Some Built-in WordPress Options That Are Most Useful To You

Built In WordPress options: Earlier, when WordPress was new, many of you might have thought of it as just a blogging platform, right? But once you have started discovering more about the powerful built-in WordPress options, I am sure you might have been intrigued. Those who are still new to WordPress, are surely going to love this post as they will discover many in-built WordPress options that will make them fall in love with this CMS.

1. Customization And Theme Preview

Theme Previewer:

When you navigate to the manage theme area, you can see an active link given for activating ‘Live Preview’ and this is common for every theme. That link will take you to a preview page and will show you how your site is going to look once you apply the theme. While previewing a theme, all this can be seen only by you and not by the users. The currently activated theme is what the viewers will see through all this time.

Theme Customizer:

While previewing a theme, there is also a theme customizer that allows you to make the changes to your current theme with immediate effect. This gives you a much safer option as far as the look and feel of your site is concerned before you make the changes live. The live theme customizer allows you to change the following things:

  • Background Image
  • Header Image
  • Page Title
  • Tagline
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Navigation
  • Static Page (Front)

Once you have done the changes and if you are satisfied with them, then apply those changes on your site by clicking the ‘Save & Activate’ button. If you want to ignore all the changes, simply click on ‘Cancel’.

2. Youtube Video Embedding And Individual Tweets


embedding tweets can be very irritating for webmasters but it is an exception for those using WordPress. Embedding tweets in WP themes is comparatively simple as all you need to do is simply copy and paste the full URL of the tweet you wish to paste in the WP editor. This practice is easy and that is why many people prefer to go for WordPress than any other CMS.

YouTube Video Embedding:

embedding tweets has also made it simple for the WP users to do YouTube video embedding on their websites. You do not need to take any additional efforts to do YouTube video embedding as the process is quite similar to that of Tweet embedding. If you are thinking about adjusting other parameters such as the height and width of the videos, they can also be edited very easily.

3: HTML Editors And Image Captions

HTML Editors:

WordPress provides its users the ease of editing as it brings the ‘WYSIWYG editor’. WYSIWYG stands for ‘what you see is what you get'. This visual HTML editor is an incredibly useful tool and those who are already familiar with the word processor will be very comfortable while using this editor. However, if you are looking to obtain the best results, you need to know some basic HTML skills.

Image Captions:

Adding HTML to image captions is something that many webmasters are not comfortable with. This does not allow them to create the necessary links in the desired caption. For example, in order to give credit to a particular site for having taken the images, you would love to create links, but this was not at all possible before WordPress 3.4 was released.

4. Privacy Settings, Security, And Comments

Search Engine Privacy:

You will be able to access “Privacy” in the dashboard navigation bar setting tab and accessing this will allow you to set the privacy settings that are related to the website’s privacy concerns. Suppose, if you don't want the search engines to index your website’s pages instantly, you can choose the respective settings and ask them to wait. This is really helpful especially if your website is still underdeveloped and you have not finalized the content yet. You can take your time before finally indexing all the pages of your site and they can be found in search engine results.

Disallowing Comments:

For webmasters to have overall control over allowing readers to put up their comments over an article or post or not, Discussion is one of the popular screen options. The webmaster can also decide if they want to allow or disallow trackbacks for the posts. For disabling the comments, you need to uncheck the comments permission option in Discussion. There are times that you have the fear of receiving any unwanted, unnecessary, or negative comments on any of the posts. For such cases, the disallow comment option will be helpful.

Page Break:

It is better to break your posts into more number of pages if you have longer posts. Many people don’t know the page break built-in option in WordPress and they normally make use of external plugins for this. With WordPress, they don't have to do this anymore as they can readily make use of the WP HTML editor.

Read More:

if the front pages of your website are not set accordingly for giving the excerpts of your post, your entire post will be shown. That is why you need to give the instructions to WP for trimming the post at some specific point from where the reader can be moved to see the full post. You can do this with ease with the help of the “Read More” option without making use of the HTML editor.


The “Revisions” that you see on the screen options will help you save the revisions. This is a very useful feature of WordPress options using which you can automatically save the revisions. This means that if you wish to revert back something that you have recently modified, edited, or deleted from the earlier version. This saving of a draft copy is a useful feature of WordPress options especially for those who often forget to save the changes to the draft.

Post Box Size:

while toggling from the visual option to HTML, one thing that remains the same is the post box size. If you feel that the default size of 10 lines is small to fit your requirements, you need to change it and you can do this easily. You can see the “Writing” option under settings in the dashboard navigation bar. Using this, you will be able to increase it to 20 lines to perfectly fit everything including the images as well as texts.

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