20 Best WordPress Responsive Themes to Create Your Perfect Website



Almost 40% of the websites are laid down, and the cause is not responsive design. You must know that websites with responsive design generate more than usual traffic for your site. You must be amazed that 60% of the websites have raised their web appearance just by getting responsive design. And if your website does not support responsive design, then you must upgrade it now.

Simply know that people today are more on mobile than on desktop layouts. Since the rise of responsive design, websites are urged to apply it to their websites. Luckily, WordPress has made it possible by adding responsive design to their latest themes. If you are searching for the best responsive themes, then this is your way. This blog is a complete pack of the 15 best responsive themes to explore.

20 Best WordPress Responsive Themes for Responsive Websites

Let's explore some of the responsive themes for your website. Listed below are some of the best designed themes by VW Themes. VW Themes collection consists of some of the best WordPress themes with sleek design and functionality.

1. Influencer Agency WordPress Theme


The newly launched Influencer Agency theme truly relies on being responsive at the same time. It is professionally assigned to bloggers, creators, and agencies hiring them. Influencer agencies can get a big opportunity to get their businesses online without any developers. This premium theme brings you all the modern influencer agency feels for just $40. Its exemplary design stuns your influencer agency in such a way that it attracts more clients. It has a charming yet clean design that is easily caught by most of the clients. A fabulous range of templates helps your site set up without using any codes or developer help. It is integrated with WooCommerce, social media icons, and more WordPress plugins.

2. Christmas Holiday WordPress Theme

The premium Christmas Holiday theme is truly responsive, getting all mobile users to your online Christmas shop. The theme is designed to address online Christmas shops with amazing templates to offer. Its colourful homepage design comes with striking designs and user-friendly menus to add. Users with zero coding skills can also start bringing online Christmas shops for just $40. It gives you all the aesthetic feels with a complete package to offer. Its responsive design makes it one of the best responsive themes. Further, it has pleasing and user-friendly templates that are customizable. Plus, the theme is well-developed for SEO optimization and WooCommerce plugins. Social media icons help you get the best promotions for your site.

3. Car Dealership WordPress Theme

The premium car dealership theme stuns your car-dealing businesses with a responsive touch. Yes, this one of the best WordPress responsive themes is made to deliver the ultimate car-dealing feel. Those who have car-dealing businesses can truly trust this tool for a great boost to their businesses. The theme comes with a complete set of creative and robust web design features. It holds the most unique set of templates that are easy to customize. Woocommerce integration helps boost your business 5X better than usual. Inner pages for displaying products, blogs, and testimonials are supported by smooth sliders. These ultimately contribute to a skilled car dealership website.

4. SAAS Services WordPress Theme

A digitally certified SAAS Services theme creates a banger appearance for the SAAS Services website. This top-tier theme comes with a clean and professional interface for IT and software companies. It can be an ideal choice for startups, existing businesses, or entrepreneurs. Theme comes under the best responsive themes, giving a perfect mobile-optimized website. It additionally provides enticing templates with advanced features that users can fully customize. Even individuals with zero coding skills can design their SaaS websites without using any code. Plus, it integrates with Woocommerce and other plugins for extensive functionality. Social media integration is the best way to promote your site.

5. Hosting Services: WordPress Theme


Hosting Services WordPress Theme is a top-class theme suitable for web hosting and tech-savvy companies. Its clean and professional design creates a complete aura to easily display your hosting services. The theme works smartly, offering the finest features and templates for hosting services. The entire interface works on HTML and CSS factors, giving a customizable interface. Users with zero coding skills can even prefer this theme to get their hosting companies online. This best WordPress responsive theme is the ultimate game changer in terms of mobile optimization. Also, there is SEO integration, giving the best possible rank on search engines.

6. Landscaping WordPress Theme


The premium landscaping theme represents an incredibly designed tool for presenting online gardening practices. This elegant theme suits gardening businesses and blog websites perfectly. It comes with a clean and responsive interface that results in a mobile-optimized website. It holds the most enticing features that truly display all your gardening practices in galleries. The theme works on a fully customizable principle, offering unique features to explore. Beginners will find this theme amazing, as they can add or remove elements without any codes. It also comes with several custom widgets to display gardening practices or services. Gallery sliders and Woocommerce integration make your gardening business stronger. Plus, the social media icons will help you promote it on social media.

7. Premium Fitness WordPress Theme


The Premium Fitness WordPress Theme is a complete solution for an online fitness studio and blog website. It counts among the best WordPress responsive themes, giving the best mobile-optimized website. The design is completely user-friendly, so beginners can easily opt for it. Its robust design is truly commendable for a professional fitness business website. The theme also comes with a lot of WordPress premium templates with easy customization. This premium theme has a lot of integrated plugins for extensive functionality. Moreover, it has WooCommerce, which helps strengthen your business on the web. Smooth sliders and SEO optimization make your website stronger among search engines.

8. Lawyer WordPress Theme

The Lawyer WordPress Theme is a fast, responsive, and polished theme for legal websites. Any lawyer, legal consultant, or attorney can have a unique presence using this theme. It comes under the best responsive themes for getting the best mobile-optimized website. Its clean and professional design is true justice for your law attorney websites. Being fully customizable, the theme gives full control over adding or removing features from the site. It comes with different sections to add your consulting or achievements through galleries. The theme works faster than you have ever thought of getting the best user experience. It comes with a lot of templates filled with inner pages. Woocommerce integration helps you evolve well in the lawyer business.

9. Food Grocery Store WordPress Theme

Here is another best WordPress responsive themes and one of the most popular themes for online food shopping. If you are a grocery store owner, this is the time to expand your business using this theme. The theme is truly commendable, given the fast-responding interfaces with unique designs. It holds a clean and sophisticated homepage, highlighting your grocery services through widgets. Plus, the theme is fully responsive, resulting in the best mobile-optimized website. Grocery products are displayed well using customizable inner pages. The fully customizable theme lets users add their unique controls without any developer help. This user-friendly theme also comes with Woocommerce and more business plugins to add.

10. Health Coaching WordPress Theme


One of the best responsive themes is designed to support health coaching websites. We bring you the best health coaching theme that is sleek, modern, and responsive. The theme professionally suits health coaches, fitness centres, and health-oriented websites. You can even go for health coaching blogs, which have a separate section on this theme. The theme is completely customizable, and users with zero coding skills can also use it. It comes with a lot of clean and professional templates filled with a lot of unique features to add. It consists of various layout options that users can customize to their desires. Plus, it comes with WooCommerce for effective business turnover.

11. Medical WordPress Theme

A website serves as an effective tool for managing medical services. Here's another top WordPress responsive theme tailored for the medical industry. This premium medical WordPress theme aims to define online medical services. It suits hospitals, clinics, doctors, and all types of medical firms. It comes with a clean and fabulous homepage layout, designed with so many menus to offer. From there, users can easily find the best features to design online medical websites. Various plugins, like Woocommerce payment gateways and more further support it. Supported by Bootstrap, it gives a completely responsive website. Users with zero coding skills can even prefer to use this theme in their medical firms.

12. Restaurant WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes For Writers

The Premium Restaurant WordPress Theme is a top-class theme made for online restaurants and hotel websites. If you are searching for the latest themes for your restaurants, then this is your way. This Bootstrap-powered theme is a complete platter full of unique and mesmerizing features to add. It is tailored using the finest layouts and retina-ready images for the homepage. The theme is completely customizable, so users can easily control the appearance. Not only this, but the pre-made templates are also commendable in terms of functionality. Moreover, the theme responds faster and works professionally, relying on SEO standards. Gallery sliders and menu layouts make your restaurant services display well. Also, there is Woocommerce integration for effective business-running assets.

13. Photography WordPress Theme

Photography WordPress Theme is one of the most loved tools for photography websites. This is the chance for photographers to start their careers with a digital touch. It requires no coding skills or developer charges to get your photography business online. Getting a perfect web appearance is what this theme is made of. It comes with a colourful yet aesthetic appearance, with light and dark shades to customize. Not only this but the entire theme can be customized according to the user and their needs. It comes with an exemplary range of templates with pre-made inner pages to add. The best part is that it is completely responsive and cross-browser compatible too.

14. Event Planner WordPress Theme


The event planning business is experiencing a huge boom these days. And with so much workload to handle, you need a website that lightens up your stress. And without a doubt, this premium event planner theme is an ideal match for it. The theme is counted among the best WordPress responsive themes. So that clients can easily access your site on any screen size. Not only this, but its appearance steals the client’s attention at first glance. The theme further comes with a lot of premium templates and customizable layouts to offer. It supports WooCommerce. Social media icons and custom widgets too. There are pre-made inner pages so every event looks great on a separate page. Social media icons make it a perfect deal to promote your site well on social platforms.

15. Sports WordPress Theme

Getting an enthusiastic sports website is not a crucial task when you have this premium sports theme. This is one of the best responsive themes at an affordable price. It counts on the snazzy range of features suiting all sorts of sports business and blogging websites. The theme offers numerous premium templates that include pre-made inner pages. It enables easy display of any kind of sports service, sports product, or blog. It has robust support from Woocommerce and additional business plugins designed for sports businesses. SEO optimization is its specialty, so that your website shines on search engines. Its responsive design allows users to access the website on every screen size.

16. Consulting WordPress Theme

If you are a consultant, then this premium consulting theme can raise your business standards to higher levels. This is one of the best WordPress responsive themes and is a professional choice for all consulting websites. You can be a finance consultant, a property dealer, a business consultant, or a legal consultant. The theme suits you well and can set bigger bars for your business on the web. It is polished using the best retina-ready homepage display, filled with a lot of menu items to add. Its sidebar panel helps you dig out more exciting features that are easy to customize as well. Further, the theme is integrated with various business plugins, like WooCommerce. Social media icons further make your social appearance stronger.

17. Real Estate WordPress Theme


Getting a website designed for your real estate business is the smartest choice you can ever make. This one of the best responsive themes is on your way to delivering the best standards. The premium real estate theme is a top-notch quality theme with all the unique features for your business. It professionally suits realtors, real estate consultants, property dealers, and more. The best part is that it is attached to Woocommerce, making the best business tactics easily available. Plus, the theme has a sleek interface that is user-friendly too. Even beginners can find this a useful tool to bring their businesses online. Social media icons, SEO optimization, smooth sliders, and more features are added.

18. Recording Studio WordPress Theme

The premium Recording Studio theme is a world-class tool for having a music website. Its notch-quality designs are well-suited for all sorts of music and band websites. The theme is well-guided, using the finest templates and a retina-ready homepage display. The best part is that it comes with light and dark modes for an aesthetic feel. The entire theme is easy to customize without any codes. It comes with the WordPress new versions and stronger layout options. HTML and CSS codes let users add their creativity using the drag-and-drop feature. The theme further comes with various sections and web pages for an innovative look. Artist profiles, podcast shows, user profiles, and more sections can be easily added. It is further supported by WooCommerce and social media icons.

19. Newspaper WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress responsive themes gets the most stylish look for your online newspaper site. Yes, this premium newspaper WordPress theme is designed for online newspaper and magazine websites. The theme is aesthetically developed with the latest WordPress versions and features. It gives an enhanced look to your news site, keeping up the classy design. Moreover, the theme is said to be easy to customize so that users with no coding skills can use it. It has woocommerce integration that levels up news sites in terms of business. Social media is the biggest integration, letting your news site promote itself well. It supports gallery sliders, organized pagination, and custom widgets for the latest news pieces.

20. IT Company WordPress Theme


Presenting one of the best responsive themes that embraces IT and software firms. This premium IT company is an ideal choice if you are looking to settle your IT company on the web. The theme brings a lot of sleek designs and functional features to the table. It has an elegant and catchy homepage filled with lots of creative menus and a sidebar panel. It comes with a fully customized interface that is user-friendly too. Also, it holds the best templates that help in professionally displaying your company's services. The theme has a lot of functional plugins integrated, such as Woocommerce, translation, and more. There are smooth sliders that make navigation smoother. Responsive design and SEO optimization make your site’s appearance better on search engines.


Crafting a perfect website often hinges on choosing the right theme that resonates with your vision and objectives. In the vast landscape of WordPress themes, the top 20 responsive themes stand out as versatile tools tailored to cater to various niches and industries.

These themes serve as more than just templates; they embody innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're envisioning an elegant portfolio, a dynamic e-commerce platform, a captivating blog, or a professional business website, these themes offer a plethora of customizable options.

Their responsiveness ensures adaptability across devices, captivating users regardless of their chosen platform. Each theme within this curated list encapsulates a unique blend of features, from customizable layouts to integrated plugins, providing a seamless experience for both developers and non-coders alike.

VW Themes WordPress Theme Bundle is the best solution for you. If you are searching for best themes for your website, then VW Themes is your spot! Our bundle comprises of versatile themes that are compatible with various plugins, have sleek design and responsive.

In conclusion, the compilation of these 20 best WordPress responsive themes is a testament to the boundless possibilities available to website creators. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these themes pave the way for crafting your perfect website and establishing a compelling online presence. The power to create, customize, and captivate awaits within these themes, inviting you to embark on a journey toward digital excellence.

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