. To avoid that using a child theme is the best option. If anything wrong happens,  your website data will be safe. You won’t have to start from scratch.

Now, you need to create a new file at the root of your custom theme. This file must be created in the root directory of your custom theme or child theme. Then name it as you like. Let’s name it skt.php. You can name the file anything you want. It doesn’t play an important role. But you have to remember it for the further process so keep it simple.

The next step is to open the code editor. There you will have to insert the following code at the beginning of the new file. You can also change the template name for anything you want. Write the following code carefully and flawlessly.

/* Template Name: VWThemes
* Template Post Type: Post
/* The template is for featuring informative blogs of VW. */

In this code, you will have to mention where the template will be used. You will have to mention if the template will be used on pages or posts. But the concluding line of the code isn’t a significant indication. It is observed that every author uses it for personal purposes. They add a comment in the code. This comment will help you in understanding the code in the future.

After adding the code check it once and then save the file. After saving the file go to the template dropdown. For this, you will have to navigate through the post attribute. You will find it in the meta box on the post edit screen. Here you will find the new post template that you just created.

Now the final step! You will have to copy the contents on the single.php file of the theme. Then paste it into the new custom template file. After this, you can start editing and customizing the page. Here you will be able to customize the page as per your requirement.

Now, you can use the setting for all the templates. All you have to do is copy and paste the process. If you want to make them slightly different, you can add the changes in the process.


There are plenty of plugins in the market for this purpose. The WordPress custom blog page templates can be managed by using plugins. So let’s take a look at some plugins!

  • Essential Grid WordPress Plugin- As the name suggests itself, this plugin will provide you with a simple grid layout. You can organize your blog posts, photos, products, testimonials, social media streams, services,s or whatever you want. This Essential grid WordPress plugin will give you as many grids as you want.

This plugin has multipurpose grids. You can use them for anything you want. It has an elegant design for grids. You need to decide which source you want for your grid. Then you will have to customize the grid by available styles. After this, you can add any number of skins available to the grid.

This Essential grid WordPress plugin has more than 25 example skins. This is a widely varied content source possibility that includes images, YouTube videos, and HTML5 self-hosted video. It has various animation styles available. It is mobile optimized and responsive too.

  • FlatFolio- This is another external plugin that gives you plenty and interesting options in a grid layout. The FlatFolio plugin is mostly known for its highly customizable functionality. It has an additional benefit of Carousal and Slider functions both. In this plugin, you can customize the grid with logos, captions, colored overlays, titles, and subtitles, etc.

The notable feature of this FlatFolio plugin is the preview feature. It has the both Carousel and Slider functionality feature.  The plugin has unlimited item formats. Plus it comes with various overlays effects. It has great customer reviews too.

  • Sidebar And Widget Manager- This plugin works efficiently with the widgets. You will have complete freedom with placing the widgets in the content area of your blog website. The sidebar and widget manager plugin gives you ultimate control over widgets. You can add widgets anywhere you want on the website. This plugin lets you expand the placement possibility beyond the sidebar and footer area.

This plugin has a drag-and-drop grid manager. It has vertical and horizontal align management. You will be able to hide or show widgets. Plus it supports all kinds of content.

Along with WordPress custom blog page template, We provide 24*7 support if you run into any problem. Also, you can give a try to our full package-WordPress theme bundle which is available for just $99.

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