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Tips To Improve Your Checkout Page Design!

Every ecommerce website needs a strong checkout page design. This page has more importance than the homepage of the website. Why? Because it works with the money! The checkout page design has to be in a certain way. The design needs three important factors to be covered.

In this article we are going to take a brief look at these three factors that you need to look into checkout page design. These are very simple points. Let’s check them out!

checkout page design


What is it all about? Money? Yes! And the audience! The goal defines your destination and the audience defines your way. That’s why its very important to focus on your goal as well as the target audience. You have to decide before starting your business, who are you going to target your products at.

The checkout page design is for the audience. The checkout page is one of the most important pages on the website. You are running an ecommerce website and transactions are vital for it. Through the checkout page your target audience will pay you in exchange of the products. The checkout page design has to be made considering audience’s expectations.

While designing your website you use only the best tools. But it requires your equal attention to design the checkout page. Not just for checkout page design, before starting up your ecommerce adventure you have to decide your target audience.

This target audience will guide your marketing strategies. These strategies involve promotions on social media and other campaigns. The target audience gives you a certain ambition. This answers all your important questions like where to sell, what to promote and what will be the tagline. In all of this you may wonder, what’s the relevance of a checkout page design?

The checkout page design represents your business. It not only requires an attractive, responsive and speedy layout, but also strong security measures to protect the sensitive data. This data involves the personal details of your clients like name, address, email address and bank card details. It will require your data as well. So in order to prevent it from leaking, you need to protect it with strong security plugins.

The target audience helps you understand what exactly is it that your business needs. The audience has a certain way of telling that. Some will comment on your page, some will give really bad review and some generously put a feedback. You will be establishing a healthy relationship with your clients. That’s why you must ask them these questions before going ahead with it.

You need to figure out which community your client represents. That way you can concentrate your marketing campaign on the community. Then obviously you will need to know what the client needs. As you get into their demands and requirements, you will have more clear idea of which products perform good in the market.

While checkout page designing you need to understand the journey your client has taken to be here. If you are a freelance web designer then you need to know about the losses your client has faced to reach its customer. Then you have to study the website’s performance. The rate of cart abandonment will tell you the issues you need to focus on. The target audience will help you learn that.


The website needs to be attractive as well as better at performance and functioning. Whether it’s a portfolio or ecommerce website, it has to be attractive enough to catch an eye and make them stay. The homepage and product pages in the ecommerce website has to be beautiful. But the checkout page design also needs to be attractive.

The checkout page of an ecommerce website is where the customers stay for a long time. More than selecting a product and deciding what to buy, they spend longer time to buy it. The checkout page design has to be well organized and responsive. If the page glitches or takes too much time to load then it will affect your viewership. The user experience or UX here has to be high.

The user experience or the UX depends on various factors of the website. One of them is the checkout page. Some web developer companies provide ready-to-use themes where you don’t have to design the checkout page. But there also some companies give customization feature. With this feature you can decorate the page the way you want.

To utilize this feature is you have to know every space in your website. With the right tools you will be easily able to make changes in the layout. The checkout page design will be done within minutes with this feature.  

The background image, how to arrange the products and its description, you have to know them all and use them all. Unless you make the most out of them, you won’t get the desired results with the UX. The images you use in the checkout page will define the look of it. Those images has to be representative of your products.

The call to action button play an important role here. The checkout page design is incomplete without the CTAs. You need to put the buy now, add to cart, update cart, empty cart and add to wish-list buttons on the page. They also need to be responsive and speedy. With fast loading speed you can make the customers stick to the page.

To make the checkout page design more interesting you can use some vibrant colors. These colors can represent different parts of the page. For example, you can use red for ‘buy now’ section, blue for the wish-list and green for payment page. These colors will make the users feel good while spending money on the products.

The page size also matters the most in making impression. The checkout page design has to be considering the convenience of the users. To make the design more user friendly, you will have to set the page size. Plus you will have to make the texts readable. It will effect on the user experience of the page.

For the security of the page as mentioned earlier you will have to install some plugins. Third party plugins like Woocommerce can help you in making the payment safe. These plugins will keep the data secure as well.


As much as the looks the functionality is also very important. The user experience on the checkout page has to be on its best. And it can be achieved through the best functionality. The functionality of the checkout page is to be responsive. The payment functions have to be safe and fast at loading.

In the functionality of the checkout page design you have to make sure that the users see the gross rate of the product clearly. If you have noticed in an ecommerce website below the product there’s an actual price, then there’s the sale off percentage and the discounted price. If the product is expensive and has the facility to be bought on EMI, then it would have the EMI price as well.

All of these prices makes it difficult for the customers to identify the actual price they have to pay. If all the details are set in an unorganized manner then at the checkout page customers will feel like tricked. It won’t be good for the reputation of your ecommerce business. So it has to be clear to the user about what they have to pay for the product.

The whole thing will make it convenient for the users to trust you for their money. It will make them feel comfortable to trade with you. The checkout page design has to be simple and sorted to avoid such confusion of frustrating times.

While designing the checkout page you have to keep the smallest screen in mind. This is the ultimate way of creating a page layout that fits all the device and screen size. It’s because almost 80% of the online shopping is done on the smartphones. These small devices do the whole work of a super market. That’s why its important to make the checkout page design smartphone ready.

On the checkout pages always use readable text size and font. Keep the description and other texts readable. Keep the sentence constructions simple and understandable. Keeping it simple with the texts is a very impressive way to convey the matter.

The security plugins are the must for an ecommerce website. They work specially for the checkout page designs. We have gathered some plugins for you to refer.

Akismet- This WordPress security plugin is the most functional in the market. The Akismet plugin works great with the undercover threats. The visitors and you put a lot of the personal information in the website. Some visitors read the whole content. If someone puts any suspicious link in the comment section, this plugin will deal with it. It can be a threat to the website and the visitor as well.

AntiVirus- Its one of the most popular WordPress security plugins in the industry. This security plugin is created on WordPress. This security plugn allows you to scan the website everyday. It’s like cleaning your house daily.

All In One WP- This WordPress security plugin is complete package. It is known for being an all rounder plugin. It will take care of all the important things. It does some important tasks by itself.

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