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The Best WordPress Restaurant Theme With Online Ordering Feature 


Are you a foodie who wants to revamp the internet presence of your restaurant? With the greatest WordPress restaurant theme that offers online ordering, get ready to entice taste buds and sate cravings! In the modern age of technology, any restaurant that wants to succeed needs to have a dynamic and easy-to-use website. Using this theme, you can set up an online ordering experience for your consumers that lets them enjoy your delicious menu while lounging in the comfort of their own homes. 

Imagine a website that not only captures the essence of your restaurant’s ambiance but also seamlessly integrates an online ordering system. This WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering offers a visually stunning layout that entices visitors with mouthwatering images of your signature dishes, creating an irresistible urge to dine at your establishment. From elegant fine dining to cozy cafes, this theme can be customized to suit any culinary style, ensuring that your restaurant’s unique personality shines through. 

But what sets this WordPress theme apart is its innovative online ordering feature. Gone are the days of phone orders and busy signals – now, customers can browse your menu, select their favorite dishes, and place orders with just a few clicks. Whether they’re craving your famous pizza or indulging in a decadent dessert, the online ordering system streamlines the process, making it convenient for both you and your patrons. With seamless integration and easy customization options, this theme takes your restaurant’s online presence to the next level, making it the ultimate choice for any culinary entrepreneur. So why wait? Spice up your restaurant’s website with the best WordPress themes and watch your online orders soar! 

Online Ordering Feature in WordPress theme 

The online ordering feature in a WordPress restaurant theme enables customers to conveniently order food directly from the website. It offers a user-friendly interface for browsing the menu, selecting items, customizing orders, and checking out.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Menu Display: The WordPress theme includes a section or page where the restaurant’s menu is displayed. This can be organized into categories like appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc. Each item on the menu is accompanied by a description and possibly an image to entice customers. 
  1. Order Selection: Customers can easily select the items they want to order by clicking on them. They may also have options to customize their orders, such as choosing toppings, specifying cooking preferences, or adding special instructions. 
  1. Add to Cart: Selected items are added to the customer’s virtual shopping cart, similar to e-commerce websites. Customers can review their orders and make adjustments as needed before proceeding to checkout. 
  1. Checkout Process: When customers are ready to complete their orders, they proceed to the checkout page. Here, they enter their contact information, delivery or pickup preferences, and any special instructions. They may also have the option to create an account for future orders or checkout as a guest. 
  1. Payment: Depending on the restaurant’s preferences, customers can pay for their orders online using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery. 
  1. Order Confirmation: After completing the checkout process, customers receive an order confirmation via email or on the website itself. This confirms that their order has been received and provides them with an estimated delivery or pickup time. 

Benefits of Online Ordering Feature : 

The online ordering feature in a WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering offers several benefits for both customers and restaurant owners: 

1. Convenience:

Customers can place orders anytime, anywhere, without the need to visit or call the restaurant. This convenience is especially valuable for busy individuals or those who prefer to order from the comfort of their homes. 

2. Increased Sales:

By providing an easy-to-use online ordering platform, restaurants can attract more customers and increase sales. The ability to browse menus, view images, and make selections online encourages customers to order more items compared to traditional ordering methods. 

3. Streamlined Operations:

Online ordering streamlines the ordering process for both customers and restaurant staff. Orders are automatically recorded and sent to the kitchen, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual order-taking. This efficiency can lead to faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction. 

4. Order Accuracy:

With online ordering, customers can accurately specify their preferences and any special instructions, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or mistakes in their orders. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and fewer order corrections or refunds. 

5. Customer Insights:

Online ordering platforms often include analytics tools that provide valuable insights into customer preferences, ordering patterns, and popular menu items. Restaurant owners can use this data to optimize their menus, marketing strategies, and operations to better serve their customers. 

6. Cost Savings:

Compared to traditional phone ordering systems, online ordering can be more cost-effective for restaurants. It reduces the need for dedicated phone lines and staff to handle phone orders, freeing up resources that can be allocated elsewhere in the business. 

7. Improved Customer Loyalty:

Offering online ordering can enhance customer loyalty by providing a convenient and seamless ordering experience. Customers who enjoy the convenience and efficiency of online ordering are more likely to return to the restaurant for future orders and recommend it to others. 

Best Restaurant Theme with Online Ordering Feature :  

Presenting VW themes: fine dining meets state-of-the-art technology. We are pleased to provide the greatest restaurant theme with an online ordering capability among our many products. Our themes are made to meet the various demands of restaurateurs; they combine attractive design with practical functionality to enable restaurants to succeed in the digital sphere. With our restaurant themes, dining is redefined and customers can enjoy their favorite foods with unmatched convenience. These WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering come with customized designs, intuitive interfaces, and advanced online ordering features. Discover the possibilities with VW themes and take the online presence of your restaurant to the next level.  

If you are catering an online food business, then you must also checkout our Food Theme Bundle. This bundle consists of food restaurant related themes. Buy one bundle to unlock all the themes.

1. Food Truck WordPress Theme:


This Food Truck WordPress theme is tailored for businesses operating food trucks, offering a vibrant and dynamic design that reflects the mobile nature of the culinary venture. It’s designed to capture attention and convey the unique atmosphere of a food truck experience.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-friendly design: Ensures your website looks great and functions smoothly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. 
  • Online ordering: Allows customers to conveniently place orders for your food truck offerings directly from your website. 
  • Interactive map integration: Helps customers locate your food truck’s current location or upcoming stops, making it easy for them to find you. 
  • Menu showcase: Highlights your menu items with mouthwatering images and detailed descriptions, enticing customers to explore and order. 
  • Social media integration: Enables you to connect with customers and promote your food truck through various social media platforms. 

2. WordPress Hotel Theme: 


This WordPress Hotel theme caters to hotels and restaurants, offering a sophisticated and elegant design that reflects the luxury and comfort of the hospitality industry. It provides a comprehensive platform to showcase both accommodation options and culinary offerings.

Key Features:

  • Online reservations: Allows guests to book rooms and make dining reservations directly through your website, enhancing convenience for both guests and staff. 
  • Online ordering for room service: Enables guests to order meals or snacks for room service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay experience. 
  • Photo galleries: Showcases your hotel’s amenities, rooms, and dining areas with stunning photo galleries, helping to entice potential guests. 
  • Events calendar: Highlights upcoming events, promotions, and special dining experiences at your hotel, encouraging guests to plan their visits accordingly. 
  • Booking management system: Provides an intuitive interface for managing reservations, orders, and guest inquiries, streamlining operations for hotel staff. 

3. Diner Restaurant WordPress Theme: 


This Diner Restaurant WordPress theme is designed for classic diners and cozy eateries, evoking a sense of nostalgia with its retro-inspired design elements. It offers a user-friendly platform to showcase your diner’s menu and atmosphere while providing convenient online ordering options. It is the best WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering.

Key Features:

  • Retro design elements: Captures the charm and ambiance of a classic diner with retro fonts, colours, and graphics, creating a nostalgic dining experience. 
  • Easy menu customization: Allows you to easily add, edit, and organize menu items, including daily specials and seasonal offerings. 
  • Online ordering with pickup or delivery options: Lets customers place orders for their favorite diner dishes, with the choice of pickup or delivery to their doorstep. 
  • Reservation system: Enables customers to book tables in advance, ensuring a seamless dining experience during peak hours. 
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Showcases feedback from satisfied diners, building trust and credibility for your restaurant among potential customers. 

4. Organic Food WordPress Theme:


This Organic Food WordPress theme caters to businesses specializing in organic and sustainable cuisine, emphasizing the natural beauty and freshness of farm-fresh ingredients. It provides a visually appealing platform to showcase organic food offerings while promoting healthy eating habits and supporting local farmers. 

Key Features:

  • Fresh, modern design: Reflects the ethos of organic and sustainable living with clean layouts, earthy Color palettes, and nature-inspired graphics. 
  • Online store functionality: Allows customers to purchase organic meals, groceries, and specialty products directly from your website, promoting convenience and accessibility. 
  • Recipe blog integration: Offers a platform to share organic recipes, cooking tips, and nutritional information, engaging and educating visitors about organic food choices. 
  • Farm-to-table showcase: Highlights the journey of ingredients from local farms to your kitchen, fostering transparency and trust among eco-conscious consumers. 
  • Sustainability initiatives: Showcases your commitment to environmental stewardship through initiatives such as composting, waste reduction, and renewable energy use. 

5. Foodie WordPress Theme: 


This Foodie WordPress theme is perfect for food enthusiasts and culinary entrepreneurs, offering a sleek and modern design that celebrates the art of cooking and dining. It provides a versatile platform to showcase culinary creations, connect with customers, and offer convenient online ordering options. It is one of the finest

This Foodie WordPress theme is perfect for food enthusiasts and culinary entrepreneurs, offering a sleek and modern design that celebrates the art of cooking and dining. It provides a versatile platform to showcase culinary creations, connect with customers, and offer convenient online ordering options. It is one of the finest WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering.

Key Features:

  • Stylish, minimalist design: Reflects contemporary food culture with clean layouts, high-quality imagery, and stylish typography, creating an immersive dining experience. 
  • Advanced online ordering system: Enables customers to browse your menu, place orders, and make payments online, streamlining the ordering process for both customers and restaurant staff. 
  • Recipe showcase: Provides a platform to share your culinary creations, cooking techniques, and food stories with a global audience, building brand identity and customer loyalty. 
  • Blogging functionality: Offers a space to publish food-related content, such as restaurant reviews, culinary trends, and cooking tutorials, engaging and entertaining visitors between meals. 
  • Social media integration: Facilitates seamless sharing of your content across various social media platforms, expanding your reach and driving traffic to your website. 


The integration of WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering revolutionizes modern dining. These themes cater to various food businesses, from food trucks to fine dining, enhancing product showcasing, process optimization, and customer experiences. Features like convenient ordering, reservation handling, and promotion of sustainable food engage customers effectively. To thrive in today’s industry, restaurants must adopt WordPress themes with robust online ordering. These themes elevate online presence, boost satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement through configurable designs and user-friendly interfaces. They epitomize the future of dining, merging technology and hospitality to deliver exceptional experiences.

However, if you’re looking to maximize functionality and efficiency, consider investing in a WordPress theme bundle. These bundles often include premium restaurant themes with integrated online ordering features, along with additional plugins, templates, and support services. By opting for a theme bundle, you can access a comprehensive set of tools to create a professional and user-friendly online ordering experience for your customers.