Top Listed Best Code Editors For WordPress Developers!

If you are looking for a help with coding and programming then code editors are perfect choice. But there are literally thousands of them. So, here’s the list of best code editors for WordPress developers. Choose any of them and you won’t regret!

1. Vim:-

WordPress is an amazing platform where you get freedom to customize. On other platforms it’s a choice between either freedom or tools. But at WordPress you can get both. Here you can easily code your website using the tools. But there’s something else that can help you make these codes more efficient.

As you know code editors play a vital role in maintaining the awesomeness of your website. Among thousands of code editors available online, Vim is the best. It ranks high in this ‘code editors for WordPress developers’ list.

Vim is a free code editor. It is created on the basis of older one VI. While using this code editor you will be able to make as many customization and automation as you want. This code editor for WordPress developers is made to make the functioning smoother.

It can function with multiple add ones and extensions for better productive results. Vim is known for its highly configurable system. It’s super portable too. This means it can work good with multiple operating systems and servers as well.

But we advice you to learn more about Vim before using it. This will give you an idea about how exactly it functions.

2. Light Table:-

After Vim the one which has an amazing functionality is Light Table. This code editor for WordPress developers will seamlessly integrate with your codes. This code editor is known for its light weight and handy management. It offers real mode of checking changes which makes it stand out in the list of code editors for WordPress developers.

If we are going to talk about the look of this code editor, then be ready to be amazed. Light Table is easy to use and customize. It is beautiful, eye catching, clear in design, it can embed any needed tool, has tons of extension options. It also has Windows, Mac and Linux support for the functioning.

You will be drowning with advantages with Light Table code editor. Most importantly you can do this without spending any money. Light Table is completely free code editor.

3. UltraEdit:-

On the third place in this code editors for WordPress developers list we have UltraEdit. This code editor is compatible with all the operating systems. It can work with Windows, Mac and Linux as well. It works so well with these that it’s highly recommended among the web developers.

UltraEdit has a big advantage of being multilingual. It can work efficiently with HTML, JavaScript, C/C++, JS, Perl, PHP, Python and more. It is a premium product. It is multi caret and multi select code editing solutions. It is packed with column codes if the horizontal edition feels like a misfit for you.

The UltraEdit has FTP, SSH, Telnet support capabilities and customizable user interface as well. You will also get benefits of code syntax highlighting, XML handing, powerful search for finding the files, expressions, file compare modes and much more.

4. Chocolate:-

We always give more attention to Windows users, but Mac users also face more difficulties with the codes. For Mac users Chocolate is the best. This code editor is specially made for only Mac users. It works fine with the Mac operating system.

This code editor is integrated with auto completion and live error checking. This will take off your work load and make the result error free. This code editor will collect all the features and tools to make them to the web developers. Chocolate is mostly known for the live error checking. But besides that it has a lot of other advantages.

This code editor boosts customizable snippets, speedy file navigation, code folding, different cursors, selections and more. Chocolate works really fine with all the programming languages. It works fine with PHP, C++, HTML, Python and more.

5. CodeAnywhere:-

In other code editors you might search for the necessary tools somewhere else. But at CodeAnywhere you can get everything at one place. This code editor is known as the go-to code editor for WordPress developers.

The CodeAnywhere will provide you cloud editor/IDE which you will be able to use from anywhere. You will be able to manage files on Google Drive, Dropbox and FTP server as well.

Here you can complete your projects in HTML, PHP or any programming language you are using. CodeAnywhere is quick with customization and versatile in usage. It will also suggest you the code completion with js, php, html and css.

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