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Different Ways Of Creating Google Site Kit With WordPress!

When you are running a business, you have to look into all the factors that can make it successful. Website is one of those factors that you must spend some time on. WordPress websites are easy to maintain but equally hard to know how to maintain. So we are here to help you! Today we are going to look into creating Google site kit for your WordPress website.

creating a google site kit

In simple words Google site kit is a tool to enhance your business performance online. It helps you ecommerce website to work more efficiently. It connects your WordPress website with Google’s all premium tools that can help you grow. But first let’s see how to create a WordPress website!

WordPress is the best platform for website establishment. The website made with WordPress work efficiently and give best results. But there are several steps you need to know to create various types of WordPress websites.      

WordPress management is not as easy as it may seem. It is a lot complicated when it comes to coding. That’s why WordPress Themes are more preferable. First things first, you have to create a domain on WordPress. For this you need to choose a host. There are two hosts, and is the most recommended host because it gives you complete authority over your website. When you are done with domain name setting you need to find a well functioning and professional WordPress theme. WordPress provides its own collection of customizable WP themes, but we recommend you to take a look at VWThemes WordPress theme collection. Choose a theme according to your profession.

You have to choose a theme with SEO optimization, responsive design and strong coding. Then you have to make sure you get a customer support from the company for back up support if something goes wrong. Then you just need to add content and images in the WP theme and there you go!

VWThemes is a web developer company that has gained the trust and good customer reviews around the world in very less time. The best WordPress themes from VWThemes have responsive design with fast loading speed. They have the best themes in 2020 for every profession from bakery to Ecommerce and IT industry to personal portfolio.

Each theme is made according to the expectations of the customers. Most importantly it has customization feature that lets you make changes in the layout. The best WordPress themes have different sections, sliders and best WordPress templates to sort the information.

In the given slider you can add unlimited images and videos too. All the best WordPress themes here are SEO optimized and RTL & WPML supportive which makes them multilingual. Along with this each theme is multipurpose too.  

So now you know why SEO is important and why a WordPress theme with SEO optimization is preferable. The Google site kit we are talking about here is a one of the best SEO plugins. You will have a lot of SEO plugins out there on the internet, but this will connect you to Google better than them.

The Google site kit is being used for promoting ecommerce and blogging website. It will give your website an instant boost in viewership. Which will directly impact on the SEO of the website. This Google site kit does more than that!

If you activate this Google site kit plugin into your WordPress website, you will be able to add or extract some of the data from your admin panel easily. The data your website stores tells a lot about its progress. So some of the blogger and small business owners use this Google site kit tool to track their progress. They use it to point out their break through moments in the market. Which can be used for marketing as well.

The Google site kit tool can work as a self-analysis tool too. When you keep track of your web activities you get to know more about your work and its response. It will tell you what product or article got more response and which one failed to impress people. This will tell you a lot about what you had done, what you should do and what effect it will have.

There are reasons why you should create Google site kit in WordPress. May be the above explanation is enough to understand the importance. You might create it with this impression, but its very important for you to remember the reason. You have to keep in mind the reason why you created Google site kit in WordPress.

By creating Google site kit in WordPress it will become easy for you to manage multiple products at the same time. This tool is very helpful in managing a small business or an ecommerce website. With this tool it will be simple for you to look back at statistics and milestones of your work straight from your dashboard.

It’s a very easy process to add Google site kit tool into your WordPress CMS. WordPress is the most powerful website development platform on the internet. Everyone knows this. That’s the only and important reason why Google is collaborating with WordPress. Both of them are creating powerful and useful plugins like Google site kit to make things easy for you.

Along with Google site kit, you can use Google drive, Google analytics, Google photos and more. All of these tools will add up to the performance of your website. So let’s get into the steps of creating Google site kit in WordPress website.

How To Create Google Site Kit In WordPress?

Step 1-

First you need to install the Google site kit plugin into your WordPress website. Before doing that you have to be aware of all the basic things you need to use this tool. By knowing the requirements you can manage the tool effectively. It will provide your viewers good experience and you a better SEO rankings.

The first thing you need to do is to create a WordPress website just like we mentioned above. Set the website with everything you want. There into admin dashboard you will find the tab for Plugins. There click on ‘Add new’ and into search bar type the name of the tool Google site kit. The plugin will appear on screen. Click on install and activate the plugin.

It’s a one way of activating the plugin. Another way is through the app’s official website. Go to the official website of WordPress, there you will find the Google site kit plugin. Download the app into your system and run it. From here you will have to install and activate the plugin.

For this open the plugin. Then go to the admin dashboard of your website. There go to the upload option. There add the zip file of Google site kit tool. Somewhere there you will notice the button for activation. Click on the option and activate the plugin into your WordPress website.

Step 2-

Now we need to configure the plugin in our WordPress website. This step is very important to be able to create a Google site kit in WordPress. The configuration of plugin is important because it allows you to use Google tools by Google Developer Console.

For this you will have to create a client configuration. By using your Google account you will have to provide the necessary credentials. Also you need permission from Google Analytics tool to run this plugin on your WordPress website. This permission will make the process completely automated. The whole process is pretty easy. For most of the parts you will have to only copy and paste.

Follow the steps keenly and it will be done in no time!

First log in to access the normal Google account. Then disable the ad blocker plugin. From there go to the admin panel of your website. Then go to the into web and then go into the site-kit. Then on the admin panel go to project name. Put the project name simple and easy to remember. But not as simple as ‘demo’.

Fill the details require to ahead. After that you will get a customer code. Copy this code and paste it for finishing the process.

Step 3-

Now you need to connect your Google console account with the Google site kit tool. For using any SEO plugins by Google you will have to make sure the Google site kit is connected with the Google console tool. It’s because you have set the Google site kit by configuring in WordPress. Now you only have to authorize it.

This will help you in managing your business domain online. For this go to the admin dashboard of your website. Then go to Google. There you have to give permissions for search console on the dashboard. From there go to primary Google account. Log into the primary account and click on allow.

Step 4-

Now all you need to do is verify your website URL. For this you have to type down accurate website URL. Then verify all the requirements. Check and recheck the official information the dashboard has given. Read it carefully and then click on ‘continue’. There you will find the account is already connected.

You Are Half Done By Now!

Step 5-

On this step you will have to add some extra features or services into your WordPress website. You can add some Google tools like Google analytics. You must have already added some services into your WordPress website while creating it. To add some more go to settings tab from admin dashboard. There you will find a tab for connect additional services, click on it.

Creating Google site kit tool will analyze your website’s performance and give you the report. For this you can connect your site kit tool to Google analytics tool. For this visit admin dashboard. Then go to settings and click on connect to more services. On the window it will show you list of unverified apps.

Don’t get stuck there thinking you will have to do it all over again. Chill! Just click on the proceed button. Then the app will ask you allow some permissions for some domains. Give all the needed permissions to the app. Check all the details before clicking on proceed. Then click on allow button.

After this the app will take you back to the WordPress admin dashboard page. Then you will have to configure  the Google Analytics tool. And you are done!

Congratulations! You have successfully created Google site kit tool in your WordPress website. With these simple steps you saw how easily and in no time you can create Google site kit for your WordPress website. These steps have to be followed as it is. A slight mistake can cause you a headache. So do it carefully.