List Of The Best Payment Gateways For WordPress!

Business involves a lot of things. To earn more and more with your business you need to connect with more people. That’s why we have websites. But websites can also be a medium for gaining and managing expenses. You can make transactions through websites. It’s actually very convenient. You have to make sure that the financial transactions from your website are safe. If anyone bugs the process the viewer and you both can suffer great loss. In order to make this functioning better we have payment gateways. Here we are going to learn more about best payment gateway in WordPress websites!

When you open an online store for your products, the transaction can’t be done through cash. It will take a lot of time and man power as well. But the online store becomes more efficient with online payment service. Most of the online stores you visit have these services in their website.

These services are known as payment gateways. Woocommerce is the plugin that operates these gateways proficiently. While managing your WordPress website, make sure to have Woocommerce to make finances secure.

You will find plenty of payment gateways on the internet. But we have some points that may help you choose the right payment gateway.

  • Before getting any payment gateway, make sure its compatible with the WordPress platform. For this go to WordPress extension directory or in the ‘payment’ section. Here you will see if the WordPress version is compatible with your payment getaway.
  • How do you want your customers to use the payment getaway is another question. For this you can either add a checkout form in iFrame or redirect them to externally hosted checkout. This is the safest way to do the transaction.
  • You can add more than one payment getaway to make things convenient for users.
  • The Woocommerce payment getaway must charge recurring payments. It secures the transactions of subscription based products.
  • It should act as a market place which accepts payments on behalf of business owners selling their products.
  • It must have PCI DSS compliance.
  • The payment getaway should provide technical assistance and customer support. If something goes wrong you and the users will have proper help at the moment.

Now that we know what to look for in a payment gateway for WordPress; let’s look at some the best payment gateways in the market!

1. Stripe:-

It is one of the most preferred online payment service in the market. For several years it has maintained it’s place on the top. One of it’s premium features are clear commission structure, useful integration with all ecommerce systems and an intuitive interface.

Stripe is also known as the most developer-friendly payment getaway. It’s because of the customization service that it provides. You can easily customize your basic business needs into this getaway. It allows one time payments, bill customers regularly and also to customize a marketplace or to handle personal payments.

It is PSI DSS level 1 certified and issues SSAE18/SOC 1 types 1 and 2 reports. It is licensed for money transfer in USA, AFSL in Australia, Europe and in Canada as well. Stripe is PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication complaint in EU. It also works with more than 132 currencies.


Its one of the best payment gateway for WordPress. It’s also the oldest payment gateway. It has been working since 1996. That’s why it’s most trusted one as well. allows businesses to accept all kinds of payments online and in person.

It deals with the entire transaction process successfully. It has a lot of exciting features. works well with credit cards, contactless payments and electronic checks as well. It can be used for billing, setting up recurring payments and using simplified checkout process. also protects you from unauthorized charges or payment problems and frauds as well. It has high-level fraud detention system. It secures the customer data and helps you to tokenize all sensitive information.

The price for for businesses that don’t have a merchant account is 25$ per month with 2.9% + 30 c / transaction.

For businesses with merchant account it is 25$ per month with 10 c/ transactions.

3. PayPal:-

PayPal is a well known Woocommerce payment gateway. You must have heard about it many times. It is also a very large and multi-service company. They provide plenty of payment gateway options. Some of them are very basic with redirect options.

PayPal is an API based gateway which works fine with credit, debit card payments. It allows users to have their own PayPal accounts. It can be used for general payments or to split the bill with others. That’s what make it more desirable than other payment gateways in WordPress.

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