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Best WordPress Plugin Survey For Collecting Customer Feedback



Looking for a new business strategy to amplify the performance of your website?

Now make your online commerce more productive and profitable with the WordPress Plugin Survey.

Website management is a very important and vast topic. You need to keep everything updated regularly if you want to manage and grow your business.

Day by day, your competitors are bringing something new to impress their customers. So you have to compete with them. Surviving in the business sector is very difficult and for that, you need to constantly try to get your product in front of people, impress and encourage them to complete the purchase. This leads to generating gross revenue.

Online business has the ability to meet people’s expectations. It is necessary to promote the business so that the maximum number of people come to your site to see and buy your product. Even so, it tries to optimize the efficiency and performance of your website by implementing various tricks.

When you upload beautiful images and readable words on your website, add videos, and decorate the website with a beautiful and attractive color scheme, it looks galvanizing. Apart from this, there are still some other things that make people spend more time on your website. An example of this is an online survey.

What are surveys?

Surveys are the best part of the website. It’s a powerful strategy used for taking feedback and collecting data as well. A feature-rich survey form helps you constantly improve your site’s performance.

Purpose of adding surveys to your site                                     

Making visitors stick to your site and collecting information from them, like email IDs and contact numbers. The collected data gets used for sending promotional messages, new arrivals, latest updates, fresh versions, etc. So predominantly, it’s all about maintaining customer relations for business multiplication.

How do I integrate the surveys into the website?

It’s very easy to integrate the survey forms into the site. WordPress has a huge collection of different survey plugins. You just have to study them, pick any of them, and implement them.

You can insert a contact form, create polls, ask users to leave comments, and more. It should be made engaging, funny, and easy to get maximum user participation. Also, it should look great on screen.

A crucial part of the survey is the Reporting. So you need to save the user-submitted data with an export option. For this, you can use spreadsheets or CRM software. Today, we have come forward to give you choices for WordPress survey plugins.

Survey plugins help share the survey results. It lets you embed survey results in a very neat, clean, and beautiful manner on your website. Now, let’s find out the range.

Top 6 Best WordPress Plugin Survey

1. WPForms


WPForms is the most popular and widely used plugin on millions of websites. If you want to construct and integrate the influential survey form, then you can make it with WPForms.

It is a super easy task as there are drag-and-drop tools specially built to construct wonderful contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for the website in just a few clicks. There is no need to contact and hire a professional developer. A non-techy person can also perform this action and present a beautiful form.

WPForms is a very famous WordPress Contact form plugin that consists of powerful surveys and polls in combination with conditional logic, multi-page forms, custom notifications, email integration, and more.

WPforms is a fully customized plugin. It permits you to easily insert fields into your survey, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, ratings, the Likert scale, the NPS score, and more. The most interesting and important fact about the plugin is that WPForms generates pleasing and pretty reports consisting of different graphs and charts as a result of the survey taken. You can copy and paste the shortcode on the page where you want to show the survey results. Also, you can redirect the users to the results webpage after submitting the survey form.

WPForms allows you to export the survey graphs and share them on social media. For more interactive designs, you can make use of WPForms in conversational form mode.

2. UserFeedback


UserFeedback is the second most popular WordPress plugin survey. It allows you to ask your website visitors various questions and collect their real-time feedback. A very interesting plugin is very easy to use and allows to generate the sleek popup feedback survey.

You can insert this plugin just by pasting the shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site and displaying the survey form. Also, you can customize it directly. You will be fortunate to get that the plugin comprises various ready-made templates for different survey types, like website feedback, NPS, eCommerce website survey, B2B satisfaction survey, and more.

Another interesting fact about user feedback is that you can ask all kinds of MCQs, and free-form questions and receive unlimited responses. You can even easily capture the emails and collect star ratings. If you want to personalize the popups, you can make them comfortable and match your brand and its design.  It offers a reporting feature as well to analyze your responses. Its hassle-free integration with Google Analytics and MonsterInsights is seamless.

3. Formidable Forms


Are you looking for an advanced survey plugin for your website?

You can stop your search now.

Because, Formidable Forms is one of the advanced WordPress survey form plugins that offer fantastic features. It’s a great plugin for robust survey and poll features. The plugin has builder tools to create all kinds of forms. It consists of every popular field that you would like to have in your survey form like Likert scales, NPS ratings, star ratings, multiple-choice questions, and more.

After a successful form submission, the plugin allows you to collect your customer data and display the results in a delightful format, such as customizable reports, graphs, and charts. You won’t imagine, but Formidable Forms is a well-known and fantastic feature-rich survey plugin of WordPress that more than 300,000 websites are using online and prefer to go with this. The plugin can make your website interesting by inserting calculators, quizzes, and more.

4. Gravity Forms


As a survey plugin for WordPress, Gravity Forms is the oldest one that is used to generate and use different forms on the WordPress website.

The plugin has different add-ons, one of which is used to create surveys. An easy-to-use WordPress plugin creates any type of form using the form builder. It comes with many common form fields, including a survey field. You can see the survey results inside the admin area with zero charts/graphs. There is a provision in the plugin to export the survey results to a CSV file and present the results on the website.

5. Quiz and Survey Master


You must have gotten the concept from the name of the plugin. Yes. You are absolutely right.

The Quiz and Survey Master WordPress plugin is specially designed and developed to insert quizzes and surveys into the WordPress website. A well-documented and feature-rich plugin is completely free. Although the plugin doesn’t have the friendliest user interface.

The plugin allows you to generate multi-page surveys with all common form fields.  As the name suggests, the plugin allows you to insert quizzes in WordPress with interactive answers, leaderboards, and scoring.

The plugin has the authority to send emails after the survey’s completion. The email may include thank-you content for the users or redirect them to any page on the WordPress website. If you want a reporting and analysis tool, you have to purchase a premium add-on separately.

6. WP-Polls


Are you looking for a simple, elegant, but impressive survey plugin for your website?

Now get it here.

WP-Polls is the simplest and most appealing WordPress Survey plugin. It is a very easy-to-use option. The plugin does not have any form-building tools. It provides only radio buttons or checkboxes for collecting the responses, which makes it quite limited.

When users provide their votes, they can view the poll results automatically. The plugin also allows you to maintain the responses in logs where users have submitted their votes. You can filter the duplicate votes with the help of the IP address for non-registered users in the WP-Polls plugin.


Surveys are a trendsetting strategy. If you want to create and integrate smart and interactive survey forms for your business websites, you can prefer any of the above plugins, where you won’t have to struggle with the codes and all. When you integrate and activate the survey forms on your websites, it gives them a lively feel.

Survey plugins also help you find out and analyze the customer’s buying behavior so that you can figure out the loss and profit. Survey forms are useful and are available only to logged-in users. To enhance the visual appeal and overall aesthetic of your website, you can consider incorporating Premium WordPress themes.

Most survey builders offer a maximum number of attempts per user function. It restricts multiple submissions from the same respondent, which may affect the accuracy of your results. To prevent repeat voting from the same user, the Survey plugin uses two techniques. Those are-

  • Detect users by IP.
  • Detect users by WP user ID.

It allows true and authorized users to vote and removes the redundancy of votes.

The WordPress theme bundle, in the context of the “Best WordPress Plugin Survey for Collecting Customer Feedback,” offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for website owners seeking to enhance their platforms through valuable user insights. This theme bundle integrates seamlessly with the survey plugin, providing a visually appealing and responsive design that encourages user participation. With customizable layouts and interactive elements, the bundle ensures an engaging and effective survey experience for visitors. By combining the power of a well-designed theme with a top-notch survey plugin, website owners can effortlessly gather essential customer feedback, enabling them to make informed decisions and refine their offerings to better align with user preferences and needs.