WordPress Sites Hacked? Elixirs To Prevent It

Your WordPress sites get hacked frequently? If Yes, then this is one of the worst situations you are facing while running your business in this modern era. There was a time when important files and documents were kept in physical folders, cabinets etc. But in this digital era all the important information are shared virtually and even stored online. This is the reason why there is lot of cyber-attacks taking place. A cyber-attack can result in the theft of important data that can perhaps cost you a lot of money to set back your business on track. With the Continuous enhancement in technology, it is becoming quite easy and manageable to hack a WordPress website. So, we can say that WordPress isn’t secure enough. You may often here from the users that, “my WordPress website has been hacked”. So what are the reasons that are making WordPress so fragile towards such types of attacks from hackers. Is there anything that we can do to stop this activities? Yes, we can. This article will give you a deep insight of how a WordPress websites get hacked and what are the medicines for it.



1. Updating the WordPress

WordPress website keeps getting hacked. So, what’s the first thing you would do? So, the very first thing is to update the WordPress to newer version. Updating any kind of Software is always advisable. In the same way it is highly recommended to update the WordPress. Usually, the users of WordPress are afraid to do it due to the fear that by doing this it will break their website. But by bringing it to the newer version, you will get some security bugs and vulnerabilities fixed.

2. Avoid Insecure Web Hosting

There are many Hosting Provider, but not all are secure for your website. The role of hosting provider is so important because it plays crucial role for the security of your website. Therefore, it is always advisable to prefer a reputed and trusted hosting provider. You should choose the provide that will give you an enhanced security to protect your WordPress website from getting hacked. The Providers should continuously scan for any malware. WordPress sites get hacked usually with this method.

3. Weak Passwords- Easiest Way To Hack

After getting Hosting from reputed provider, your work does not end here. You have to keep strong passwords too. The reason is that weak passwords are also way for the hackers to hack your site. If someone says this that, “my WordPress website has been hacked”, then this might be the possible reason for getting hacked as hackers usually use it.  The hackers are too smart that they just have many methods to retrieve the user names and passwords. This is so far away from our thinking but yes it’s definitely true. So, let’s see the best password practice you must follow.

The very first practice is to set a very unique password. If you want stronger passwords, then you can use the password generators for the same. Frequently change the passwords. If you are poor in reminding the passwords, then store it in secure places.

4. WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File – Needs To Be Secure

The another popular reason why the WordPress website get hacked is wp-config.php file. There is a WordPress configuration file in WordPress i.e. wp-config.php file. All the data of Login Credentials are present in this file. If somehow the hackers get the access to this file, then the very important information could get disclosed to the hacker. By this he will get complete access to the WordPress website. So, what is the solution by which we can prevent the access of this file. We can protect the wp-config.php file by using .ht access. The following lines of code should be added to the .ht access file to give an extra layer of security to your site.

<files wp-config.php>

Order allow, deny

deny from all


5. Avoid Using Admin as WordPress Username

There are many WordPress users that uses “admin” as their username. But the use of “admin” is not advisable at all. So, to avoid the security threats and breaches by the hackers you should change your administrator username if it is admin. WordPress website keeps getting hacked by this method.

6. Naked Access to WP-admin

WordPress admin area is one of the place from where hackers can access our WP site. However, it is less likely that hackers will use this method but still it is necessary to protect each and every thing as WordPress site keeps getting hacked with this method too. WP admin area is a place from where the user will get access to perform various kind of operations on the WordPress site. So, cracking the way to WP admin area allows hackers to get direct access to your site. So, adding an extra layer of protection to the WP admin area will make it tough for the hackers to attack the site. You can add unique password for the WP admin area. Also, the addition of the two-factor authentication will make it difficult for the hackers to hack the website.

7. WordPress Table Prefix - Vulnerable To Hackers

WordPress table prefix is the another way by which hackers can attack to your site. It is highly advisable to change the default WordPress table prefix. The wp table prefix is set to wp_ by default and it is known to each and every user of the WordPress. So, this is the reason why you can’t leave it as it will be the way for smart and intelligent hackers to use for their evil purpose. So, the best way to prevent such attack is to change the default table prefix to a random value like 88u7yt65%4@e. This will increase your site security. Another way to provide security is by using iThemes security. This process will do the necessary tasks to give a high level security. There is one more method which is manual method and not recommended as it is so much time consuming. So, if you don’t want to say that “my WordPress site has been hacked”, then just prevent it by giving such type of protection level.

8. Updating Plugins and Themes

One of the favourite way by which WordPress website keeps getting hacked is by the means of themes and plugins. You will be amazed but this is true that even the properly maintained WordPress themes and best plugins can have a security issue. You can minimize the security issues due to the best WP templates and plugins by using some of the methods. First of all, update the plugins and themes, if update is not available for few more months then look for another alternative. Try not to use the unnecessary themes or plugins. Avoid the installation of the themes and plugins from unknown resources.

Conclusion: -

It feels relaxing till our WordPress websites get hacked. We take it so casually that we don’t even have the idea what will it cost it to recover the website. This is the time when we get to know that how important it is to protect your site from getting hacked. Don’t wait for the ghost to haunt you. Just take the precautionary measures to protect your site.

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