8 Best WordPress CRM Plugins to Boost Your Customer Management in 2024



For a business website to sustain itself in the market, building client relations is a must. This is the testing time for your business, whether the customers find the right thing on your site or not. Sometimes, customers lose interest or can’t find the desired thing on your site. It loosens your image on the web, and most importantly, you lose sales and performance on the web. Building strong relationships with customers is the only way your business can succeed on the web. To help out, WordPress brings you the best WordPress CRM plugins to boost strong customer relations on the web. A CRM plugin is a handy tool that helps your business website acquire good customer relations and marketing tactics too.

So, here we are introducing the 8 WordPress CRM plugins with different CRM properties.

Best WordPress CRM Plugins to Boost Sales in Your Firm

In the dynamic landscape of online business, integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools into your WordPress site can be a game-changer for boosting sales and enhancing client relationships. There are several impressive WordPress CRM plugins available that seamlessly integrate with your website, offering a streamlined approach to managing customer interactions, sales leads, and marketing efforts. To complement these powerful CRM tools, it's essential to invest in a visually appealing and responsive WordPress theme that aligns with your brand's identity. Consider browsing through reputable platforms such as VW Themes to buy a WordPress theme that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your site but also ensures a seamless user experience, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your firm.

1. Fluent CRM

Our top consideration in terms of the best WordPress CRM plugins is Fluent CRM. This is the ultimate solution to CRM and email marketing on your business website. It helps your site manage custom relationships, build email lists, run email campaigns, and more to raise conversion rates. It is even said to be a complete solution for advanced marketing on your site. The tool has a user-friendly interface that allows users to create email newsletters by simply uploading a CSV file. For this, it lets you store all the customer data in a single place and directly upload from it. It lets you schedule email campaigns and send automated emails, along with performance tracking. It tracks entire customer data, even from various plugins connected to your site. Moreover, it supports opt-in forms, built-in analytics, and separate dashboards.

2. Jetpack CRM


Again, we are introducing you to the highly impressive and finest CRM plugin, and that’s Jetpack. Though this is the newly launched CRM, it offers a complete set of fully optimized business assets. Generating leads is the prime focus of this tool, which has various other features to add. Also, it is said to be a complete analytics tool to track users' activity on your site. You can then apply actionable steps to create more user engagement using this tool. This is said to be a user-friendly tool that allows access to various assets right from the WordPress dashboard. As it is a helpful tool to track users, it lets you create contacts and view action history too. It even comes with various paid extensions, so users can customize the user experience.

3. Hubspot


Another best WordPress CRM plugins is coming to make your business website acquire good-quality users. Those with Hubspot accounts can easily use this plugin to connect with the WordPress dashboard. From there, it allows you to directly send contact information from the CMS to the contact management tools. You can easily engage more users on your site using free forms, email marketing, and live chat. Also, it requires no codes or extra learning skills to apply marketing tactics on the site. And to track the entire performance of the CRM and CMS right from the dashboard. It even integrates with various WordPress plugins like Zapier, Woocommerce, Gravity Forms, and more.

4. Zoho CRM


Now there is a tool specializing in lead capture and management for your site. This is a completely free tool that helps you build interactive web forms from your dashboard and drop them on the WordPress dashboard. However, you need to know that the plugin will not connect with the WordPress dashboard. Only the form builder will integrate with the WordPress dashboard to capture leads. Make sure you are acknowledged with the short codes while creating web forms. It further integrates with various tools like AI Live Chat, automated workflows, and in-depth reports. Overall, the plugin makes a huge impact on leads when connected to your website.

5. WP Fusion Lite


WP Fusion Lite is an excellent tool that is not purely a CRM but connects your site with the CRM system. The tool carries a special feature that automatically integrates CRM when a user registers on your site. Also, the same feature applies when a user makes a purchase or completes a course. Not only this, but this tool allows exporting customers to the CRM as contact records. Similarly, contacts can be easily imported as new WordPress users also generate passwords for them. Moreover, this best WordPress CRM plugins allows you to keep track of the user’s activity on your website.

6. CRM and Lead Management by Vcita


Introducing another best solution to turn heads when it comes to lead capture and management. The CRM and Lead Management by Vcita tool can be a game changer to not only capture leads but store customer data too. This powerful tool brings you more than you think of a business website. It comes with more potential opportunities, along with generating sales on your site. Everything about how customers interact with your website, including their activity, is tracked. Also, this tool keeps on encouraging clients to take action on your site. The tool is completely handy, so the owner can access it on mobile devices and tablets. It can even help in importing contacts from Google, Outlook, or Excel within seconds to the CRM.

7. Privyr CRM


Getting instant lead alerts is now easier using the Privyr CRM tool. This is an enhanced tool for your business website, alerting you to new leads. The special feature is that the alerts can be found on your mobiles, emails, and more. The tool even integrates with social media platforms, so alerts can be easily found. This tool also integrates with contact forms on WordPress so that you get instant leads. The tool can be found easily on the app to get instant lead alerts through WhatsApp, emails, and messages. It even works with popular WordPress contact forms like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Elementor, Divi, and more.

8. Groundhogg


Closing the list with the award-winning WordPress CRM and marketing solution. We are talking about the newly updated Groundhogg 3.0 version. This popular tool is in high competition with the wealthiest SAAS and email marketing solutions on the web. Generating leads using this tool is not a big thing, as this is the master of lead generation. Plus, it even helps in generating more sales and boosting leads on your site. The tool mainly suits you best if you are an agency, WordPress developer, CRM services provider, or more. It even uses drag-and-drop features to add various features, benchmarks, and actions to your site.


Getting the right CRM tool for your business website is not that crucial when you have this blog. After all, building customer relations is a pivotal step when you need to stay strong in the market. It opens up various opportunities for your business by multiplying sales and boosting performance too.

Therefore, we have made a comprehensive list of the best WordPress CRM plugins for you. Eight highly skilled and certified plugins will help boost customer relations and sales on your site. Not only this, the plugins allow for the creation of automated funnels and all sorts of marketing tactics. But, make sure that, while choosing the right plugin, you are bound by your budget and needs.

As you embark on optimizing your customer relationships, remember that a well-chosen WordPress theme plays a pivotal role in enhancing your website's functionality and aesthetics. To simplify the process, consider exploring a WordPress bundle that encompasses both top-notch CRM plugins and a versatile theme, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to customer management in 2024. Embrace these tools to not only boost sales but also foster lasting connections with your audience, driving sustained success for your business.

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