Angular Vs React Vs Vue | What Is 2022's Best Choice?

Over the years developers have been going back and forth with their choices between between Angular vs. React in their projects. However, we have noticed an increase in interest in a third player named Vue.js over the last several years. JavaScript is the core of application development, yet most software engineers are in encircled with facing debates concerning which are best suited with their  projects. This article will enable us to make a conclusion about the best among the three: angular vs react vs vue 2022, when you're a developer who starts a project and cannot select which JavaScript framework to be using.

This post is also basically a detailed guide to deciding which solution is best for you: Angular vs React vs Vue, all of these frameworks are component-based and that basically enables the user to quick development of UI functionality. However they still do have some distinction, So lets find them out. Also, have a look at WordPress Themes by VWTHEMES for amazing designs for your websites.

In Terms Of  Features: Angular Vs React Vs Vue 2022

The Front-End Framework that is used should be able to execute certain functions for more advanced apps that improve efficiency and scale better. Server-side rendering (SSR) and virtualization are two critical technologies.


With the official ReactDOMServer package, React provides server-side rendering. You can use a popular third-party solution called React Virtualized to virtualize your application.

In Vue

As well as the official SSR package, the Vue Server-side rendering is supported. Moreover, the Nuxt.js framework built on top of View and supporting SSR can also be used. Vue Virtual Scroll List is the most suitable way to virtually scroll, although it is not as stable as the React and Angular solutions.

Angular features got an official SSR Angular Universal package and a formal virtual scrolling component for huge lists.

In Terms Of Performance: Angular Vs React Vs Vue 2022


In terms of performance, React and Vue are equivalent since they share the same architecture, i.e., interaction with the DOM. Reaction web development performance may be evaluated as follows:

  • Provides bundling and as well as tree-shaking — an important feature for lowering end-user resource requirements.
  • Provides improved project control thanks to single-way data binding support. Best suited for sophisticated applications that necessitate regular changes.


Angular's performance has several aspects that are efficient. It Provides effortless collaborations of third parties to improve product/application efficiency. Angular offers a rich feature group that simplifies the authoring, alteration, and use of the code while also providing faster load times and more security. Angular also allows the user for the usage of dependency injection as external parts for decoupling components, allowing for reusability as well as simplicity of management and testing. Angular also reduces the first time a web page is loaded by dividing the operations insensible parts.


Vue is incredibly quick. Some measurements of its performance are:

  • Curve of quicker learning
  • Simple application efficient 
  • High-end features of versatility.

In terms of their Benefits: Angular Vs React Vs Vue 2022


React enables to enhances productivity and simplifies continuous maintenance while offering faster rendering. Also ensures that the code is reliable. It enables great performance of difficult application. It's friendly to SEO and has a handy toolkit for developers.


Comprehensive knowledge of designs, interfaces, boots, or insights on structure, components, and interactions between components:

  • Binding of smooth double-way data.
  • Architecture of MVC.
  • The system is included in the module.
  • The initial load time of a web page is significantly reduced.


Vue Small size allows simple configuration process. Also Vue can be reused if it is properly harnessed. As it is virtual, Vue.js allows you to update items on a web page without having to render the entire DOM. It necessitates less optimization.

Encourages web application development as well as helps professionals to decouple template-to-virtual DOM from the compiler. Vue also has proven versatility and adaptability.

In Terms Of Technology: Angular Vs React Vs Vue 2022

Angular, reacting and Vue can all be utilised to construct advanced web applications called PWAs. Premium WordPress themes and pre-made applications can also be found for each frame, however Angular and React offer more premium alternatives than Vue.


In the field of the construction of progressive web applications, React is acknowledged as an outstanding product with its generator "Create a new react app" with all its endeavours to establish PWA a new Web benchmark. React is so widely known with PWA developers is because it makes development more flexible while on the other side its not like Angular as it's a full-fledged framework. 


In Angular Vs React Vs Vue, Angular is a terrific framework to work on as it is  totally compatible with projects made with different frames in each angular part. The entire Angular process is however made simpler because it is designed to keep you out of trouble of working with repetitive, dull assignments.

Advance time (AOT), which enables quicker application rendering through Angular HTML and TypeScript code conversion into efficient JavaScript code before the browser is downloaded and running the app, also notably benefits from its unique compilation method.


The way Vue supports conventional web technologies — HTML and CSS — is where they vary, although React takes a more advanced route, using JavaScript in particular. This is also why frontal learners would find the time to learn and build PWA in Vue more comfortable, thereby forgiving newcomers for the learning curve of the Vue.

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What Does Future Look Like And Their Purpose

Even though it difficult to be able to forecast what is unfolding precisely, continued development is a solid signal of their longevity in the future. let's examine at each framework: Angular Vs React Vs Vue 2022


In React v17.0, you could update part of your  project work without updating it entirely, you can upgrade just a few sections from the previous version to the newer.

You can use the previous version to keep this function operational when your application relies on changes or gets discontinued with the current release. This improvement makes React an excellent choice for the long run because it makes keeping up to date with new versions straightforward as well as simpler. React in weekly npm downloads has increased by 44% but  It is still the most dropped in raw numbers.


The Angular solution offers software upgrades often , which incorporate new functionality 

Angular's weekly downloads have increased by roughly 50percent in terms since last year, indicating that it is still a popular project.


The weekly downloads from Vue have increased by 87% since last year. Vue is relatively rapidly growing. If Vue can maintain this rate of growth, it will surely soon exceed Angular.


Angular vs React vs Vue 2022 all grow quite actively. They produce fresh and up-to-date versions often. Since the existing support is high in each situation, any of these frameworks can be used securely. Also must remark that Angular does not expand as quick as last year, but Vue – while it has begun recently – appears to grow fast.

We cannot anticipate which frameworks will be useful in the long future as previously indicated, but each project is backed by a vast audience and always improving and developing the software.

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