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The Ultimate Guide To The Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin



Are you looking for a comprehensive plugin to manage your whole business’s web URL?

If yes, then here we have brought a complete package of advanced tools that can assist you in managing your online web stuff efficiently.

Because web management is a tricky task, You need to get help from third-party applications to monitor its performance and enhance it immediately.  Plugins do that effectively.

Today we are going to introduce a Google Site Kit WordPress plugin that can connect all the Google Webmaster services to WordPress.

What is the Google Site Kit?

By creating a Google Site Kit is you have unlocked yourslef a package of analytic tools that serve to measure the performance of your website. You won’t have to use any of the applications individually to track or access any of the data on your website.

Role of Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

If you are running an online business web URL and wish to pick a perfect plugin, then we will highly recommend you The Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin. It’s a free plugin that lets you attach your WordPress website to the following Google services:

  1. Search Console: Your site’s performance, traffic, and indexing status can all be tracked using Search Console.
  2. Analytics: You can obtain a piece of huge information on the visits to your site via Google’s prominent web analytics tool, which is invaluable for marketing and development.
  3. AdSense: One of the most popular platforms to employ to insert advertisements is AdSense if you want to monetize your website with advertisements.
  4. PageSpeed Insights: You can test the effectiveness of your website with this tool. It gives you a final grade along with a wide range of recommendations for how to amplify your desktop and mobile experiences.
  5. Tag Manager: You may use this service to add tracking pixels and snippets to your website without making manual alterations to the code.
  6. Optimize: You can do thorough A/B tests for your website using Optimize. In order to provide you with a better insight into results, it integrates with Google Analytics for WordPress.

You won’t have to connect your site with these services individually. The Google Site Kit WordPress plugin will provide you with all the services once you install and activate it.

Google Site Kit WordPress plugin features

  1. 100% Free: Google Site Kit is completely free to use, allowing you to access its powerful features without any cost or subscription fees.
  2. Access Reports from Important Google Services: With this plugin, you can conveniently view reports from key Google services like Search Console and Analytics right from your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.
  3. Create Fresh Accounts Directly: Site Kit enables you to set up new accounts for Google services directly within your WordPress website, simplifying the process of integration and management.
  4. Choose Services to Install and Monitor: You have the flexibility to select which Google services you want to install and monitor through Site Kit, tailoring it to your specific website needs and goals.

How to use the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin?

Now let’s find out the procedure to activate the plugin if you are running a business website. It’s a straightforward process where there is no need to install every server service separately.

There are two steps to integrating the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin. These are as follows:

  • Configure the plugin and connect to Google.
  • Pick up the tools that you want to use.

Step 1: Google site kit plugin installation and activation 

You can install and activate the plugin just like any other one. It doesn’t involve any complexities. After a successful installation, you need to start its configuration.

Google Site Kit WordPress

Once you complete the configuration, a plugin will show a prompt asking for sign-in using your Google account to confirm that you are the owner of your WordPress website.

Google Site Kit WordPress

Next, you must grant a few permissions for Site Kit to access vital information about your website and your Google Account.

Google Site Kit now integrate if you have already linked your WordPress site to the Search Console

Google Site Kit WordPress

It’s a basic and simple process of Google Site Lit WordPress plugin installation.

How to integrate the services with WordPress?

After a successful plugin installation and activation, you are allowed to add the services that you require. The plugin provides you complete freedom to customize the services.

For additional services, navigate to Site Kit->Settings->Connect More Devices.

Check out your dashboard and reports

If you want the reports on your dashboard, you can go to Kit->Dashboard.

Furthermore, to show the results insights the dashboard, connect to a PageSpeed tools.

Dashboard Overview-

Google Site Kit WordPress

If you want to see the separate reports for each service, you can get the summarized reports under the tab ‘Site Kit’ on the dashboard.

There is also a provision to filter by particular pages on your site, like only to view the statistics for a specific blog post or check the page speed of a certain page.

On the WordPress toolbar, you can see the Site Kit option. You can make use of following link from the front end of your website to view Google Analytics data for the content you are currently viewing.


  • What is the use of Google Site Kit?

Google Site kit is used to integrate and manage the website’s performance. Also, it delivers an analytics feature with Site Kit from a central location in the WordPress dashboard.

  • Using the Google Site Kit WordPress plugins is worth it?

You may find out number of drawbacks in using Google Site Kit. At most, if you only intend to link one Google service, it can be a little excessive. However, Site Kit is a huge time saver if you intend to use numerous of them.

Furthermore, integration is really simple. It merely requires one click, for instance, to use PageSpeed Insights. The fact that Site Kit never forces you to connect more services is another advantage.

For example, you can solely utilize Search Console without having an annoying popup in your dashboard urging you to use Analytics.

  • Is the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin free?

Yes, it is free. The Google Site Kit WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution to deploy, manage, and obtain insights from vital Google technologies. It helps websites succeed online.

It offers trustworthy, updated information from different Google products right on the WordPress dashboard for simple access, all for nothing.

  • Is the Google Kit plugin helpful?

Yes. It Is helpful to join your Google services with your WordPress site. It issues reports consisting of very minute things.


For webmasters, Google has a great selection of resources and services. Some of the greatest tools you can utilize to learn more about your website include Search Console, Google Analytics, and PageSpeed Insights. However, it becomes more difficult to manage data across all of your tools the more you utilize. You can easily integrate all of your preferred Google tools with your online business web URL.

Besides all of the points Premium WordPress plugin also play a very important role in making a website user friendly and make your website efficient. Overall, if you use a variety of services, Site Kit might be a useful addition to your WordPress plugin library. Nevertheless, it doesn’t eliminate the have to visit each service’s genuine website occasionally.

As an illustration. even if you can peep at some of your most crucial Google Analytics indicators from your WordPress dashboard, you will still need to use the Google Analytics dashboard to view all the data.