Convert WordPress Website Into App With The Help Of These Top 6 Plugins

Many people all over are viewing the web on both smartphones and tablets, necessitating the use of adaptable web design. But, when matched to a dedicated application, these sites cannot give the same level of Customer Experience. Fortunately, convert WordPress website into app is simple than you would think. Apps are an efficient solution to manage content distribution and provide a great mobile experience. Using app stores, you may enhance interaction and attract an entirely new audience with an app. along with these plugins have a look at our Premium WordPress Themes which goes with plugins perfectly and do wonders.

You can rapidly and inexpensively give an improved mobile experience to your audience with the aid of the proper plugin.

What Are App Builders?

App builders are online tools that enable the creation of fully complete web and mobile in a simple, quick, and cost-effective manner, generally without the need for coding.

An app builder often employs features like lessons, pre-built themes, and drag-and-drop capability to create an easy, user-friendly design for even novices with hardly any experience creating apps. They may build complex apps without requiring the app builder to type a piece of code.

Mobile Website And Mobile App

  • Mobile websites are improved variations of your desktop site that are optimized for usage on mobile devices with reduced screen and touch input techniques, such as tablets and phones. They require an active internet connection and are accessed using a web browser, just like it would have been on a desktop device.
  • The very same data and material that is accessible on the related website may be accessed using mobile applications. But where they really shine is in their ability to provide extra functionality even when they aren't linked to the internet. Google Maps, for example, is completely reliant on an internet connection, whereas the mobile app lets you save maps to view offline, store favorites, and more.

Why There Is A Need To Convert WordPress Website Into App?

1: Offers Improved User Experience

Precisely, websites can be more clear and are much easily accessible on notebooks and computers because these devices offer the standard display size. On the other hand, these websites if not converted into smartphone apps, do not offer better display and the user might also lose interest in scrolling sideways and upwards and downwards as well. Hence, in order to give the best user experience to users, companies plan to turn Websites into app. To convert WordPress website into app will not only give users a better experience but also the company will get more visitors and the bounce-back rate will be reduced.

 2: Offline Services

Clearly, mobile applications have a higher benefit than the websites accessed on computers. There are multiple applications that just need an internet connection for downloading, but can be freely accessed offline as well. In the same way, companies can also offer offline services for gaining more downloads and eventually obtain a higher return on investment.

3: Application Notifications

To convert WordPress website into app, companies must give more importance to push notifications, which will keep the users constantly updated with new opportunities and relevant services that companies will be shortly offering. Most of the companies offer the option of offline notifications, while other offer online notifications on connecting the device to the internet. On the other hand, there are few companies that provide online as well as offline notifications to keep the user updated when his/her device is connected to the internet or not. 

4: Smooth Operations

Since users know all the smartphone operations, it is obvious that the company’s website that has recently turned into a mobile app will be accessed, but taking less amount of time to have ‘hands on’ for users. The recently converted application could be easily operated on operating systems, Android as well as iOS. This will keep the mobile application faster as compared to the ideally optimized company’s website. Also, users will be able to visit the website as and when they need to.

5: Promotion

There is no doubt in the fact that websites work best on larger screens like laptops and personal computers. But on the opposite side apps also perform best on small screen sizes like mobiles and tablets. Not to be partial, both, websites and apps are easily operated on their compatible screens. Also, mobile applications provide better branding of mobile applications as compared to the promotion of websites. Companies can choose to promote their mobile application via different social media platforms that are widely used by users, across the globe.

6: Communicative Intended Visual Design

As compared to mobile applications, websites are not very interactive. One of the examples is, when you click on the ‘chat with us’ option through the website user gets a contact number and email address as well. But, when the same company’s mobile application is being used and when users click on the same option, he or she can directly connect with them, since mobile application developers add links on both, email addresses and contact numbers.

These are the main advantages when the company convert WordPress website into app, allowing the company as well as users to stay connected via smartphones. 

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What Options Are Available To Convert WordPress Website Into App?

Creating an app from a WordPress website is surprisingly simple. And we'll show you six of the top plugins on the market right now that can help you achieve just that.

1. AppPresser

AppPresser is simple to use and convert WordPress website into app and also comes with a specialized WordPress mobile theme that builds a mobile app for your WordPress site.

It offers a beautiful app customizer that allows you to easily modify the design of your app, similar to how you would change the appearance of a WordPress theme. You may change the colors, build custom pages, retrieve WordPress content, and do many other things.

The features include: 

  • Allows you to develop your app using AppPresser's simple builder.
  • With its active app preview, it provides rapid visual feedback.
  • Provides Facebook login, social sharing, and push alerts.
  • Access to device features such as contacts, cameras, and more are included.

2. WPMobile.App

WPMobile.App enables you to develop a mobile app straight mostly from your WordPress website. You may convert WordPress website into app with a single lifetime license. All app installation and configuration may be completed within the WordPress admin area. It provides simple tools for uploading app icons, buttons, colors, languages, and more. WPMobile.App lets you develop Android and iOS apps for your website. While the base plugin is free, you must purchase a lifetime license to construct your app. Customization possibilities, free live testing, automatic app upgrades, push message support, social integration, and premium support are all available with WPMobil.App.

The features include:

  • Provides unrestricted updates and support.
  • Offers free app testing.
  • When you post new material on your website, the app automatically refreshes.
  • Offline access to cached material
  • Unlimited push notifications - alert users of fresh material manually or automatically.
  • Twelve real-time application usage data, including installations, geolocations, language, and so forth.

3. AndroApp

Choose this plugin if you have a content-driven website, such as a newspaper or a blog. This plugin transforms your news feed into a mobile-friendly interface. The end result, in form of a mobile app, will resemble your responsive website.

Another great plugin to convert WordPress website into app is AndroApp. The app features endless scrolling, unlimited push notifications, support for internationalization, and offline support.

You can upload your app yourself or hire a plugin author to do it for you after you have configured and downloaded your app.

The features include:

  • Image enlargement.
  • Offline content storage.
  • Send unlimited push alerts.
  • Ads that appear in-line.
  • WordPress/Facebook comments are supported.
  • Deep linking is supported 
  • The ability to scroll indefinitely.
  • Customize the theme and colors to match your website.
  • Unlimited push alerts, caching support, and bespoke branding are all included.
  • It is simple to set up.

4. AppMySite

AppMySite helps to convert WordPress website into app. This simple plugin and service transform your WordPress site (or even WooCommerce store) into an app in a matter of minutes. First, download the plugin and create an account. Then start customizing your app — there are a plethora of built-in styles and features to select from. When you're finished, just submit your app for publication (Android & iOS supported). 

The features include:

  • Multilingual support, 
  • Cart, and transaction integration, 
  • Push alerts, 
  • Social network connection
  • Analytics for monitoring app performance.

5. WappPress

WappPress is regarded as the most cost-effective platform to convert WordPress website into app with a single click. You will not need to hire developers in this case since even a non-developer can construct the app with only a few settings.

WappPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create real-time applications from any WordPress site. It is a low-cost solution because building your app is free, and you also receive 15 days of app validity on Google Play.

The features include:

  • Customizing template and other page features
  • Several pre-made themes are available.
  • Launcher symbol for custom home page
  • Personalized splash screen
  • Notifications through push
  • Google Play Store compatibility

6. Mobiloud

Website owners may use MobiLoud to convert WordPress website into app. They provide two products: one is for news or weblogs and the other for sites that use WooCommerce or other advanced plugins.

 MobiLoud plugin allows you to construct a mobile app and publish it on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It's one of the greatest plugins for turning a WordPress site into a native mobile app. When you use this plugin, you won't need to build a new theme for your app; instead, you may use the one you already have. You also have the option of choosing a completely another theme.

The features include:

  • A fantastic selection of templates for all your mobile app.
  • WordPress Customizer allows you to customize themes to your liking.
  • A UI and animations can be added to your mobile app.
  • Content is updated automatically.
  • The ability to get push notifications.
  • All major platforms are supported, including Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets.

Wrapping up

Plugin technology has simplified the lives of many non-developers. They may now design a mobile app even without the assistance of professionals, saving time and money.

Developing a mobile app is a worthwhile endeavor for both you and your audience, as you are nonetheless giving a platform for increased connectivity but also requiring memory space on smart devices.

Using one of these plugins to convert WordPress website into app can pave the way for you to reach your intended audience. Even if your website is responsive, using a mobile app for your company will increase traffic, leads, and revenue. Along with this also have a look at Key WordPress Themes Features to help you discover many more demanding features of WordPress.

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