Top 30 Best WordPress Themes For Nonprofits In The Market

Society needs everyone and everything that is in it. Every member of society rich, poor, healthy, or ill everyone deserves basic respect. This respect and a bearable life if provided by nonprofit organizations. These NGOs work collectively to resolve an issue in society without expecting in return. But work doesn’t happen without money. They need donations and some helping hands. A website could be the perfect place to find that. For this, we have gathered a list of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. These themes will help you set the website in no time. They are all reasonable and perfect choices.

The WordPress themes generally depend on making business and money. This involves glittery layout and words like buy now or get now. But for the NGOs the requirements change. The themes for nonprofits should have more generous look and involve words like humanity and help. You can find all that here.

First we have listed the WordPress themes from VWThemes. These 10 themes have all the things you want in them. VWThemes has a promising history of products. It has received quite good reviews from across the world. The best WP themes for nonprofits here are designed with special care. Plus every WordPress theme you see here is customizable and multipurpose. So you can choose any WordPress theme and use it for any other purpose. Such a vast freedom is provided by the VWThemes. They all are priced for 40$ only. It is a one time payment. You don’t need to subscribe to any plan.

Next, we have listed some of the Popular WordPress Themes in the market. These 20 themes are from different companies. These are the best-ranked companies in the world industry. You can read the description and decide which one to prefer.

Best WordPress Themes For Nonprofits by VWThemes!

VW Charity Pro:-


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Humans are different from other animals because they have emotions. Humanity is something that keeps us sane in this brutal world. That’s where charity comes and the need of a website! Via website you can gather large number of people for some charitable work. This premium Charity NGO WordPress theme will help you in making one website in no time. You just have to install it and add content. The theme is made with bootstrap framework which gives it robust functioning. It also has premium WordPress templates where you can sort the information.

Charity pro is mostly known for its rich features. These features will help you set your website simply. All these rich features are included in the website to make it look more charitable. To start with, it has bootstrap framework. This programming will give your website a strong base. On that base, you can build your website almost indestructible. Your website will become hard to hack and safe from the cyber-attacks. Another good feature is the SEO. The Search Engine Optimization of this WordPress themes for nonprofits is amazing. Your charitable website will always be in the top suggestions on every search engine.

We will list out the premium features for you!

  • It is made with Bootstrap framework. It has base of strong coding and programming done by HTML5 and CSS3.
  • The WordPress theme has customization feature to make it multipurpose.
  • It is SEO optimized which will help you with gaining more viewers and donations.
  • It has CTA buttons to make the website responsive. It will impact good on the user experience. The better UX gets better viewership and reach.
  • You can get this best WordPress theme for nonprofits for 40$ only.

VW Feminine Pro:-


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Feminine is a word which describes the mixture of grace and strength. This WordPress theme also expresses the same values. This VW premium Feminine WordPress theme has everything you want to create a wonderful website. It has attractive layout with elegant colors and fonts. This premium WordPress theme has several different sections for contact details, newsletters, reviews and social media icons. It has best WordPress templates to sort the information. This Feminine WordPress theme is SEO optimized. Plus it’s multilingual as well. You can get this WP theme for 40$ only here.

First of all the theme has well-coded base. The theme is coded as per the WordPress standards. It is made to work fine with all the WordPress version including the latest one. The theme format is constantly updated to fit in all kind of environment. Such highly coded theme will certainly give you better results with the user engagement and profits in money. Even though it is a non-profit organization without a convincing website no one will put their funds into charity. Just like the latest version of WordPress host the theme is compatible with all kinds of WordPress plugins as well.

Now, let’s take a look at some other premium features that this WordPress theme offers.

The theme has elegant layout with color options, more than 100 font family options, header, footer, widgets and background image.

  • It has templates, sections, sliders and gallery to sort the content, images and videos.
  • It is SEO optimized with responsive design. This will help you gain good rank on search engine and better engagement.
  • It has contact form7 and Woocommerce plugins which will help you with the contact pages and transactions.
  • It comes with ready-to-use layout interface.

VW Sirat Pro:-


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If you want to take your business on next level, you need a website. This Sirat WordPress theme can help you in establishing a well-functioning professional website. This best WordPress theme for nonprofits has everything you need. Elements from SEO optimization to multipurpose in design it has everything. It has several sections and best responsive WordPress templates to sort the information. The sliders have capacity of unlimited images and videos to showcase your work. It has Woocommerce plugin which will help you with transactions. The third party plugins are okay as well.

This best WordPress themes for nonprofits has been trusted by almost one million users around the world. The design of this theme is light weight. This helps it to function more swiftly and smoothly. With such fast responses and loading you can hold the viewer’s attention for longer time. This makes your website responsive. With some CTA buttons it will become the most responsive website in the nonprofit world. It will improve the UX of website and eventually better SEO rank. Being SEO optimized is very important for a website to survive. This theme gives you this optimization in great amount.

Let’s take a look at some premium features that it offers in bullet points!

  • This best WordPress theme for nonprofits has attractive layout with bright colors, stylish fonts and templates.
  • It is compatible with the third party plugins. So you can add any plugins you want in the website.
  • It has the customization feature with which it becomes the multipurpose theme. You can use it for other businesses as well.
  • Along with the attractiveness it has responsiveness. With the CTA buttons and fast loading it gives out the best experience.
  • The theme is SEO optimized. You don’t have to worry about the search engine rank if you are updating the website consistently.

VW Kids Pro:-


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Kids are high maintenance. That’s why there’s a whole industry dedicated to them. You need a website to promote your one. This premium Kids WordPress theme is a must have for creating a website. With this premium Kid WordPress theme you can create a professional and efficient website. This theme has SEO optimization with multipurpose and responsive design. It has the layout which is customizable and compatible with third party plugins. It also has some premium WordPress templates. You can use them for sorting out the info.

This best WordPress themes for nonprofits comes with premium templates. They all serve unique purpose in every non-profit template. You can use these ready-to-use demos to create a website for fundraiser, volunteering and events. They are one click install demos so you can get done with establishing the website quickly than usual. Every demo is designed according to your expectations. They also have customization feature. So you can make any changes you want into the layout design of the website. You can make these changes within few clicks. They are totally user friendly. Also you wouldn’t have to change the codes in order to make layout changes.

This best WordPress theme for nonprofits has a lot of premium features. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The Kids pro WordPress theme has elegant color scheme with over 100 font family options. You can choose any one of them and use it for your content.
  • The theme comes with slider. You can add unlimited photos and videos in this slider.
  • It has customization feature with which you can give your website the look you desire.
  • The theme has ready-to-use interface, so you just have to add content and set the website.
  • You can easily buy this WordPress theme for 40$ only

VW Start Up Pro:-


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The business hits its hardest time during the first phase. It is the start up phase. In this phase you put everything on stake. Not just business, but while opening charity organization takes the same efforts. That’s why you need the best support and marketing. This Start Up pro WordPress theme will help you do that. It has all the needed things that will help you make people trust your intuitions. This best WordPress themes for nonprofits has the premium features. They start from strong coding and end at your requirements. Whatever you need you can get it here.

You easily get this WordPress theme from internet. It is well priced to $40 only. This theme has very premium features to its collection. First of all it has responsive design. This design will help you get a lot attention online and hold it for your and people’s own good. It has CTA button to provide fast responses and fast loading speed to make people stay. This feature directly affects to your SEO rank and the theme with SEO optimization takes good care of it. Along with these benefits it has bunch of advanced features that will make your website pretty good performer.

  • The Start up pro WordPress theme offers a lot of exciting features. Here let’s take a look at them in points.
  • This theme is made with the bootstrap framework. The designers have made it with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • It has customization feature. This makes the WordPress theme multipurpose.
  • It is WPML and RTL supportive which makes it multilingual. So your website can be accessed and understood around the world.
  • The theme is responsive with the fast loading speed. It will help you with the user experience.
  • It has Woocommerce and contact form7 plugin. Along with this it is compatible with the third party plugins.

VW Writer Pro:-


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People still prefer reading to clear their mind and find answers. That’s why we have multiple websites to read awesome stuff. But to take your writings around the world, website is necessary. In this process this premium Writers WordPress theme will help you. This best WordPress theme will take out all your worries in a snap. It will take care of the looks and functions as well. You just have to install it and add content. With the premium WordPress templates you can sort the writings by their genre.

Writer pro is mostly known for being easy-to-use. The user friendly functionality of the theme makes it more popular among buyers. It has customization feature with which you can make any changes you want in the layout design. To make these changes you wouldn’t have to use any coding or change any basic programming. This sole feature makes this amazing theme free and flexible. Along with these exciting benefits the theme has a lot of premium features. This is the only place where you will get all premium benefits for free. It will surely blow your mind with its awesome results.

Now here are some premium features that it offers.

  • The best WordPress themes for nonprofits Writer pro has user friendly, viewer friendly, mobile friendly and browser compatible layout.
  • It has different sections for newsletters, social media icons, blog posts and contact page.
  • It has CTA buttons to give more responsiveness. It has fast loading speed as well.
  • With this premium WordPress theme you will get customer service and expert advice for free over a year.
  • It has different templates in which you can sort the content of your website. The templates can be enabled and disabled with just a click. Due to the customization feature you can do that quite easily.

VW Landing Page Pro:-


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Why is it important to have a website before launching anything? Its because as the launch happens the sells also have to go up. For having a perfect landing website you have to choose a WP theme for it. Here this Landing Page WordPress theme can be very helpful. In this WordPress theme you will get a lot of exciting features. It is SEO optimized with attractive, responsive and multipurpose design. It has customization feature by which you can use this for any other business by mere changes.

Landing Page pro has the awesome feature of custom post types. In these custom post types you can showcase details about your organization. You can highlight the ambition of your organization, what its working for and how you are making the society better. This will give them reasonable impression and make them donate some fund. Other than that it has visual composer, revolution slider and the event calendar plugin. You will get a lot of useful plugins bundled up with the theme. With these plugins you can ensure great functionality and better performance. You will have the freedom to add the plugins you want and desire into your website. You can do it in two simple steps, download and install.

Let’s sum up these premium features into main bullet points.

  • In this premium WordPress theme you will get several sections to organize the information about your NGO. You can create some pages with these in built sections.
  • The theme has customization feature. With this feature you will get the simple drag and drop functionality. It will make it easy for you to change the look of your website.
  • It has social media integration.
  • The theme comes with Woocommerce and Contact form7 plugins.
  • You can get Landing page pro for 40$ only.

VW Consulting Pro:-


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Sometimes its better to have an opinion other than ourselves to make a decision. Consultants are the people who give out this advice for money. But some of them work for the better of society as well. This Consulting WordPress Theme will help you establishing a digital platform where you can help others. It is design according to your expectations. It has a layout consisting of attractive, responsive and customizable design. It is multipurpose too. This premium WordPress theme is multilingual and SEO optimized. It also has premium WordPress templates.

Consulting Pro has unique header styles. With such variety you can design your website’s homepage header with care. It will give your website an attractive look. It also has the cause layout which will give you enough space to sort all the content. In this layout style you will get list and slider shortcodes to make it easy for you to organize everything. It also has the support and event template where you can showcase the activities done by your nonprofit organization. It has other templates as well which will help you in keeping things neat. The clean and sorted website makes it easy for viewers to navigate through it. It increases the user engagement and the SEO rank.

Lets take a look at the premium features that this Consulting Pro theme offers.

  • It is the ready to use WordPress theme which has sections and templates places exactly where they should be. You can move them if you want.
  • The theme is based on Bootstrap Framework programming. It makes the website strong and secure.
  • The WordPress theme is compatible with changes. It has customization to help you with it.
  • It is mobile friendly. So your viewers can access the website from any device.
  • It is multipurpose and multilingual as well. So you don’t have to worry about the viewership.

VW Health Coach Pro:-


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We need a guide in order to live straight and happy life. But not all us know exactly what to do when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. It is the essential part after all. So we approach to a health coach. If you want such people to reach you, then you will need a website. This premium Health Coach WordPress theme provide you the best solution for it. With the help of this best WP theme you can set up your website in few clicks. This theme is made to meet your expectations. Its fast, responsive and strong with coding. Each feature here makes it robust and flexible to use. This WP Health Coach theme is SEO optimized and has CTA that is Call To Action buttons to give fast response to your command. It is multipurpose too. Most importantly its affordable.

Health Coach Pro will make your website look reliable and professional. It has many such features that will help you get more attention and donations. It comes with the layout friendly to content, widgets, sliders, sections, photos and videos as well. You can even put an animation or graphic design to make it look more engaging. It has different section for blogs where you can easily post the articles related to the kind of work you do through your organization. It also comes with visual and panel composer plugin. With these you can easily organize the panels and visual representation of your work on your website.

The list of premium features it offers!

  • The theme is multilingual and can be accessed in any part of the world.
  • It is available for only 40$.
  • The theme has SEO optimization.
  • The theme has social media integration.
  • It has header, footer, widgets and templates you can choose.

VW Parallax Pro:-


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Business has become more efficient with internet. In this digital era marketing took a drastic turn. This premium Parallax WordPress theme can make your digital debut and business marketing even more easy and interesting. This best WordPress themes for nonprofits has all the essential features that you will need. It has several sections and best premium WordPress templates to sort the information. You can as many images as you want in it. It has Woocommerce plugin to help you with the online store.

Parallax Pro is also SEO optimized. So you don’t have to worry about gaining or maintaining your rank on the search engine. But you will have to put quality content to hold people’s attention. For that the theme helps as well. It has custom post type named cause which is the best choice when it comes to custom post types. It will help you putting and organizing the posts on your website. It has in built donation system as well. With the help of PayPal and other plugins it has made the donation process secure and simple. It also has stripe for payments. The Parallax pro is the best choice because it satisfies all the needs and expectations you have from your website.

Take a look at the list of the features it offers to you!

  • The WordPress theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3. They are bound with bootstrap framework. It will keep your website secure.
  • The theme has Woocommerce plugin which will help you with the transactions and keeping track of the donations.
  • It is compatible with other plugins as well. So you can add any of them.
  • The theme is SEO optimized with responsive layout.
  • It is priced at 40$ only.

The Add-ones available with the themes!

  • Woocommerce:- VWThemes have over 110 premium WordPress themes just for you. They have more than 10 best WordPress theme for nonprofits. All of them are loaded with premium features. One of the add ones that you will get here with a theme is Woocommerce. The Woocommerce plugin is not only just an add one, but also a way to keep finances secure from the fraud. It is ranked the best plugin for WordPress themes to manage the transactions. It is used in almost every WordPress theme. It is demanded from the users around the world. You will find the requirement in every WordPress theme in the market.

The Woocommerce plugin helps in keeping the sensitive data safe. On charity websites when the donations proceed, the information about bank accounts is shared. This can cause issue if leaked online. Woocommerce plugin secures it and make it un-hackable. It is the most important thing you should assure your doners.

  • Mega Menu:- Another premium element that VWThemes offer in their products is the Mega Menu. The Mega Menu is something that will enhance the look of your website. It is the something like a template. Here you can effectively showcase the photos and description about your cause. The Mega Menu can be set at the center of the website or on the either sides. It is decorated with bright colors, imagery, background image and stylish font. It also has CTA buttons to keep the content engaging. Through such decorated mega menu your viewers will get the exact idea of what it is about and why they should associate with it.

The Mega menu can be the eye candy of the homepage of your website. It will have all the information and tags that the viewers should know. It will give the website an attractive look. The viewers will be navigating through website easily.

  • VW Gallery Plugin:- One of the most important things in the website is the imagery. If you rely only of the content or texts then it will be hard for you to understand the audience. A picture can speak thousands of words in less space. That’s why it is very important to show people what your organization is about. With the VW Gallery plugin it will all become easy. The VWThemes have this in built plugin to help you with managing the imagery for website. With this plugin you can properly set the photos and videos about your organization. It is the perfect way to sort the photos in your website.

The VW Gallery Plugin takes care of the pictures you want to display. It can put them into slideshow or create a different page for it. No matter how many pictures you add, it won’t weight the website down. It will keep it fast and attractive.

Other Best WordPress Theme For Nonprofits In The Market!


The nonprofit word means an act to society where no profit is involved. It’s a way to give back to the society what we have using out of it. And to make this gesture more public you need a website. This best WordPress theme for nonprofit is the one that will help you do that. Charity as the name suggests is totally dedicated to the nonprofit work for the society. It is available for free and premium as well. You can easily get it on Themeforest. You can search for it on the internet and get it easily to establish your website.

  • It is device friendly. Your website will be available to viewers on any and all devices.
  • It has custom donation and multiple pledge options made in-built on the front end of your website.
  • You can add sections for blogs, newsletters, pricing table or photos and videos.
  • It has elegantly designed homepage layout.
  • You can even connect your social media accounts to the website to promote both on either platforms.  


It one of the best themes you will find for the non-profit organizations. This best WordPress themes for non-profit organizations is presented by WP Look Themes. You can get this theme easily from the internet for the mere price of 9$ per month. The theme has many premium features that make it a better choice. The price of the theme is just a start to on the road of impression.

  • This WordPress theme takes care of the one time or recurring donations just fine.
  • With this theme you can create custom share buttons. Also you can upload your custom logo to the website.
  • It has a progress bar with which you can manage and keep track of the donations made to your organization.
  • With the help of Event Manager Section you will be able to publish your organization’s work.
  • The layout of this theme has grid format. With this you can easily sort the content on your website.


The one thing that a WordPress theme needs to have is customization feature. It’s the freedom pass for users to make the complete use of given theme. That’s exactly what Astra offers. It is known for its customizable feature. Astra is one of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits organizations. The theme does justice to its reputation of the most customizable theme in the market. You can buy this amazing theme for only 47$.

Let’s see what other features Astra offers to you!

  • SEO friendliness counts as the most important feature of them all.
  • You can use any WordPress plugin to manage the website more efficiently.
  • It avoids jQuery with in-built JAVA script.
  • It is flexible with the changes that you want to make in the layout design of the website.
  • It has several different website templates which are ready-to-use.


If you are looking for a template that will make your website reach more people and do it faster, then you are at the right place. Alone is one of the fastest best WordPress Theme for nonprofits. It is mostly known for it’s responsiveness. It is a fully featured WordPress theme. With these features you can have a rich interface with modern facilities. You can get Alone easily on the internet. You can buy it for 59$ only. This deal is totally undeniable.

  • Wide choice from over 37 pre-built ready-to-use demos that can be installed in one click.
  • Customization feature to give you the freedom of creativity. With this simple feature you can make your website look the way you want.
  • Completely customizable homepage.
  • Revolution slider plugin to give your layout a perfect look.
  • It has colors, custom background, advanced typography, slider widgets and much more.


The WordPress themes we have mentioned here in the list are all well ranked on the internet. You can Google any name and find the exact same review somewhere else. Because they are the best! And one of them is Chariti! Chariti is indeed one of the best ranked premium WordPress themes in the internet. The reason why it’s the best WordPress themes of nonprofits is the features and benefits it offers to you. It is also the best premium WordPress theme to rank in GoodLayers list.

  • It has a member dashboard with which it gives full control of the website to the users.
  • With the admin dashboard you can easily manage the users, site functions and permissions.
  • It has the simple drag-and-drop functionality with which you can create an easy interface for users.
  • It has unlimited color options and over 22 header styles that will help you make the website look attractive.
  • It has several options that let you create the sections for your homepage.


What can be more nonprofit than something that’s free of cost? Well, nothing. It's basically goodwill for the people who have dedicated their lives to charity. That special feeling is presented by Benevolent. It is the best WordPress theme for nonprofits. You can get it completely free of cost. You can easily find it in the WordPress directory. The theme is made with a string programming base. But along with that the designers have given it a flexible interface. Also, Add Sticky Post Slider  WordPress.

  • It has CTA which is Call to Action buttons to increase the response rate on your website.
  • The theme comes with in-built statist counter.
  • It has a community section to give you a platform for connecting with people.
  • It has custom menu. Along with it you will get multiple footer areas, sidebar options and custom widgets.
  • It comes with full width slider and several sections to sort the content.

Charity Foundation:-

Your nonprofit website needs all the premium features an ecommerce website has. They all make a good impact on viewers and increase your reach. That’s why we introduce you to Charity Foundation. It is the best premium WordPress themes for nonprofits. You won’t regret getting this theme to set up your website. You can get this theme easily from the internet. Themeforest would be a good place to start looking. You can buy this amazing WordPress theme for nonprofit for 54$.

  • It has the simple drag and drop functionality which will allow you and your viewers to navigate through your website easily.
  • With custom donation plugin you will be giving your potential doners an easy way to do something good for society.
  • It has a facility to create a donation form where viewers can use PayPal to make the donations for certain cause.
  • It comes with a visual composer.
  • It has custom post types.


The name itself tells a lot about the theme. It is indeed a good wish for the people who want to make this society better. The GoodWish offers a lot of premium features that can make the establishment of website easier for you. You will never look back to another theme if you get this one. It is one of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits for reasons. This premium WordPress theme is charged only 69$.

  • With the given 6 premium header styles you can organize your content in very clean manner.
  • In the given in built event calendar you can showcase photos or videos of the events and activities you do.
  • Get the free version of GiveWP plugin.
  • The theme comes with two single page layouts which you can use to set up your website pages.
  • It has the cause layout which is apt for nonprofit websites.


Even if the work that your organization do is for other people’s good, it needs funds to run the whole thing. These funds come from people who are interested in donating some amount of their money. But there are a lot of such organization promising the same. So you need a bit professional approach to the process of reaching out to people. Dreamer offers your exactly that. This best WordPress themes for nonprofit will give you each and every element that you need to make it professional.

  • The theme is completely compatible with the premium Woocommerce plugin.
  • With the help of its visual composer plugin you can easily build an attractive page for your website.
  • It has customizable headers and menus where you can showcase the work of your organization.
  • With compatible features and plugin it makes the navigation on website simple and easier.
  • You can get this amazing WordPress theme for nonprofits for 49$ only.


One of the most prominent names you will be hearing the industry of WordPress themes is Ultra. This best WordPress theme is also the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. Ultra has quite a reputation in the market. You will find this WordPress theme easily if you just search for it on any online platform. You can get this theme for the mere price of 59$ only. This WordPress theme will not only help you reach more people, but make an impact on society with your website.

  • It is totally compatible with the Woocommerce plugin.
  • It has Site Origin page builder. It is one of the most efficient and easy page builder plugin which will help you build the website even faster.
  • It has more than 40 custom widgets style for you to sort your content it and organize it in neat manner.
  • It comes with ready-to-use demos.
  • You can easily upload and change your logo.

Charity Hub:-

If you are looking for a WordPress theme which is responsive and lightweight, then we have a perfect choice for you. Charity Hub is the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. The designers of this website theme have made it strong at coding yet light weight to carry all your data online. It is pretty responsive as well. Your viewers will have better experience with it. The better user experience they will get, the better rank your website will get on the SEO.

  • It has custom post type of cause which will help you in sorting the content on your website.
  • It comes with almost unlimited color options.
  • You can even showcase the parallax videos on the background of the website.
  • There are two payment services PayPal and Stripe which you can use for donations.
  • You can get this WordPress theme for only 59$.

NonProfit Theme:-

This best WordPress theme for nonprofits is made just for this purpose. It is also named NonProfit Theme. The theme is presented by Organic themes. It is ranked as the best WordPress theme on the digital platform. You can easily find this theme on any WordPress theme website. The designers of this theme have made it considering the need for the non profit organization. It is totally focused on making the good efforts of these NGOs’ highlight to the world. You can simply go to the website and download it on one click.

  • You can easily capture recurring donations with GiveWP plugin.
  • The layout has slide templates in which you can showcase the photos and videos or other content about the activities in your NGO.
  • The theme has Team Member template.
  • It comes with Woocommerce plugin to help you secure the transactions.
  • You can get this amazing WordPress theme for 69$ per year.


When it comes to premium WordPress themes, very few names are must to consider. Peak is one of them! This best WordPress theme for nonprofit will give you premium features in less price. While focusing more on viewer’s experience, it doesn’t disappoints you as provider. It has plugins and templates that will make your website navigation friendly. The admin dashboard has all the elements that you need to organize and maintain your website. You will be able to make any changes in the layout design without changing the codes.

  • The WordPress theme is compatible with Woocommerce plugin.
  • You can easily and simply build website pages with Site Origin page builder offered by Peak.
  • It comes with more than 40 custom widgets which will help you present your work visually on the website.
  • It has sections, counters, testimonial slider and even calendar to keep your activities updated.
  • You can get this best WordPress theme for nonprofits for 49$ only.

TS Charity:-

In the world of premium WordPress themes you might be surprised by this one. TS Charity WordPress theme truly believes on the purpose of its existence. It is one of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. And it is free! This WordPress theme is free of cost and you can download it from anywhere on the internet. TS Charity is available for free, but if you don’t want to get it for free then you can pay the mere price of 9$ for it. Yes! It is just 9$. One time payment! You will not find such a great deal anywhere else on this digital universe.

  • It comes with the testimonial module with which you can easily spread the word about your work and organization.
  • The theme has social media integration.
  • The WordPress theme is totally compatible with the Woocommerce plugin.
  • It is also supportive of other third party plugins.
  • You can get this theme for 9$ only.


When we think about non profit organizations or the charity we think old fashion way. But with time charity changed. Now it doesn’t beg you to donate, it just needs to feel the right place to fulfil people’s wish to do good for society. This can be done impressively with Elephant. With this WordPress theme you can prove that you are that legitimate place. With the amazing features that it offers, you will be glad that you found it. The VW Theme Bundle has all the SEO Optimized WordPress Themes with premium features you want.

  • You can easily add contact page, newsletter and subscription form in the website with the help of WPForms plugin.
  • This WordPress theme will help you with gaining and managing the donations with GiveWP plugin.
  • You can increase your reach with the mobile friendliness of the WordPress theme.
  • It comes with multiple header templates, blog layouts and color options.
  • You can Elephant the premium best WordPress theme for nonprofits for only 59$.


To run your NGO really good, you need a medium that will help you grow. A website can be that medium if you have all the basics covered. One way to do that is to get a WordPress theme. And BigHearts is the best choice for you. It is one of the best WordPress theme for nonprofits. It is best known for the responsiveness, mobile friendliness and other modern features. All of these features will help you organization grow not only at your country, but in the world.

  • It is totally compatible with the Elementor page builder.
  • It has the customization feature with which you can easily change the layout.
  • The theme comes with drag and drop visual composer as well.
  • It is modern feature rich WordPress theme with responsive layout design.
  • You can easily get this amazing theme for 39$ only.


The WordPress theme for nonprofits need all the feature that any website needs. It has to be responsive, fast and attractive. It is quite hard to find everything at one place. But we have researched and listed out the ones that can fulfil your wish. Onath is one of those choices you won’t regret making. It has all the elements that you want in your website. It has responsiveness with fast loading speed and flexibility of customization.

  • Drag and drop Power builder to help you create the website without the mess of codes and programming.
  • It has several templates and elements with which you can create the webpages efficiently.
  • Even if its build by Template Monster it has Visual Composer which will help you setting up the design of website.
  • It provides multiple layout options and custom widgets as well.
  • You can get this WordPress theme for 59$ only.


Divi is one of the most famous WordPress theme providers. They have a theme for everything. That’s why it is obvious for it to get listed in the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. It is one of the most multipurpose WordPress themes you will find in this arena. By multipurpose it means you can use this same theme to create a website for an eCommerce store or a food website as well.

  • You can customize the functionality of your website with more than 40 modules. Because of which it becomes multipurpose.
  • It has Charity layout pack which in ready-to-use design for your website to help you set it up within minutes.
  • The in built blog module will help you improve the SEO of your website.
  • It has Call To Action buttons, sliders, testimonials, forms and blog pages.
  • You can get this premium WordPress theme for only 89$ per year.



The name itself does holy. You can understand by the choice of the name that it had devoted completely to the noble cause. Bethlehem is the best WordPress theme you can find for the charity organization. This best WordPress theme for nonprofits will provide you with all the elements you need to create the website. It is lightweight so you can stop worrying about the loading speed and responsiveness. It has taken care of it. It brings premium and powerful elements to your website. So you can take your good cause organization to the world.

  • The WordPress theme is completely compatible with Woocommerce plugin.
  • You can boost your registrations with the Event Calendar plugin.
  • It has Slider Revolution plugin to share images and videos of the activities you conduct.
  • It comes with drag and drop visual composer to help you with designing the website layout.
  • You can get this Bethleheim WordPress theme for 59$ only.


If you are looking for a WordPress theme that can do all the work and gets you off of all the worries, then you are at the right place. LoveUs is an excellent WordPress theme that will do it all for you. It is one of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits. The name may give away the sweetness of the purpose behind this WordPress theme. But it is stronger than how it looks. The designers of this theme have made it the strongest of them all. LoveUs has all the required elements for the website.

  • It gives your viewers a fast and light weight experience.
  • The WordPress theme comes with over 9 homepage layouts.
  • It has Instagram feed embed option with which you can connect your Instagram account with website and increase your viewership.
  • With donation progress bar your can track the donation.
  • You can get this theme for 39$ only.

VW Theme Bundle

VWThemes has a collection of over 110 premium WordPress themes. All of these themes can be bought for 40$ each. But there’s a way that you can get all of them for reasonable price. The VW WP Theme Bundle exists just for this purpose. This is the bundle of all the premium themes presented by VWThemes. It has premium WordPress theme for bakery to charity and from business to fitness. You can select any of these themes and use it for your website. You can even get a theme for your personal portfolio. There you can showcase your work in any profession in effective way.

The VW Theme Bundle has all the SEO Optimized WordPress Themes with premium features you want. All of these themes are multipurpose and multilingual. So you can use them in any country and it can reach anywhere in the world. This amazing theme bundle is available for only 99$. So hurry up and get it!

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