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Google Maps Plugin | Best WordPress Plugins In 2022

Google Map Plugins

Did you come across our latest and advanced Google Maps Plugin? Not yet! Let’s have a quick introduction to it. Google Maps Plugin is a uniquely crafted plugin allowing for the addition of separate google mapping links on the website with pre-built shortcodes. It is easy to install and utilized by many business companies as a location detector. Sounds interesting, right! 

Get faster and on-the-go location with map markers to intensify the website. These are fully customized with many features embedded and no coding required to install. Moreover, it comes with map blocks to portray a true image of the location accessed. You can easily customize the map theme with dragging options with various mapping themes. Along with this have a look at WordPress Website Builder by VWThemes.

Google Maps Plugin

Get Amazed With The Advanced Features Of The Google Maps Plugin 

Creating customized mapping links is now getting easier with the Google Maps Plugin giving out-of-the-box features. This plugin has acquired much positioning in less time with its elementary mapping and widgets. Moreover, it is super-handy, supporting any screen size with proper mobility menus. Furthermore, you can add animations to the map marking with a polygon feature. 

WP Google Maps Plugin 

WP Google Maps Plugin is a professionally designed plugin for accessing any store location. It comes with an easy installation service with less time-consuming. It has many customization options with proper mapping widgets allowing it to be added to the sidebar. You can also choose your map theme with several dragging options. 

MapPress Plugin

The most-preferred MapPress Plugin has a special identification as it allows to add a google map link to the website. With the updated features, it has many widgets to reach the map block you have created. Furthermore, it gives proper functionality and supports localization features. Furthermore, it gives proper location access with map markers by simply typing the address.

Google Maps Easy Plugin

Google Maps Easy Plugin is a customized plugin with image sliders describing the most efficient mapping features. It comes with the most efficient functionality features that attract many visitors. For example, it comes with image placing and various drag and drops features for an effective locating experience. Also, it has many auto-updating options with various styling and polygon-adding features. 

WP Forms Plugin

With quick and easy installation services, you can associate google maps in your forms with several customized features. It is a user-friendly plugin easily accessible to newbies with no coding required. You can easily place the map block and markers on your website. The customized features allow adding mapping addresses with short code embedding. 

CP Google Maps Plugin

CP Google Maps Plugin is the easiest way to insert a google map in your website post. It comes with great customized features and grooming styles. With no time, you can place a google map block and marker with shortcodes. Accessible on any screen size, it has proper functionality features. 

Gutenberg Map Block Plugin

Integration of google maps with the Gutenberg editor! Sounds interesting, right. Yes, it is possible with the Gutenberg Map Block Plugin. This plugin can bump a mapping marker and block your website blog with easily customized options. You can set the location and dragging options by adjusting map sliders’ zoom level and height. 

ZeGuten Advanced Map Block Plugin

Looking for better styling and advanced Google Mapping for your website, you are on the right track with ZeGuten Advanced Map Block Plugin. This plugin has a perfect map blocking and link insertion technique. Creatively adjusting the zooming levels, it can easily adjust to any screen size proficiently. In addition, it has multiple map styling options and proper location settings.

MapSVG Plugin

Mapping your grocery stores and essential daily stores on a map is possible with the MapSVG plugin. This plugin has its specialization in having creative features and custom mapping options. It is easily installed on a store’s website and without any code. In addition, it has many filtered styling options with on-time location sharing and map blocking. 


Demonstrating the above content, Google Maps Plugins apply new navigation tools to the website. It has advanced features and styling options for proper map blocks and map marking. Don’t be confused about reaching out to a new place as you have an elementary map marker. Business companies have chosen this plugin for better customer-reaching experiences. It provides better location sharing with dragging filters. It supports localization and proper styling options. The Gutenberg add-on is also associated with the theme of better editing features. With advanced and customized features provide easy installation services in less time. Also, check out our Popular WordPress Themes for amazing themes with great features.

WordPress Theme Bundle 

WordPress Theme bundle

WordPress Theme Bundle is a fantastic and stunning collection of elegantly designed themes. All Themes have the latest and updated features with skilled template designs, giving website design ideas. But, on the contrary, we have come up with an exclusive plugin called Google Maps Plugin raising the website’s navigation menus properly. And the exciting news is that the whole package with the latest plugins is available at cost-effective prices. This is so amazing to grab the offer; hurry!