WordPress Settings That Can Improve Website Functionality

WordPress is by far the best web development platform. WordPress has a record of providing an exact solution for your website trouble. It can be too complicated for the ones who don’t know anything about coding and programming. But that’s why we have WordPress themes making companies who provide such products establish the website in no time. In this blog, we will see some WordPress Settings to make the functioning of your website smoother.

But to get into the world of websites, you have to know a bit about WordPress too. WordPress has two hosts on which you can build your website, WordPress.org, and WordPress.com! On WordPress.com you will get a ready-made theme to set information about your business. But you won’t have any authority over it. You won’t be able to change the layout or fix it if it breaks.

 You will have to take some expert help which costs a lot. OnWordPress.org you will get the tools you need and the platform. You will have to build a website for your right from coding. But you can use other WordPress themes to make it easy. WordPress themes come with a well-coded base and attractive design with exciting features.

So all you have to do is add content to it. You will have complete authority over your website and the company you are buy WordPress themes from will help you with the maintenance.

Apart from all these visible features, there are some inbuilt WordPress Settings that you should know. These WordPress options will make the work more efficient for you.

What are these WordPress Settings and how you can utilize them?

  • Live Preview

Choosing the right WordPress theme will take your time and energy. But once you make the choice it all gets easy. WordPress is the most used and easily customizable web development platform. That’s why even if you get a ready-to-use WordPress theme you can turn it into something you desire.

While customizing the theme, you might want to change the whole look of your website. Or your website might break down and you need to get another WordPress theme to fix it immediately.

In this situation, you won’t have the time to put the current working website on maintenance mode and make the changes. So while buying another responsive WordPress theme you can just test it live and take a preview of how your website will look.

To get these WordPress Settings of Live preview, go to Dashboard and into Appearance go to Themes. There you will find a live preview button. Click on it and done.

  • Customizer

WordPress gives a lot of scope for customization. When you install and activate a WordPress theme you get a WP Settings for customization. It will make the whole customization process quite easy for you.

For enabling this WordPress option you need to follow an only a couple of easy steps. First, go to Dashboard and select Appearance. In the drop-down bar select customizer. There you will get plenty of options where you can customize the whole look of your website. Right from the templates to title and logo everything!

  • Jetpack

Jetpack can be the ‘jackpot’ for you. This WordPress option will help you in all manners. You just need to activate it and unlock the easiest ways to get work done.

This Jetpack comes with a total of 36 in-built WordPress Settings. In which you will get 9 social features, 8 writing features, 8 appearance enhancing features, and 3 developers options. Here you will get WordPress options for custom content types, WP.me Shortlinks, custom forms, subscriptions, and many more.

  • Akismet

This is one of the best WordPress options that you can get. This Akismet plugin will help you in protecting your website from spam. Spams are a way for hackers to enter your system. This plugin prevents them from existing on your website.

This plugin checks the spam comments and messages from the website and automatically filters them. After activating this Akismet plugin you don’t even need to look into it. It operates automatically.

You just need to copy the API key from Akismet. Click the activate button to make it work. It will take away your spam worries.

  • Import-Export

This WordPress option will help you in managing the posts. With this, you can easily import your posts mentioned on other blogs. You can import posts as well as comments from other blogging platforms. You can import features to convert features categories to tags and vice versa.

With these WordPress options, you can also export the posts and comments to other platforms. You can export the content with this WordPress Settings very efficiently.

  • Text editor

This WordPress option helps you with managing the text HTML files. The content on the website becomes easy to edit with a Text editor. Along with the visual editor, this text editor will help you in managing the content on the website.

It will give you more control over the content. It will allow you to add complex HTML elements to your website content.

  • Media Settings

These WordPress options will help you in managing the images, videos, background images, and graphics on your website. There will be three sizes normal size, thumbnail size, and large size. You can set the dimensions as they suites to you by using this WordPress option.

Just go into Settings and in Media, you will find all the options you need.

  • Feeds

This WordPress Settings will help you with improving the SEO of your website. That means it will promote your website and its content to others searching for a similar thing. These WordPress feeds will make your website reach more and more people.

WordPress has 5 types of RSS feeds. They are as follows- RSS 0.92 feed, RDF/RSS 1.0 feed, RSS 2.0 feed, RSS 2.0 comment feed, and Atom feed. You can easily manage the viewership with these WordPress feeds.

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