How Can You Create A Sitemap In WordPress!

WordPress already provides with a lot of goods. But having a sitemap will make it more easy for you. The search engine optimization, keeping Google, Bing, Yandex, updated web changes and letting the site index more efficiently are all can be done with a sitemap. Before knowing how to create a sitemap in WordPress, let’s know more about XML sitemap and why it is necessary to have one!

XML Sitemap!

A XML sitemap is simply a collection of your web pages. It enables search engines to know your website thoroughly, understand it’s structure and content completely. It works exactly like SEO. When someone searches for a relevant phrase or keyword online, the search engine will provide them with your website’s link.

With all the detailed information about your website, the search engine will be provided with exact things viewers searching for. You can Google the WordPress sitemaps if you want to know more about it.

You must understand that a sitemap isn’t like Google maps. It’s a XML file with all the information about your website. The encrypted file will be available at the root directory of your FTP client.

This XML sitemap would be a driving factor to your website’s SEO results enhancement and overall success. This sitemap will make your website well- constructed, more accurate and updated. Whenever search engine will come in connection with sitemap the status will get updated automatically.

The XML sitemaps provide an easier and more effective ways for search engines to be updated about your websites’ development. When search engines get such updates about your website, it starts indexing and ranking it for appearance. This is more helpful for web resources having thousands of web pages.

With XML sitemap in your WordPress website you will be able to get better results. It will attract more traffic to your site. That’s why its very important to have XML sitemap for WordPress website.

Steps To Create Sitemap In WordPress!

You can create sitemap in WordPress manually. But that will consume more time and efforts. So the simplest way of creating XML sitemap for your WordPress website is through plugins. Here are some plugins that can help you create sitemap in WordPress.

XML Sitemap And Google News Feed:-

One of the best plugins for creating sitemap is this plugin. The XML sitemap and Google News feed plugin provides a simplest XML sitemap. It will be easily connected with your WP site.

Here to create sitemap in WordPress you don’t need to tweak difficult settings and options or change permissions. It all is already set by this plugin. You just need to download, install and activate the plugin.

After activating the plugin you will find a XML sitemap index. It will have all the needed references, posts, pages which will make it easy to search engines to find and index.

Through this plugin you can also activate Google News sitemap to guide search engines and find your XML sitemap. So whenever you will upload something on your website, Google and ping will be updated.

Yoast SEO:-

This plugin will help you create sitemap in WordPress. It is known as a complex solution for your site’s SEO. This plugin is an inclusive and award winner. About a million of users have installed it. They have managed to link their WordPress website with search engines.

Yoast SEO gives you an advanced functionality with creating sitemap in WordPress. Just download and activate the plugin in your WordPress website.

After this you need to navigate to its SEO, XML sitemap and enable the XML sitemap functionality. You can even configure several settings following with sitemap functionality. You can either enable them or ignore.

Google XML Sitemap:-

This plugin will manage your sitemap and SEO as well. The Google XML sitemap plugin is known for its perfection. This plugin has more than 2 million active users. You won’t regret a bit about this plugin.

It is the most popular and user optimized plugin to create sitemap in WordPress. By installing and activating this plugin all your site pages will be supported by it.

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