10 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins for Secure Link Management


Long and cloaked affiliate links nonetheless appear suspect to the majority of visitors. Fortunately, there is a simple fix that can raise the rate of clicks through (CTRs) and stop hackers from stealing your commissions:

Cloaking links.

Anyone can use a variety of WordPress plugins to "cloak" or change the links to your affiliates with smaller, more secure, and reliable-looking equivalents. But it can be challenging to find effective affiliate link cloaking plugins. We've got you covered up therefore, do not worry. Here is a hand-curated selection of the top WordPress plugins for affiliate link cloaking.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Link Cloaking:

1. AAWP:

Among the most frequently suggested affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress is AAWP, yet lists of "the greatest ad-cloaking WordPress plugins" rarely include it. But it's easy to figure out why since the plugin has a variety of uses and its features page glides over its remaining URL cloaking functionality.

The premium plugin stands out from other plugins because of its well-executed geotargeting and textual link modification options. But the plugin does a great deal more than that. It was created specially for Amazon affiliates, giving them the ability to include comparative tables, product cases, bestseller lists, fields for information, and much more to help advertise products.

The plugin includes click and event recording capabilities, and its cache capabilities speed up redirects. It is well worth the expense because of the variety of conversion-enhancing features and the adjustable product display layouts.

2. Pretty Links:

Building a website that continually produces traffic renders managing content and links a greater challenge than gathering products and curating material. Another well-liked plugin that lessens the work involved in maintaining a website and helps you make sure you're not leaving cash on the table is Pretty Links.

You may easily shrink, conceal, track, and distribute hyperlinks with the help of the plugin, which is also simple to install. Because it allows users complete control over the way they look and the redirection of your links. Users can set links to perform conventional server-site redirects, such as 301, 302, and 307 reroutes, with only this one plugin.

Users may also create links that perform meta-refresh redirection and JavaScript redirects. If compared with Thirsty Affiliates, the plugin has the same powerful analytical and reporting capabilities. It also includes a feature that automatically adds affiliate links. But certain features distinguish Pretty Links. All of your websites and articles can have short links generated immediately, and you can configure it to share a certain message each time a new post is automatically published.

It is obvious that Pretty Links is a better fit for bloggers who concentrate more on creating material than managing it. We do not wish to add to the discussion between Pretty Links and Thirsty Affiliates. It's difficult to establish who will succeed in the Thirstyaffiliates vs. Pretty Links contest, but Pretty Links is ultimately a feature-rich, flexible solution that simplifies link masking and management.

3. ThirstyAffiliates:

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Among the most reputable affiliate link-cloaking sites in the market is ThirstyAffiliates. It's used by more than 443,000 WordPress websites to control their affiliate relationships. The plugin makes it simple to hide lengthy affiliate links and lets users automatically add links from affiliate sites to your website.

For example, with the Autolink Keywords tool, adding links for affiliates to the entire site is as easy as typing in the keyword or the link. For conformity to the terms of service associated with your affiliate network, users can also, as an alternative, uncloak hyperlinks. The benefit of the plugin is that it handles challenges you will have later on, particularly link-fixing. One of the main reasons for lower commission earnings is broken links.

Using the user interface of the link-fixing software provided by ThirstyAffiliates, you can make certain that all of your hyperlinks are constantly current. Additionally, the plugin provides straightforward chart and table reports that offer a wealth of insightful facts. You can elect to get routine admin email reports as well. It is one of the most effective affiliate plugins accessible thanks to other capabilities like the automated 404 checker, geographical link generation, and third-party importing.

4. Geniuslink:

Geniuslink interacts with affiliate aggregators and serves the majority of the top affiliate networks. Support for the network won't ever be a problem. The auto-affiliation, auto-localization, and connection monitoring of health abilities of the programme, nevertheless, really stand out to me.

Geniuslink makes it simple to develop Choices Pages that let visitors choose where they would like to make a purchase in addition to providing short links, which are simple to create. But wherever they buy from, you are paid. It provides a tone of reporting features, and its retargeting and A/B testing capabilities make it easy to boost conversion rates.

5. Amazon Link Engine:

For good reason, hundreds of thousands of Amazon affiliates use the Amazon Link Engine to disguise their links. The plugin significantly reduces the amount of labor required to conceal your links. All of your website's Amazon affiliate links are instantly localized after installing the plugin. No additional setting needs to be made when adding new links to your website; they are immediately cloaked.

Despite being a free plugin, the plugin has various drawbacks despite being highly helpful. Before creating a Genius link account, users are unable to monitor the links they create with the plugin and receive foreign commissions from affiliates. The plugin, however, has some of the most beneficial reporting features in the business.

The effectiveness of the affiliate links on your site can be evaluated using a variety of indicators. Additionally, we can view the region and the device from which you're receiving the most clicks, as well as which goods category and referrer offer them the highest commissions. The plugin can be used without creating an Amazon Developer account and requesting access to Amazon's API.

6. Simple URLs:

Having a tool that doesn't need much setting can occasionally be a blessing because managing an affiliate website involves an array of different responsibilities. The simplicity of Simple Links is what sets it apart. One of the explanations for why developer Nathan Rice's Genesis Framework is so well-liked is that he has a flair for straightforward and practical features.

Though mathematically a URL administration interface, the plugin is fairly basic. Utilizing particular kinds of posts and 301 redirects, users may use it to generate, manage, or track links to affiliate programmes (or any other type of outbound connections). By completely ignoring page-based links, the plugin stores visit counts and prevents issues with permalink conflicts.

Although We like the plugin's simplistic style, We also like how it allows users to modify URL architectures with little effort. We may suggest the plugin to anyone trying to simplify their link cloaking process because it makes up for what it lacks in capabilities with its simplicity and ease of usage.

7. EasyAzon:

EasyAzon is comparable to AAWP in that it is a complete package as opposed to a simple plugin. It was created for Amazon affiliates, just like AAWP. Downloading it gives you the ability to quickly and easily cloak affiliate links. However, the plugin's ability to add picture links, CTA hyperlink buttons, and product data blocks directly from the WordPress article editor is what We find appealing.

A number of helpful features are added to the plugin's remarkable suite in the Pro version. Another of the greatest affiliate link cloaking WordPress affiliate marketing plugins currently available, it gives users access to automatic link cloaking characteristics, product pop-ups, auto-link translation features, and many other features.

8. Auto Affiliate Links:

Auto Affiliate Links is the solution for you when you would like to reduce the amount of labor involved in maintaining your content but are afraid of hiring a company to handle your affiliate links or content.

You are not even required to set keywords because affiliate links will be automatically added to your articles. The plugin is compatible with numerous affiliate networks, including ShareASale, eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, and CJ.

We like the fact that this plugin gives you some control over the connections on your site, even though link addition is automatic. The "General Settings" page of the plugin allows you to manually set links and keywords. The number of links to affiliate sites on particular articles can be limited, and concealing all of your connections only requires that you tick the box that applies.

9. WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links:

Datafeedr.com designed and continues to support the WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links plugin. The business is dedicated to offering WordPress users the top affiliate store plugin for their WooCommerce-powered e-commerce websites. It goes without saying that this plugin works well with affiliate shop websites built on the WooCommerce platform, but it might still be useful if you manage a blog.

The plugin's user-friendly interface makes cloaking any external links a breeze. Anyone can set your redirection links' status codes to 301, 302, or 307 using the plugin's configuration options. Your robots.txt file can now be disallowed to ensure that bots cannot follow your affiliate links thanks to the plugin. But the feature of the plugin that makes me like it the most is the ability to create unique categories and structures that enable you to create veiled links that enhance the information on your website.

10. ClickerVolt:

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Because it lets you track each affiliate link or ad link, the ClickerVolt website is special. For affiliate advertisers who want a single plugin to handle all the tracking, that makes it great. The plugin provides information about specific visitors, allowing users to determine the visitor's gadget type, language, and place of origin.

It's simple to cloak links, and you can split-test URLs, which is useful if you're conducting paid advertising campaigns to increase conversion. You can't go wrong with ClickerVolt because it is free of charge and because it integrates with so many ad and affiliate networks.


Enter your WordPress admin panel and choose the 'Auto Affiliate Links' menu. Include any number of keywords along with the links to your affiliates. For each affiliate link you wish to display, follow these steps: Choose the maximum number of links that should be included in each article, as well as whether you would like the hyperlinks to be no follow, cloaked, or opened in a new window.

Link cloaking is a method of hiding a link's source URL by masking it. As a result, the website will seem cleaner, and the links will be shorter. It's a typical marketing strategy that helps develop business-oriented websites and internet businesses.

WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaking Methods

  • Install and make Pretty Links active.
  • Build your cloaked link.
  • Select Qualities for Your Cloaked Link
  • Set professional preferences for your cloaked link.
  • Your cloaked link can be added to a WordPress page or post.


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