Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website

Having your website assessed through an accessibility audit is something very crucial. Here’s why, your WordPress site will be more visible, compliant, and highly functional if you perform accessibility audits on the WordPress websites often. In Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website, Provided, you can also see which parts of your site make it difficult to navigate, and you can see which aspects need to be improved. Basically, the true function of accessibility audit is making your website accessible to everyone, even those who are disabled may access and use it without difficulty.

Today as the whole world has gone online, it's critical that the internet as a whole is must be available to all people present around the world. People who have impairments must have equal access to internet accessibility. Accessibility audit on WordPress Themes is done by using smart technology, accessibility specialists do automatic and manual testing in a variety of testing conditions. In contrast to automated testing, a detailed audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of accessibility.

By doing this you make your website easier to use while also being able to expand your audience and better adhere to best practices in web design, usability, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's easy to make typical accessibility blunders as a WordPress user without recognizing the mistakes already been made. For example, the website has very poor translation procedures as well as a preference for appearance above utility, as well as non-compliance with government laws about web accessibility

In order to detect and fix current issues with your website, accessibility audits on the WordPress website are essential. As a result, you can deliver a better experience for your customers. Throughout this post, we'll walk you through six different methods for getting accessibility audits on WordPress website tasks well completed. Well guys, let's get to it.

Here are 6 easy and simple steps that will help you conduct a website accessibility audit very smoothly.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

In This Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0  offers several recommendations on how to make Web content more user-friendly.

When you follow and adhere to these principles, it will be more accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those with blindness and low vision, impairment and deafness as well as learning cognitive deficits and cognitive limitations. Additionally, following these principles will make your Web content more user-friendly for all users and visitors of the website.As you plan the accessibility audit for your WordPress site, WCAG2.0 is a great resource to be used efficiently. Impaired individuals should be able to visit your website more easily with the aid of the tool's easy-to-implement techniques and ideas.

Deaf or blind users or those with photo sensitivity can all benefit from using the WCAG2.0 criteria. They have four main characteristics: they are practicable, perceivable, strong, and clear. Follow these steps to make the site easier to understand:

  • Provide time-based media replacements such as audio/video, subtitles, and so forth.
  • Don't forget to include alternative text for non-script subjects like pictures on your site.
  • Sort the audio and color contrast into categories.
  • Make your information easier to read, allow users to translate into their chosen language, and provide enough time for viewers of your site to grasp it.
  • An easy-to-use navigation keyboard is required, as well as predictable page generation.
  • Avert seizure-inducing substances
  • Permit the users to effortlessly traverse the material.
  • Using helpful technology, you may improve the compatibility of your website

You may now start the audit of your existing website by keeping these tactics in mind and implementing them as necessary. Check out our list of Best WordPress Pagination Plugins that will help you create a sequence of pages on your website. Pagination plugins make navigation easy if you have a number of pages on your website. So go through with the list and get your pagination plugin now.

To Keep Track Of Everything That Has To Be Done, Make A Check List

An accessibility audit on WordPress begins with a thorough grasp of WCAG2.0 rules, followed by creating an accessibility audit checklist that includes all the essential components or characteristics. The following are some of the most significant requirements that you should include in your checklist:

  • Verify that all of the links work properly.
  • Thoroughly inspect whether the images have alt text and if the video has subtitles.
  • Test your ability to navigate quickly. 
  • To keep track of everything that has to be done, make a check list.

All these requirements must be met before you can go on to the next stage of your accessibility audit on the WordPress website.

Take Into Account Using The W3C Markup Validation Tool

Users of the W3C markup validation tool are certain that their websites are safe. To help you keep your website in top shape, you may use this unrestricted system to analyze for the accuracy of the documents on your site using a variety of programming languages including HTML, SMIL, MathML, XHTML, etc... These tools make it easy to determine if the documents on your site have been written in a programming language that adheres to the rules and concepts of that language. Improved search engine rankings, site performance and readability as well as uniformity across browsers are all aided by W3C validation. Also, it may notify you where any problems are in your code.

The W3C Markup Validation tool, a free service provided by the W3C, allows you to do accessibility audits on your WordPress site, ensuring that your site is consistent across many browsers. Additionally, There's more to the tool's contribution than that. The W3C Markup Validation tool helps your website get a high SEO position. It also improves your site's readability and speed.

Test Your Screen Reader

In This Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website, For the visually handicapped, these programs translate text into auditory forms and assist them to explore your site. In addition, screen reader software reads the alt text on pictures to the user, so they can comprehend what photos and other media are about.  

There are several screen reader programs available on the market, and toggling between the Accessibility Viewer and the ChromeVox plugin is the most effective way to use them. As a result of the screen reading software tools, visitors may easily access your site. It even reads aloud the alt scripts of the pictures to the viewers so that they can easily understand the content of your site. This approach of Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website will provide you with an indication of how well your site works for people that use screen reading software. In addition to semantic and page content structure, screen readers will alert you to a range of problems on your site by default.

To discover strengths and possibilities for your website's content, do this step. All of your material should be as easily accessible as possible. The relationship between online accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored as they are related.

Ensure That Your Content's Color Contrast Is Appropriate

Accessibility problems on websites are sometimes caused by a lack of contrast between text and its backdrop (or vice versa). Your website's low color contrast might be a major factor in its inaccessibility. Using color-contrast-testing tools is just the next stage in a WordPress accessibility audit to ensure that the color contrast is perfect. The contrast between backdrop and text is usually expressed by color. They will help you discover issues and fix them in accordance with WCAG2.0's standards. while beginning the procedure, be sure to select the finest tools. Online programs such as A11Y Color Tester and ColorSafe are the finest alternative among all of the other options available.

In this Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website, Copy the page's URL and paste it into the textbox, then choose the Check Contrast option. Clicking will bring up the problems and instructions on how to fix them. A percentage adjustment for the contrast is also shown, so you'll know just how much to change it! These tips can help you improve the readability of your site's text in no time flat.

Check To See Whether The Keyboard Navigation Works

Verifying the keyboard navigation is the final and most important stage in the process. It is important to note that any visitor should be able to browse your best WordPress themes site using only their keyboard when you do an accessibility audit.

Follow the procedures listed below to do this:

  • Click on your site's address bar first
  • Use the keyboard instead of a mouse to navigate the site.
  • You may use the Tab button to move around your site's various elements, such as links, menus, etc. The accessibility of your site will be great
  • if the keyboard navigation works properly on it.

You can use this tool, NerdeFocus which is a free online application that may be used to evaluate keyboard navigation.


Along with this Accessibility Audit On WordPress Website have a look at WP Theme Bundle by VW Themes so you won't miss the best WordPress Themes, If you regularly do accessibility audits on the WordPress website, it will be more visible, compatible, and fully capable. You'll also be able to identify which portions of your site are tough to browse and which elements require improvement. The more usable your website is for everyone, the better.

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