8 Simple and Best Header Designs for Website on WordPress in 2024



It all starts with the first impression when the user visits your website for the first time. There are approximately a few seconds that help the user decide whether to stay on your site or not. Well, it depends on the header design your website has. The header design is the foremost part when the user either clicks to explore or simply moves back. This is where the topic of discussion lies in finding the best header designs for website. The overall focus is on finding a compelling header design for WordPress that attracts users to your site. So, let us initiate.

What is a Header Design for WordPress?

Your website’s header design contains the most but also the least of your content parts. Don’t be confused; this is the upper part of your site with a banner type of display on your site. It can occupy the full or half of your homepage just to create a useful and attractive appearance. This is the place where the user gets to explore the entire site right from single clickable content elements. The header design is where you can place your niche logo with an underlined tagline to display. So, the header design must have a catchy presence that prompts users to explore your site.

What Content Elements Does the Header Design Hold?

The header design is itself a big thing when it comes to a niche website. This is the place where everything just begins for your website. So, the header section must be compelling, which makes navigation better for end users. You will find some header designs are just simple, having a mix of minimal colors. Some of them use images or transitions in the header section. Headers not just consists of image but also can have videos. Video headers are a new trend now a days. Such headers excite consumers and boost traffic. If you are using WordPress theme, it becomes easy to change the header image or to customize video header in WordPress site.

You must know the vital content elements that are useful in the header section:

1. Company Branding

The header design is always the top section of your site, just as your company brand should be. This is the best place where your company's brand can be easily identified on the web.

2. Call-to-Action (CTA)

As said, the header section is the primary place where users get to explore the entire website. So, call-to-action buttons must be included in the header design. With single clickable action buttons, users can easily explore various sections of the site. It may be in the form of a subscription, sign-up, or free trial button.

3. Navigation Tools

Your website’s header design must give the right directions to explore the website. So, the navigation menus must be in the header section. Make sure you are incorporating vital website pages like product pages, blog pages, contacts, or signups.

4. Search Bar

Most of the time, users simply want immediately what they are wishing from your site. And visiting every page or section becomes daunting for them. You can include a search bar option to make their searches easier and faster.

5. Minimal Text

The header design holds minimal space, so it is vital to keep the text size small and not occupy the entire header. As you need to adjust your company logo along with a tagline, make sure it is precise and smaller in size.

8 Best Header Design WordPress Themes for You

In your quest for the perfect header design for your WordPress website, exploring the diverse range of WordPress themes is essential. These premium WordPress themes not only offer beautiful header designs but also boast robust features and functionalities to elevate your site.

1. Garage WordPress Theme

We are heading with our first theme in the hunt for the best header designs for website. Here’s the Garage WordPress theme for online garages and motor repair stores. You can surely go with this if you are looking for the perfect place to start a digital garage store. The theme comes with a highly compelling and impressive design for your online garage store. The overall design is wow, but what matters is the electrifying header design.

Header Features

  • Yes, talking about the header, it is valuable to the peaks filled with various content elements to add.
  • The header is the only section where the website starts. So this theme focuses on delivering the most useful site elements, like navigation controls, a search bar, and more.
  • It comes with a customized logo underlined with a precise tagline. Also, you will find social media icons, subscription icons, language selection, a cart, and login control.

2. Political Campaign WordPress Theme

Bringing on another excellent theme with an impressive best header designs for website to showcase. This is the theme built for those associated with politics, social movements, and NGOs. The theme runs on the best design and user-friendly interface, so anyone without coding skills can design a website. The clean and compelling design makes it worth using for your political website. The entire interface runs on smooth sliders and sidebar options for easy navigation. It is SEO-optimized, woocommerce-compatible, responsive, and highly customizable.

Header Features

  • The header design of this theme is commendable, filled with clean and concise colors to use.
  • You can customize the entire header design by simply using the drag-and-drop facility.
  • Interestingly, when you are rolling on the site, the header design comes along for smooth navigation.
  • You can add your party symbols, contact details, and various navigation controls to it.
  • Also, there is a section where new users can join your party or donate right from the header area.

3. Multivendor Marketplace WordPress Theme

There is another widely used tool built for addressing e-commerce stores. The entire theme is spreading its way, and the credit goes to its unique design. It is made with captivating colors and clean backgrounds that level up the entire appearance. The theme is made for all sorts of e-commerce websites. Its unique slider and sidebar features make it more graceful and easy to use. And let me tell you, the entire theme is user-friendly and customizable. The WooCommerce plugin is attached to power up online businesses.

Header Features

  • As said, the entire theme design is colorful and filled with lots of creative elements. But what captures a lot is the header design.
  • Here in the header itself, you can have a complete tour of the site, as it is a complete directory for you.
  • You can browse different categories of your online store, along with the company logo.
  • Plus, there are icons representing user profiles, wishlists, carts, social icons, and more.
  • It is further summed up with search bars, subscriptions, and other company policies.

4. Job Portal WordPress Theme

When searching for the best header designs for website, you cannot ignore this Job Portal WordPress theme. The theme is not just sophisticated but follows a complete aura in the appearance part too. It is well-designed for job portals, consulting, and resume-building websites. The theme is fully user-friendly and follows a responsive design. It works on clean backgrounds with innovative transition features that gear up your online job portal.

Header Features

  • Its header design is made with sophistication and clean elements that look up to the site.
  • Minimal color schemes are applied that show your firm skillfully on the site.
  • You can customize the entire look of the header design by simply using the drag-and-drop facility.
  • You can customize its fonts, icon structures, your company logo, and more.
  • Apart from other header elements, the “Apply for Jobs” button is also there for your convenience.

5. WordPress Sports Theme

Introducing the WordPress Sports theme, made especially for sports enthusiasts and businesses. This theme can give a severe boost to your particular sports niche in no time. It is a complete mix of finely designed templates and customizable layout sections to add. The entire theme uses transitions and captivating media elements to level up its presence. Woocommerce and other plugins are highly supported when it comes to sports businesses.

Header Features

  • Talking about the header design, it holds one of the unique header designs with a video transition background.
  • The header area is simple, with minimal content elements to add.
  • Smart colors highlight the search bar, where you can easily find anything on the site.
  • Also, there is an Explore section where you can place your particular sports details. And there is customization to help enhance the overall presence of the header design.

6. Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

One of the most mesmerizing themes with unique and the best header designs for website is here. We are talking about the premium audio podcast theme made for podcasters, music, and radio websites. The theme is made with a husky, dark presence, giving it a complete aesthetic feel. It holds a unique slider and sidebar elements for your podcast content to appear well. There are various sections to add, like the podcast team, blogs, podcast shows, and more. And there is customization to the peaks that lets you add a creative touch without any codes.

Header Features

  • The header design of the wonderful theme also follows a husky, dark appearance with minimal content elements.
  • You will find your music company logo with a short tagline under it.
  • Then there are some single-click elements like wishlist, support, account, and signup options.
  • A search bar allows users to directly find their music or podcast right from the header section. Above all this, the user holds the right to customize the header design without any codes.

7. Kindergarten WordPress Theme

Bringing on another most qualified theme with the most creative header design for the website It can be none other than the kindergarten WordPress theme made for the kid's school and online stores. This theme comes with a bright, shiny appearance with cool and catchy colors to add. The entire theme captures a fine range of content elements for online kids and play-school websites. It is made with the Bootstrap Framework, giving a fully responsive website. There are templates filled with pre-built inner pages to add more functionality to the kid's site. Then there is Woocommerce and other plugins integrated.

Header Features

  • Its header design is quite simple but uses colorful and single-clickable header elements.
  • Your kid's school logo has a separate place in the header with a customizable search bar and social media icons.
  • Also, you will find minimal contact elements, or you can customize to add the address of your kid's school.

8. Bakery WordPress Theme

The premium Bakery WordPress theme is radiant and made to beautify online bakeries and cake shops. This is another most captivating theme with the best header designs for website. Its bright and colorful appearance perfectly portrays online bakeries and cake shops. You can have a complete business or online blogging platform in no time. The theme is made with the latest WordPress features and content elements to add. It uses quirky transitions to bring out the best of your bakery business online. Also, user-friendly features and sections are helping you figure out the best online bakery website for you.

Header features

  • Its header design has a separate fan base so that customers will surely visit your site.
  • You are getting a centered space for your bakery or cake shop logo, along with other elements to add.
  • The unique header design gives complete details to explore your bakery with a single click.
  • It further allows you to customize and add a stylish look to your header content.


So, did you find the best design for WordPress in our list of most qualified themes? Of course, you must have found the best one, as we have managed to leave no space for you to pick one. Finding the right header design for WordPress is again a crucial task, as you need both a perfect theme and a unique header. And again, you need to visit every theme and spend hours to find the best one. The header design is the first and foremost thing that impresses clients for the first time. This is the part where you can place all your website sections to be explored with a single click. So it needs to be perfect, right?

And we have encountered the finest WordPress themes with the best header designs for website. If you haven’t yet visited, then you must. To streamline your website design process and access even more versatile header options, consider investing in a WP theme bundle. With a theme bundle, you can unlock a variety of professionally designed templates, including headers, that are optimized for performance and customization.

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