Advantages of Responsive WordPress Theme And Its Meaning

What do we mean by the word responsive theme? A responsive WordPress theme is when your particular WordPress theme is available on multiple devices and browsers, in multiple languages and is user-friendly. Basically your WordPress website theme has to be easily accessible to every person/user or reader. Here are a few reasons, why your WordPress theme needs to be responsive and advantages of a responsive WordPress theme.

Time Plays A Major Role!

When you upload a blog, you are responsible for your reader’s time that they are investing in reading the information sent out by you. Hence, it is important that your WordPress website is fast and responsive. It has often been noticed that free WordPress themes that do not have the responsive feature lack speed due to its poor coding and non-reliable sources which end up degrading your website quality even if your content is up to the mark.

All Devices Must Have Your Site!

Whether it is creative content or important information you do owe them a delighting and easy reading experience. Hence, you need to make sure your site is responsive to all devices whether that is a personal computer, a laptop, tablet or a mobile device. Your website should be easily viewable on all of the above mentioned devices. It is a common culture nowadays that people utilize their free or leisure time productively, especially while travelling in the car or even on an airplane by investing their valuable minutes in reading from their easy accessible device i.e. a mobile phone or a tablet, hence to make your theme responsive is something you should keep on your top priority list while selecting your perfect creative WordPress theme.

Browser Friendly

A theme responsiveness is the parameter of your website. If your WordPress website is not responsive to multiple browsers, you might lose potential readers who are interested in your content but are unable to view in the respective devices. We all are aware of the multiple internet browsers available throughout the world. Therefore, if you want your content to reach maximum people in different regions you must choose a WordPress theme that is responsive to all browsers. If your website is browser friendly then it will be of great advantages of a responsive WordPress theme.

Language Shouldn’t Be Barrier

It is not necessary that all your readers speak or read the same language. Therefore, it would be a smart decision to keep your site multilingual and not just in one common language. As a blogger, your main concern is to make your content reach as wide as possible. Having a multilingual or a translation feature available on your page will help you do the same. Hence, choose a theme that is responsive to multiple languages and supports the translation WordPress plug-in.

Speedy Recovery!

A very important aspect of a responsive theme is its speed. We all know how much a webpage speed matters. A slow loading and buffering website is a bug we all want to avoid and get rid of. If you want your readers to access your website on a daily basis, it is important that your website loads as quick as a squirrel. A slow and non-responsive webpage can lead you to lose your readers who are visiting your website, but due to its slow speed and low responsiveness choose to close the tab assuming it as a bug page.

To know whether your theme is responsive to all devices you can resize your theme on other devices and see whether the theme sets correctly and the font size isn’t too small or big. For more thorough testing you can copy the URL of theme’s demo page and paste it in Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page.

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a project created by Google to accelerate the process of viewing websites through its search engine that makes your website faster for mobile users. AMP loads quickly and gives your website a fast using experience for your readers across all devices and platforms. It improves speed on multiple devices, especially on your phones. There are multiple advantages of having an AMP feature in your WordPress theme.

1. Lightning Fast Experience

As we have discussed above, speed is essential for a website. With the help of AMP, your website runs faster than usual. This feature makes your user’s experience easy and delightful. We all know the annoyance that we face when a particular website is not loading and keeps us hanging for it to load wasting our time. Similarly, if your reader has come to visit your blog to have a good reading experience, it is your duty to give them a bug free and a speedy website.

2. Speed And Views Go Hand In Hand

As your WordPress website loads quickly and instantly, your viewership increases automatically. We all know speed plays a major role in increasing views on a website. If you have content that people are ready to read with the instant loading webpage, you are bound to have an increase in your viewers. A delay of more than 5 secs of a loading website leads you to a loss of a potential reader. Here is where AMP plays its major role. With speed and increasing readership your ultimate google search engine ranking also increases, leading your page as most viewed in the suggestions henceforth.

It is not that difficult to add AMP to your WordPress theme. Usually AMP has to be separately installed in free WordPress templates provided by multiple online developers. Although, there are AMP validated WordPress themes that have inbuilt AMP plug-ins available. Finally, it’s your choice, what you prefer for your creative or commercial reader base. Speed is indeed one of the important advantages of responsive WordPress theme.

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