5 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress



Are you discovering the finest Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress websites?

If yes, then here you can stop your journey and take a halt to select the best one that can skyrocket your business and generate massive business revenue.

Become a business partner with the top brands and earn money with them.

WordPress Affiliate Marketing is the strategy that creates a chain of affiliates that functions to create brand value and expand the business worldwide quickly.

Today, we will be discussing some influential and feature-rich Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress that work to manage affiliate programs.

Before proceeding, we wish to share some primary knowledge about Affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents:

  • Definition and Function of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to select the best Affiliate Marketing plugin?
  • Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What does mean by Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a program under which you can connect with a particular organization, and promote and sell their products or services. In return, the organization rewards you with a commission. So you will become an affiliate of the organization. There are certain links for selling products.

When any of the users complete a purchase with your tracking link, then you get a commission. It’s a win-win business strategy that grows commerce and builds a brand among a worldwide audience. In this way the Affiliate marketing functions.

If you are a big eCommerce organization, and willing to connect to your affiliates then you have to create and maintain healthy relations with them. Also, you need to keep them satisfied by issuing exciting commissions.

Points to keep in mind while picking an affiliate plugin

  • Add affiliate links to your articles and pages with ease.
  • In your WordPress dashboard, you can create, store, and manage affiliate links.
  • Make it simple for both you and your affiliates to utilize so that you can establish a loyal following.
  • Keep track of your top-performing affiliate promotions.
  • Keep track of who clicks on your call-to-action buttons.
  • Create shareable referral links that may be shared outside of your website, such as on social media or podcasts.

We hope you have got the points. Now let's move on and check out the significant collection of Affiliate Marketing Plugins.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Let us describe the authoritative Affiliate Marketing Plugins that you can compare and decide which to pick for your eCommerce website. Here we go into the details of this matter and start to understand each plugin in deep.

1. Affiliate WP


AffiliateWP (https://affiliatewp.com/) is the number one leading Affiliate Marketing plugin. It is a high-powered and feature-rich plugin. It allows you to create countless affiliates and creatives to deliver an effective and faster outcome in the form of a promotional website.

An advanced affiliate and referral tracking in the plugin enables you to track referrals to your WordPress forms or configure a pay-per-lead affiliate program in WordPress.

Main Features:

  • Seamlessly connects with tons of tools, including WPForms, the top-notch contact form plugin in the world.
  • Manage to approve requests manually or automatically to permit uncomplicated affiliate registration. It saves you time and people can continue their affiliate area right away.
  • Hold on top of your affiliate campaigns with at-a-glance reporting and graphs in real-time.
  • It generates its own referral links with the help of a built-in referral link generator.
  • Easily transfer the payments of your affiliates directly to their bank accounts or debit cards in a few clicks.

Price: Starts at $149.50/year


The second position in the list of Affiliate Marketing Plugins is occupied by the widely used and well-known Pretty Links plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/pretty-link/). It replaces the long and ugly affiliate links with easier-to-remember URLs. The plugin helps you to insert the links to your posts in just minutes.

Main Features:

  • A beginner-friendly WordPress referral plugin is simple to use.
  • It is flexible and compatible with the best affiliate WordPress themes.
  • It comprises built-in performance metrics for an appropriate analysis that can keep track of what’s happening with your links.
  • You can build a brand and promote your links.
  • Amplifies the speed of your marketing automation with an auto-linking feature. It inserts particular affiliate links to certain keywords automatically.
  • It has the potential to manage server-side redirects and 404s

Price: Starts at $79/year

3. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is the tool that is used for tracking the performance of your business URL. For eCommerce websites, affiliate marketers can add this feature of analysis with the help of MonsterInsights. It is one of the leading and finest Affiliate WordPress plugins as it obtains an affiliate link tracking feature. Also, it comprises detailed reports on how all your affiliate drives are functioning.

Main Features:

  • Connect your MonsterInsights account to other affiliate plugins with ease.
  • View your most lucrative traffic sources and highest-earning pages.
  • Even individuals who are unfamiliar with Google Analytics will find the dashboard simple to use.
  • When you need it, a renowned support team is on hand to assist you.

Price: Starts at $99.50/year with the pro version priced at $199.50/year


One of the brilliant and outstanding Affiliate marketing Plugins is Easy Affiliate Links (https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-affiliate-links/). It is a product that is produced by the same parent company that developed Pretty Links and MemberPress.

All the mentioned plugins are ideal and function well when merging with the in-depth affiliate program with shortened, easy-to-remember affiliate links and referral programs.


  • Simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to track outbound links.
  • Configures immediately within minutes, you can construct a fully functioning affiliate program for your WordPress website.
  • Flexible and customizable performance graphs, so you receive the best out of data visualization and view clicks, sales, and payments.
  • Run and view one-time and recurring payments from PayPal, Authorize.net, and more.

Price: Starts at $99.50/year

5. Thirsty Affiliates


Thirsty Affiliates (https://wordpress.org/plugins/thirstyaffiliates/) is the most powerful plugin among all Affiliate Marketing Plugins available in the market. It easily governs your affiliates. A great pick can comfortably manage your long links and make them look magnificent.

Main Features:

  • It delivers the best and most detailed statistics reports on your referral link clicks and campaigns.
  • It uses categories for the proper organization of your links to hold the top of your affiliate campaigns.
  • Permits you to insert banners and photos to your links or link images.
  • The plugin is a robust affiliate management system that can replace links easily from your Thirsty Affiliates panel.
  • Swaps assigned keywords with links automatically.

Price: Starts at $79.50 / year

The list does not end here. You can opt for the following plugins other than those we have discussed in the above section.

  • YITH WooCommerce Affiliates
  • Affiliates By Itthinx
  • Affiliates Manager
  • Ultimate Affiliate Pro
  • EasyAzon
  • AdSanity

Quick Tip:

You can use an Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme from vwthemes.


  • How to merge an affiliate program to the website?

An affiliate is an example of a third-party plugin that can be used to merge an affiliate program to your eCommerce website. after installing the plugin, you will be able to adjust the parameters for your affiliate program. The Plugin’s dashboard may then be used to track the success of your affiliate links in terms of clicks and purchases.

  • Is there any need to create a separate website for selling affiliate products?

No. Not at all. A website is not necessary to offer affiliate items. Affiliate products can be promoted and sold out through social media, email marketing, and other internet channels. Having a website, on the other hand, may help in building a recognizable brand and increasing credibility among potential clients.

  • Does the refer-a-friend strategy work like an affiliate?

Not exactly. But it’s a fruitful strategy to boost your product sales and business expansion. To increase traffic to your website, you can try utilizing a refer-a-friend form. When compared to other sources of lead generation, referrals inspire greater trust than a conventional sales presentation and have a higher conversion rate.


You can compare all the plugins cost-wise and choose the best one for your e-commerce site. Still, AffiliateWP is the obvious winner when it comes to functionality, convenience of use, and value for money. It is a comprehensive affiliate management plugin with powerful affiliate and referral monitoring. This plugin is one of the most feature-rich on our list, thanks to its tracking, integrations, and payment service. Also, it keeps track of your affiliate marketing with at-a-glance reporting and real-time graphs.


The WP Theme Bundle is a comprehensive collection of premium WordPress themes designed to empower affiliate marketers with the tools they need to create stunning and effective affiliate websites. This bundle offers a diverse range of themes, each optimized for performance, SEO, and user engagement. When combined with the 5 Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress, this package becomes an indispensable resource for affiliate marketers. These plugins enhance website functionality, including affiliate link management, tracking, and reporting, allowing marketers to maximize their earning potential and streamline their affiliate marketing efforts. With the WordPress Theme Bundle and these essential plugins, affiliate marketers can establish a strong online presence and boost their affiliate revenue effortlessly.

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