17 Best Free AI Chatbot To Make Your Daily Tasks Easy and Efficient



Unfortunately, many chatbots aren't able to respond to original or novel inquiries due to the logic that underpins their conversational capabilities, which might frustrate customers and leave them waiting.

Fortunately, AI-powered chatbots are the next step in chatbot programming that can alleviate this problem. This article will explain what artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are, how they operate, and list 17 best free AI chatbot.

AI Chatbot Benefits:

Whatever your industry, having an AI chatbot on the website can have a lot of advantages. Here are several major benefits of chatbots:

Improved Experience for Clients:

AI chatbots offer instant responses, tailored ideas, and easy access to data. They are also available 24/7, so regardless of staff availability, your website may interact with clients and offer support at any time.


Managing client requests and problems can get harder as your company expands. AI chatbots are capable of handling several discussions at once, which minimizes the need for human interaction. This guarantees quicker reaction times and raises productivity all around. Additionally, they are scalable and able to manage high request volumes without sacrificing the caliber of client service, allowing your business to thrive.

Data Collection and Analysis:

AI chatbots are able to gather crucial client data like preferences, problems, and commonly asked inquiries. This information can be used to make wise business decisions, enhance goods and services, and strengthen marketing campaigns.

Lead Development and Assistance:

AI chatbots are able to qualify leads, offer customized service, and help clients at every point of the purchasing process. Conversion rates rise as a result, encouraging more meaningful encounters.

17 Best Free AI Chatbot For You

1. ChatGPT:

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 enable OpenAI's conversation chatbot, Best Free AI Chatbot ChatGPT. It converses with customers through a typical chat interface, and its real-time responses are produced by deep learning systems that examine and pick up on past exchanges.

ChatGPT can produce meaningful and cogent responses from prompts in a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, service to customers, and more, because it was pre-trained on an extensive dataset. Apart from conversing with you as well, it may additionally develop and debug code, solve equations, and solve difficulties.

Users of ChatGPT can use it for free or for a fee, with no usage limits. Faster responses, priority access during times of high demand, and exclusive access to GPT-4 are just a few of the benefits that ChatGPT Plus members get to enjoy.

2. Bing Chat:

Best Free AI Chatbot Bing Chat is often referred to by Microsoft as an AI-powered search engine assistant. By providing users with a single, complete response, it broadens your area of search by aggregating the most relevant search results for your query. It also lists the sources from which it obtains its data.

Some of you may also ask Bing to make an image of everything you like using its image creator tool. For the precise image users want, you can even provide information like adjectives, locations, and artistic styles.

To get the most out of Bing, be explicit, request explanations when necessary, and let it know how it can be made better. In order to understand exactly how Big can assist you with anything and what its limits are, anyone can also ask it questions about how to use it.

3. Jasper Chat:

Users may integrate AI into their writing and editing processes with Best Free AI Chatbot Jasper Chat, which was developed with enterprises in mind. It may assist you with generating ad copy, creating blog titles, editing text, coming up with ideas for fresh material, and much more.

Jasper, in contrast to ChatGPT, obtains its knowledge directly from Google to guarantee that you receive the most correct information. The material it creates for you looks less robotic and more human since it learns the voice and style of your brand.

4. Bard:

Google's Best Free AI Chatbot Bard is an AI chatbot with multiple applications that can produce text and voice responses in over forty languages, write code, draw graphics, solve arithmetic problems, and more. It is one of the best live chat software.

Bard's proficiency with text is one of its advantages. It can be used for creating and revising documents, including resumes, cover letters, and emails. Because it was made by Google, it also has exports for different Google applications, such as Gmail and Google Docs, and a "Google it" button to help you discover additional information regarding a certain issue.

5. Perplexity:

Best Free AI Chatbot Perplexity is an AI chatbot that functions as a conversation search engine and is powered by GPT-3.5. Its purpose is to provide users with quick solutions to their problems by gathering information from the internet and linking to its source material.

Perplexity is quite simple to use and doesn't require any setup. Simply enter your keyword of choice into the search field on the website as well as the mobile app, then click the blue "Search" button. After that,

6. Tidio Lyro:

Small and medium-sized enterprises were the target market for the conversational Best Free AI Chatbot Lyro. By having individual conversations with customers, it frees up customer support employees' time.

Lyro picks up your company's knowledge base right away, enabling it to begin handling customer concerns as soon as possible. It also avoids hallucinations by staying within the boundaries of the information you supply. Additionally, it will refer a question to a human representative if it is unable to respond.

7. Kommunicate:

Kommunicate is a human-chatbot hybrid system that helps businesses provide greater service to clients and engagement.

The platform assists companies with building best free AI chatbot and handling client communications via email, messenger apps, and websites.

Though you can teach your Kommunicate chatbot for different purposes, once it is unable to respond to a question, it is programmed to forward the conversation to a client support agent automatically.

8. Intercom:

Fin is a conversation AI technology from Intercom that helps companies automate chats and offer customers an individualized experience at scale.

Fin, which is based on ChatGPT, enables companies to use Intercom's tools and APIs to create best free AI chatbots of their own. It responds to consumer inquiries using the knowledge base of your business and offers connections to the referenced articles.

Fin can answer questions for you if you don't grasp something, in addition to conversing with your clients. It notifies a customer service representative to assist in solving complicated issues if it is unable to do so.

9. ChatSpot:

To support the growing needs of your company, it combines the features of ChatGPT with special data sources. You can use Best Free AI Chatbot ChatSpot's numerous prompt templates or enter your own questions to discover answers for a variety of problems, including prospecting, SEO, content authoring, and research.

Even though ChatSpot is free for everybody, using it in conjunction with HubSpot allows businesses to make the most of its potential. Users can use it to automate processes like task and contact storage.

10. Watson Assistant:

IBM Watson Assistant is a best free AI chatbot that makes excellent suggestions for further education so it can do its job better. While its entity ideas point out topics that already exist but require additional in-depth exploration, its intent suggestions highlight topic clusters that ought to be added to the system.

Watson Assistant gives users important details since it is trained using data specific to your organization and industry. It is able to operate on your mobile app, customer support tools, messaging systems, and website. Additionally, the low-code technology chat builders let you get started immediately.

11. Drift:

Drift is a conversation bot that uses automation to let you interact with website visitors depending on their actions. Using the help of its intent recognition features, Drift is able to decode open-ended inquiries, ascertain the information users need, and either forward the discussion to the proper team or offer a pertinent response.

Drift can tailor website experiences for users according to their surfing habits and previous interactions due to its artificial intelligence technologies. It can qualify leads and schedule meetings with ease.

12. Infobip:

With a drag-and-drop builder, Infobip's chatbot is best AI tool for 2023. It enables you to create the conversational structure of your dreams. It lets you build intent-based chatbots as well as rule-based ones. The latter leverage AI and NLP to comprehend user intent, analyse data, and approximate human communication.

Additionally, Infobip offers Experiences, a chat cloud driven by generative AI that is presently in beta. It comes with a guided UI, analytics tools, connections, and customer experience templates in addition to the artificial intelligence (AI) generative chatbot.

13. LivePerson:

The best free AI chatbot at LivePerson relies on more than 20 years' worth of message transcripts. Besides managing incidents and offering employee support, it may respond to customer questions, set up appointments, recommend products, and advise updates.

Extended messaging conversations can be supported by this AI chatbot, enabling users to carry on conversations for an extended period without losing context. In order to ensure a seamless handoff and provide the information the bot collected all throughout the chat, it can also, when necessary, transfer discussions to actual customer support representatives.

14. Appy Pie Chatbot:

Appy Pie's Chatbot Builder stands out for its no-code approach, enabling users to create diverse conversational chatbots effortlessly. Businesses can engage with customers, automate tasks, and provide support seamlessly, all without requiring coding expertise. The platform's user-friendly interface simplifies both chatbot creation and deployment, catering to a wide range of businesses.

Moreover, if you're seeking a virtual assistant WordPress theme to complement such AI capabilities, consider exploring our curated collection. Our WordPress themes are crafted to enhance the functionalities of virtual assistants like Appy Pie's GPT-4-powered AI. These themes offer seamless integration options, ensuring a visually appealing and highly functional website that efficiently supports customer care processes.

With our virtual assistant WordPress theme combined with Appy Pie's powerful AI capabilities, businesses can deliver knowledgeable and prompt responses to customer inquiries, thereby enhancing overall user experience and streamlining customer support processes.

15. Zendesk Answer Bot:

Zendesk Answer Bot uses data to facilitate high-quality, multichannel discussions by integrating with your knowledge base. The customized best free AI chatbot creation tool from Zendesk, called Flow Builder, removes the need for code. Additionally, you are able to easily alter your bot to ensure that you are constantly providing solutions for your clients.

Standard chatbot features are included with all Zendesk Suite plans. On the other hand, Zendesk's Advanced AI is available as a $50 per agent/month plan add-on. Powerful bots, intelligence triage, intelligent understanding and proposals, and macro recommendations for admins are all included in the add-on.

16. Ada:

Ada is an best free AI chatbot that works automatically on widely used platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat. It can speak over 50 languages. Large models of language (LLMs), on which it is based, enable it to recognize and produce text in a way that is comparable to that of a human.

It's best drag-and-drop builder helps you quickly educate your chatbot with sophisticated concepts and doesn't require any coding. In this manner, you are going to be able to pay more attention to in-depth work and spend less time refining your chatbot.

17. Salesforce Einstein:

All Salesforce products have been fully incorporated with Salesforce Einstein, a talking bot. It may offer assistance, carry out specific transactions, and respond to everyday inquiries in a conversational way. It is also bilingual, which makes it simple to expand your customer support services globally.

Salesforce users may take maximum advantage of the capabilities of their CRM by integrating Einstein Bots with their Salesforce Service Cloud in a smooth manner. In the Service Cloud environment, bots are able to modify records, retrieve customer data, and start workflows. This gives an accurate representation of interactions with clients.


In conclusion, these 17 free AI chatbots offer exceptional capabilities to streamline and enhance your daily tasks. From customer service support to organizing schedules and answering queries, these chatbots excel in making your interactions more efficient.

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