Best Contact Form Plugins Available For WordPress Websites

Finding the best plugin for your WP site mostly depends on your needs and requirements. For adding a basic contact form to your site, free plugins can be a choice for you. However, for more detailed and complex forms, a premium contact form plugin will be more suitable. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most useful contact form plugins available for WordPress. Our WordPress themes will surely give you the best website creation experience ever.

Below Listed Are Contact Form Plugins Available For WordPress

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1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms lets you build contact forms and includes a lot of advanced features. It provides the developers with some sophisticated options for creating forms. It is a powerful drag and drops contact form builder plugin that you can use only after paying for it. When you purchase its license, you can create forms such as quizzes, customer order forms, user-submitted content, survey forms, subscription forms, etc.

There isn’t a free version available for use, so you might think it is slightly on the expensive side. However, after purchasing it, you always get help in the form of support forums. Email support, FAQs. It is such a useful plugin that once you start using it for your website projects, the benefits it has will soon outweigh its cost.

2. WPForms

When it comes to user-friendliness, WPForms is the one. It is the most user-friendly Contact Form plugins available for WordPress for creating contact forms. It utilizes simple drag and drop that makes things easy for beginners. There is an extensive range of pre-built form templates to get you a contact form ready in a quick time. WPForms is available in two versions: Free (WPForms Lite) and premium (WPForms Pro).

The free version has basic tools for simple contact form creation. The premium version lets you create any kind of contact form you like. These include creating order forms, payment forms, email subscription forms, event registration forms, survey forms, etc. it also gives you access to sophisticated features such as form abandonment. Geolocation, signatures, file uploads, etc. you will be able to see all your form submissions within the WP dashboard and you don’t have to keep flicking between the browser windows for checking messages.

As the main aim of WPForms is to be the most user-friendly contact form plugin, this is the reason why you won’t find more intricate features in it. It is certainly the favorite solution and best contact form plugins available for WordPress.

3. Ninja Forms

With Ninja Forms, you can easily create interactive forms without much effort. It comes with some basic features for free but for more advanced needs, you have to go for the premium version. You can easily download and use the free version and use it for creating basic contact forms. To extend the functionality of your forms, you can use premium add-ons. You can:

  • Build dynamic contact forms with conditional logic
  • Create forms with drag and drop interface
  • Allow the users to upload files
  • Add payments options
  • Build multi-part forms

The add-ons are not available for free. So you need to upgrade to the pro version to get the benefit of these add-ons for creating complex forms. Among many other contact form plugins available for WordPress, this plugin is also very useful.

4. JetPack Forms

JetPack Forms is a part of the JetPack plugin for WP. It hosts a large range of features that are helpful for enhancing your site. It is free to use. The JetPack form builder makes it easy to create simple, customizable WP forms. What you can do with this is, add the basic form fields, add the form to any of the posts or pages by making use of WP content block, change the subject line, etc.

The only drawback of this useful JetPack Forms is that it is bundled inside a huge and bulky plugin that has all the extra features and functionalities for enhancing your website. Though you can turn off those features, it still doesn’t prevent the plugin from being bulky which might result in the slow performance of your website. Along with this, you can’t create advanced contact forms with JetPack Forms as its features are limited.

5. Contact Form 7

Being one of the oldest contact forms around, Contact Form 7 is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded contact form plugins available for WordPress in the official WP directory. You can use this plugin for creating multiple contact forms for your WP website and it is a free plugin allowing you to upload it to as many sites as you want.

For extending its functionality, you may install and use third-party plugins that will act as add-ons. This Contact Form 7 plugin has the features of spam filtering with Captcha and Akismet, Ajax-powered submitting, and simple markup. However, this plugin is not so user-friendly since it is a bit difficult for newbies and beginners to set up because it lacks an intuitive user interface.

6. Caldera Forms

It is yet another free plugin that facilitates easy contact form building with simple drag and drop and it has a lot of user-friendly add-ons. This feature-rich plugin lets you create contact forms with various field types that include calculation, drop down, file upload, etc. to help you get the info you need.

You can also create custom WP search forms with these contact form plugins available for WordPress for searching posts, categories, tags, custom post types, and custom fields. Though it is a widely used contact form plugin available for WordPress, its free version does not include support. Also, the add-ons for this plugin are comparatively expensive.

7. Visual Form Builder

With this Visual Form Builder plugin, you can add form fields to your WP website with a single click, and then you can drag and drop the fields for reordering them. The free version of the Visual Form Builder plugin has limited fields. So if you want to include things like payment gateways and email capture, you will need to upgrade to the premium. However, both the free as well as premium has automatic updates that will keep your forms running well through each WP update.

8. Google Forms

Google Forms is yet another name in the list of contact form plugins available for WordPress. It is an easy-to-use and freely available plugin that you can use for creating online forms. You can generate responsive forms that work seamlessly across all the devices. It lets you easily embed your WordPress form in your site.

Though customization is fairly limited, you can still manage to add your colors and images to it. For embedding a Google form in your WP website, you will need to paste the HTML code provided to you. Google Form doesn’t include a widget or any shortcode option.

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