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This WordPress Website Builder redefines the definition of website building by providing a simplified, efficient and quick way for creating a WordPress website. Creating a WP-based website has never been so easy as Istana takes off all the additional efforts that you needed for crafting a functional WordPress-based site. It offers an explicit collection of WP website building blocks providing additional ease to users who are new to WP. This wonderful website builder is designed with user-friendliness and compatibility in mind. Makers have concentrated on building a page builder that truly meets the criteria and requirements for creating the best possible web designs. With simple drag and drop, you can make use of the required block and templates, and tweak the settings to obtain the perfect look for your site that you have always wanted. With multiple blocks, this WordPress website builder offers enhanced editing and formatting controls without even writing codes.

Ibtana WordPress website builder follows the best coding practices that result in enhanced and faster performance that gives a truly satisfying experience to the users. Along with this, you will find settings available for each and every individual block making it possible to edit and change things to come out with something truly unique and amazing. The super-easy drag and drop option saves hours of effort as you can now design web pages in a quick time. It is designed for creating rich, flexible, and catchy websites by making use of the different ready-made blocks revolutionizing the conventional web building process.


This incredible WordPress website builder offers rich new drag and drops creation blocks to the users with plenty of options for customizing them. You do not have to limit yourself even if you are not well versed with coding or not a WordPress developer since you get 20+ enticing templates included for building numerous websites. With a focus to provide a new and upgraded page-making experience, this website builder is certainly the best tool you can have.

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WordPress Website Builder Features

Progress Bar

Show the progress of your work by adding a progress bar to your web page. Customizing it is very easy as you can change the colors to fit your brand and add desired percentage value.


Posttype Slider

Use the Posttype Slider to showcase the different posts or products category-wise. This block offers multiple settings for adjusting the number of products or posts you want to display and more.


Advanced Separator & Spacer

Advanced Separator and Spacer will help in creating a better design by introducing spaces of the desired size in between the two sections. You can easily part the content with or without hr tag lines.


Advanced Button

With Advanced Button, you can add advanced Call To Action (CTA) buttons to your website and there are settings available for adjusting the opacity, font size, colors, etc.


Advanced Social Icon

Get more exposure for your business as Advanced Social Icon gives you many social media icons to share your content and connect with more people through different social media platforms.


Google Map

Google Map block lets you insert a customizable Google Map using which you can show the location of your store or business on your website. You need to add your address and location to it.


Shape Divider

Shape Divider is designed for SVGs. That means you can add any SVG images on it, or add any SVG content. You may even create SVG sliders using it.



Creating simple tabs is easy with tabs block. It provides the functions of the basic tab so that you can display the content on your WP site as tabbed content.



Add a video popup on your WordPress site with this block. You will have different layouts designed for the on load and on click popup and you can even add any image to the popup.



With this, you will be able to add an n-number of accordions to your WordPress site. It is possible to include multiple drop-downs to add information in collapsing rows.


Advanced Gallery

Along with the provision to add a gallery for your photos, it allows you to manage it on any page of your website. You do get multiple settings for deciding the number of photos you want to display in a row or column.


Advanced Text

With this Advanced Text block, you will be able to add the text content and have easy control over it through the different settings provided in this block.



You can quickly add a countdown for your products and special offers displayed on your website and draw the attention of your audience towards the upcoming exciting offers.


Multiblock Slider

Multiblock Slider helps you add multiple slides to the slider for adding any content you wish. The best part is you are not limited to include only a specific number of slides or blocks.