5 Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins For Website Support

Interacting with your users or customers is a critical component of your website's progress. If you run a business website, you should not scrimp on customer care. Using the best free WordPress chat plugins, you can rapidly resolve the problem. You'll be able to connect with your visitors via live chats and chatbots once you've added them to your site. And in this way, you'll never miss an update from them, converting them into your devoted leads.


What Exactly Is a Best Free WordPress Chat Plugin, and Why Do Users Really Need one?

As previously said, a chat plugin is a plugin that allows you to add live chat or chatbots to your WordPress blogs. It is beneficial to strike up an immediate dialogue with on-site visitors or clients. This allows you to address their issues and answer their questions.

If you give excellent customer service, you will gradually earn more devoted fans. And it's an excellent approach to turn them into leads and grow your business.

Aside from that, the following are significant advantages of utilizing chat plugins:

Simple Installation and Setup:

 Simple Installation and Setup: Furthermore, being a free plugin, you'll simply need to install it and sign up with the appropriate credentials. The live chat feature will then display on your website.

Faster Responses and Efficient Service:

Live chats are the most efficient approach to respond or resolve any relevant topic. Furthermore, with an effective live chat service, you can manage several inquiries at the same time.

Real-time Problem Solving:

  Using the plugins, you may answer your clients' questions in real-time. Similarly, several of them allow for live screen sharing or broadcasting. It merely makes the procedure easier and more convenient for clients.

Traffic Tracking & Evaluation:

 The live chat plugins provide notifications when new visitors arrive. It also allows you to keep track of your active users and sometimes even see what they are typing in the chatbox.

Multi-Language Support:

 In addition to being simple and inexpensive, the plugins are multilingual. As a result, your communication will be instantly translated into the language of your foreign users.

Live chat enables you to give superior customer service by rapidly resolving consumer concerns. It can also increase conversions since it allows you to reply to sales inquiries in real-time, minimize buyer barriers, and give a comforting human presence until clients are ready to take out their wallets.

Now let’s move on to the best Free WordPress chat plugins list as these plugins provide a quality experience, performance, and functionality in the long run; hence, they are critical for a site that wishes to convert its users.

  1. Live Chat
  2. Tidio Live Chat
  3. Zendesk Chat
  4. Olark
  5. Formillia Live Chat

We should see them in detail:

1. Live Chat - WordPress Chat Plugins

As the name says, LiveChat is a highly useful live chat solution that is designed on offering everyone in the picture something that is quite simple to use. This is true for both your website visitors/customers and you.

On the user end, LiveChat welcomes visitors with a friendly chat box at the bottom of the page. That box is always visible and may be accessed with a simple click. Following the conclusion of the chat, your clients can provide comments and rate their experience with your representative. This Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins

also, give you a social network shout-out by using the share buttons contained in the chatbox.

2. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is one of the simplest live chat plugins to set up — simply enable it and you're good to go. The chat boxes are available in three different designs that may be fully color modified to match your identity.

Chats are managed using a Tidio Chat tab that can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard. You may also manage conversations by downloading a desktop, iOS, or Android app.

Offline communications are delivered directly to your inbox if you are unable to chat for whatever reason. Similarly, if a visitor exits the chat, the dialogue can be continued by email.

Also for Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins try our Membership Plugins For WordPress to develop your business and generate more money online, choosing the correct platform to construct your membership site on makes a major impact. Select the best plugins and create your website to increase your reach.

3. Zendesk Chat - WordPress Chat Plugins

Zendesk Chat is one of the most often used live chat platforms for WordPress users. It is simple to set up owing to a specialized WordPress plugin, which is free to download from the official repository. With gorgeous, configurable layouts and WordPress themes, Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins Zopim's chat boxes are among the most elegant you'll discover.

Simply enter the external Zopim Dashboard to answer visitor messages - if you want to view conversations on the move, you can even install a specialized Android or iPhone app. The dashboard is jam-packed with critical analytics that allows you to monitor chat performance, trace chat history, and learn about your visitors in real-time.

4. Olark - WordPress Chat Plugins

In this Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins Olark is a feature-rich live chat service. However it is not an excellent example of a WordPress live chat plugin in and of itself, it can be simply linked with your WordPress website via a simple widget.

  • To begin, you receive chat reports, which allow you to track conversation frequency, operator responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • CRM integration is available, with Salesforce, Highrise, Nutshell, and many more CRMs.
  • You may configure rules to hide and reveal the chat window, send messages automatically, and allocate chats to specified departments. Integration with helpdesks such as Groove, Desk.com, Zendesk, and others.

5. Formilla Live Chat

In this Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins Formilla is a fantastic freemium live chat application. When your website receives little traffic, you may trial Formilla for free — the free subscription includes one agent, one concurrent conversation, and up to 30 total chats per month, all managed using Formilla's own interface.

Premium users may access conversations via the Formilla interface, as well as the Android or iOS applications. Premium users may also take advantage of customizable chat boxes and real-time visitor tracking.

Proactive chat, offline email forms, and chat queues for when operators are occupied with other inquiries are also outstanding features. Also with this get to know how to Update WordPress Plugins every now and then to make them work smoothly. We have gathered all the points you should remember before and after updation of the plugins. After updating your website will perform like never before.


That brings us to the end of our list of the Top Five Best Free WordPress chat plugins. And, considering the majority of the live chat plugins offered have a free plan, there's no reason not to give one a go! This allows you to save money in the long term while still having an engaging and beautiful live chat plugin that does its function flawlessly.

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