7 Car Dealership WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Automobile Business



Are you in the car-dealing business and facing issues with your business website? Here’s the ultimate solution for you: We have encountered the most valuable range of car dealership WordPress plugins for you.

Building an entire empire in the car-dealing business is not something everyone can do. However, your website isn’t enough to keep your place up. You must be lacking somewhere and looking for the perfect game-changer, right?

The car dealership WordPress plugins are the ultimate solution you can’t miss out on. Plugins are already the most useful entities in WordPress for website enhancement. They are the tiny software modules that increase the functionality of your website. And so, we are here to bring you the utmost functionality with the below plugins.

Bringing the Top-Notch Car Dealership WordPress Plugins

1. Motors: Car Dealers, Classifieds, and Listings

The Motors plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/motors-car-dealership-classified-listings/) builds a massive bridge for you to reach your car dealership business website. Getting this plugin is an absolute pleasure, as it comes with the most comprehensive features. Converting your ordinary website into a spacious car-dealing website is the prime goal of this plugin. Car dealers and auto shops can take their businesses to new heights with this intuitive plugin. It is also a car listing WordPress plugin.

It sets a great stage to keep your business insights, car listings, and inventory on point. It's user-friendly and can be easily accessed by even non-developers. Also, you get to easily customize the look of your car listing and dealership features.

There is a panel of custom options for each listing you add, such as the title, description, price, and more. The simplified listing page will include the car's image, model, year of manufacturing, and more. But with this plugin, you can add more features to intensify its look and feel for customers. You can even add videos and live previews of the product listing to your portfolios. Overall, it makes car trading come out as the best thing you've never thought of.

Key features:

  • Well-organized auto listing
  • Customizing is easier for every bit of the plugin.
  • The addition of endless elements
  • User-friendly interface

2. Auto Listing Plugin

Bringing up another car dealership plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/auto-listings/) with top-notch quality features. Car dealers should not miss this creative plugin if they’re wishing for a business boost. The plugin forms a complete solution to what you are looking for in a professional car-dealing website. 

Not just the theme, but plugins even contribute to a business's reach. This is why the plugin aims to deliver the best quality features for auto-listing and car-dealing websites.

The codeless plugin comes with a fully user-friendly interface that even beginners can use. Managing and listing cars cannot be simpler when you are using this plugin. It's not just a specific WordPress theme; it works with every Car Dealer WordPress Theme you have. 

Its features include an advanced search panel, gallery views, maps, and more. You can also use the auto-populating feature for vehicle data and the lead-capturing elements. It is also mobile-friendly and can be easily adjusted to any screen with SEP optimization.

It further integrates with various elements of your website, including:

Contact forms, Google Maps, custom fields, templates, premium extensions, and more

Key features:

  • Perfectly coded interface
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO Optimization
  • Easy to customize

3. Car Dealer and Vehicle Sales WordPress Plugin

If you are looking to boost sales on your car dealer website, then don’t miss out on this free plugin. This car dealer and vehicle sales plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/cardealer/) is an iconic one that brings out the best in a business website. It comes with a robust interface, transforming an ordinary website into a professional dealing website.

Here, the interactive interface lets you manage, sell, and list cars and other motor products conveniently. Also, it comes with a sidebar panel featuring the best-selling cars with attractive images to display. You get all the features decked out for better navigation. Moreover, the interface can be fully customized, and various elements can be added without codes.

One of its best features is that it supports multilingualism with over 10 languages for your business website. It further matches your website’s look, including the galleries, sliders, and template pages. Ultimately, the plugin delivers what you’ve been wishing for your car-dealing business.

Key features:

  • Single-click demo importer
  • Flexible slider layouts
  • Multilingual facility
  • Easy to customize

4. Car Dealer WordPress Plugin Kar Dealer

Car dealing on your website cannot be easier when you have this Kar Dealer plugin (https://codecanyon.net/item/kar-dealer/20358873) with you. This is something every automobile website must have. It comes with the latest updated WordPress version, giving modern and enhanced features for businesses. This fully customized plugin allows you to add as many fields and elements as you want to your website without any code. This means that even beginners can sign up for the car-dealing world easily.

Not only this, but you can manage and customize the vehicle inventories from the dashboard itself. The best part is that its modern version supports the Gutenberg editor, enabling block editing. Other than this, car dealers and site owners have a separate admin panel to manage all the inventories. It further comes with three widgets that can be customized to meet user needs. What makes it more reliable is its fully responsive design, which is compatible with every screen.

Additionally, it provides flexible gallery sliders and calls to action, is multilingual, and more.

Key features:

  • Customizable interface
  • Responsive design
  • Multilingual support with six or more languages
  • Gutenberg Editor

5. CarDealerPress

CarDealerPress (https://wordpress.org/plugins/cardealerpress/) is another widely used tool to step up in the car-dealing business. If you have a car dealership website, then this plugin will count more heights. Getting this plugin is truly a blessing when it comes to proper functionality.

This free and open-source tool comes with a robust interface, filling the gap of a complete car-dealing business. You don’t need to rely on other plugins, as it forms a complete solution.

Its design and interface are unique and have always been loved by large franchise and small car businesses. It not only supports car dealer websites but also VMS, which is the DealerTrend Marketing System. That means marketing businesses can even use this plugin to monitor the top 100 car dealers. It also forms a reseller program for marketing websites that wish to integrate with car dealers across the US. Overall, it is an amazing plugin in terms of usability and functionality.

Key features:

  • Better insights for marketing agencies
  • Top-quality features
  • Supports small and large automobile businesses
  • Easy to install

6. Inventory Presser

Driving a car dealership website is not a crucial task when you have this Inventory Presser plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/inventory-presser/). Its developer-friendly interface supports endless features, boosting your brand's image on the web. The plugin comes with a pack full of features that support car inventory management. It professionally manages the inventory into lists, galleries, and photo sliders.

The installation is completely free and can be easily configured. Once you have the plugin, you can explore its wide range of Car Dealership Templates to build web pages. Not to worry, even when you are using any theme, it is compatible with all themes. Along with this, it is well-documented to support modern features as well.

The most interesting part is its integration with other plugins as well. It works well with WP Forms, Elementor tags, the Divi builder, the classic editor, and more. It even allows adding columns to post lists of vehicles, such as color, price, thumbnail, and more.

Key features:

  • Complete inventory management
  • Easy to customize
  • Simple installation
  • Supports the Classic Editor

7. Pro Car Dealership Plugin

Keeping your business on point by covering all aspects of digital marketing trends makes for a shiny presence. The same goes for the widely spread car-dealing business. You need to measure out so many things, from appearance to car listing, trading, and more. It sometimes becomes overwhelming to manage everything with a single hand. But not now; we have this Pro Car Dealership plugin (https://www.wordpressthemespark.com/pro-car-dealership-wordpress-plugin.html) that makes your work lighter and better.

Managing a car dealership business is its unique feature, which most people fall for. From car listing to car dealing, you have everything handled in a single plugin. Its easy installation allows users of any background to count their success stories. Plus, there is endless customization, including search fields, changing product locations, and more. You can even translate your website into any language with theme integration.

Key features:

  • Effective car listing properties
  • User-friendly design
  • Themes integration
  • Easy to customize

Guide on How to Install Car Dealership WordPress Plugins

Well, we have gone through all the plugins for car dealership business websites. Now, it's time to know the right installation process.

We have taken all the user-friendly themes and most of the free ones, so the installation is easier. Let us find:

  1. Reach your WordPress dashboard and tap the Plugins tab. The plugins page will appear with the already-listed plugins on your website.
  2. Simply Press the "Add New" button at the top of the plugins page.
  3. The plugin search directory page will appear. Here, you can search for the car dealership plugins in the search box.
  4. Suppose you are searching for the "Motors" plugin, then you need to type it in the search box. Once it appears, simply tap the "Install" button and then the "Activate" button.
  5. You will see the "Motors" plugin is installed on your website and is ready to configure.
  6. Similarly, you can install all the above plugins by following this same procedure.


Keeping your game on in this diverse car-dealing business is somehow crucial for most websites. However, the website design or the themes are not the end of this concern. You need modern functionalities that help gear your business toward success.

And the car dealership WordPress plugins do exactly what you’ve been wishing for. Getting one of the above plugins on your website is the complete solution to a perfect car-dealing website. Here, you get everything in a complete package.

You can manage the inventories and car dealers, customize your website, and whatnot. Everything just seems so easy when you have plugins on your website. So, you must thoroughly go through all the plugins and enlighten your car-dealing business.

The WP theme bundle is a curated collection of premium WordPress themes specifically designed to cater to the needs of car dealerships and automobile businesses. This comprehensive package offers a range of visually appealing and functional themes that seamlessly integrate with the 7 Car Dealership WordPress Plugins, providing a powerful toolkit to enhance and optimize the online presence of automotive businesses. With features tailored to showcase inventory, streamline customer interactions, and facilitate seamless transactions, this bundle ensures that car dealerships can create professional, user-friendly websites that not only attract potential buyers but also provide an intuitive browsing experience. From sleek and responsive designs to robust plugin compatibility, the WordPress theme bundle for car dealerships serves as a vital resource in elevating the digital presence of automotive businesses, ultimately leading to increased visibility and sales.

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