The Best 8 WordPress Podcast Plugins For Online Podcast Website



Today, podcasts are setting up myriads on the web, giving rise to podcast listeners. Yes, a website with podcast shows or episodes is more likely to engage users. This is a modern-day content marketing tool that easily helps capture leads when used on a website. 

Interestingly, Google is also routing it into the search engine criteria list. So, there are higher chances of getting the best search engine ranking when used on a website. Running podcast shows and adding to the website are made simpler with WordPress. You simply need to use the WordPress Podcast Plugins to slay on digital media. Using podcast plugins is not just adding podcast shows to the website; it gives you more than you thought. It helps in displaying RSS feeds of podcast shows, embedding podcast players, and sharing subscription options. So, are you ready to explore the finest range of the best podcast plugins? 

Presenting Exciting Range of the Best WordPress Podcast Plugins 

The WordPress Podcast Plugin is a tool that streamlines adding and managing podcasts on the website. These plugins come with multiple functionalities to add media players, display RSS feeds, podcast episodes, and more. The only motive is to enhance the podcasting experience for the users and the site owners too. Using podcast plugins does not require any technical skills, as they are user-friendly. 

1. WavePlayer 

Complement your WordPress website by adding a podcast player using this WavePlayer plugin. This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to adding audio players and podcasts to a website. The plugin creates a complete aura with its highly engaging design and features for podcasting. 

It comes with a completely responsive and customizable interface, so podcasts fit easily on every screen. The HTML5-supportive plugin has numerous skin colours with light and dark modes to adapt. The customizable interface lets you add tracks and style podcast players without any codes. Gutenberg Editor and Elementor are integrated, making it easier to add podcast and audio players. Additionally, it is compatible with most of the WordPress themes and WooCommerce. 

Key features 

  • The plugin is well-maintained, with responsive HTML5 features and colour skins. 
  • It comes in light and dark modes, with multiple styling options for adding podcast players. 
  • It is compatible with various free as well as premium WordPress themes, Woocommerce, and page builders. 

2. Audier 

Bringing on another well-furnished plugin to add customizable audio and podcast players to your site. Audier comes with a brilliantly colourful interface and a customizable audio player for Elementor. The plugin holds a set of customizable widgets to add audio and podcast players to your site. It has a customizable interface along with a mobile-friendly design. Your podcast or audio player is easily accessible on every device without any clutter. 

The WordPress Podcast Plugins allows you to add self-hosted or external links to the player list. It comes with advanced functionality that lets you customize the podcast players. There is no limit to adding podcast players to the website, with numerous buttons to manage. Users can either pause or enable any of the players by just pressing the right button. Enchanting sound system with keyboard controls like sound setting, loop controls, shuffling, and more. Editing and customizing are all done using the Elementor Page Builder plugin. 

Key features 

  • The plugin is fully customizable, with various playlists and sound controls to add. 
  • It is completely user-friendly and works responsively on every screen size. 
  • The podcast player with this plugin supports self-hosted media or external links too. 

3. Brona Audio Player with Playlist Elementor Widget 


Brona is another expert and professional when talking about adding a podcast playlist to your site. This tool is completely Elementor-friendly and adds a customized widget for audio and podcast players. The tool supports modern functionalities with a stylish range of features to enhance audio players. You can add customized audio playback, Soundcloud music, personal device music, and more. Also, it supports tracks from external sources like YouTube, Google Drive, and more. 

As it comes with Elementor support, features are unlocked in the form of blocks. Even it supports the creation of a complete playlist in no time with intelligent playlist features that add bulk tracks. Adding tracks, along with titles, artists, descriptions, and more, is done in no time using this tool. Plus, the player can be easily added to any page or fitted to any device screen without any lag. 

Key features 

  • This stylish audio player tool comes with external sound-adding features. 
  • The player can be easily added, moved, or placed anywhere on the site with its responsive nature. 
  • It supports intelligent playlist creation, letting you add bulk audio files along with adding details. 

4. Podcast Player 

The Podcast Player plugin is a highly interactive podcast and audio player plugin on this list. It can be called a companion to add or showcase podcasts or audio players on your site. It is a lightweight and creative tool to enhance the listening experience for users visiting podcast shows on your site. What you need to do is provide the podcast URL, and the tool will take care of the rest. Even so, it ensures a responsive design so that the player is easily accessible on any screen device. 

Setting up podcast shows or any audio player is simple using this tool. You simply need to provide the URL, and the player will search the podcast show for you. It comes with a customizable interface and a set of controls to manage podcasting. Various control buttons like pause, speed controllers, shuffle, and loop are there for users to manage the player. Also, it comes with subscription features so that users can subscribe to popular platforms like YouTube. This ultimately helps users stay connected with your podcast players. 

Key features 

  • The podcast player tool is lightweight and easy to use for beginners, too. 
  • It supports a responsive interface so that the podcast player is easily accessible on any screen. 
  • It comes with a customizable interface so that you can customize the look and button controls easily. 

5. WavePods 

WavePods is a highly creative and stylish UI-integrated podcast player plugin on the web. This is a plugin created for multi-creators or multi-vendors, ensuring a great user experience without any quality issues. It has a clean background interface with stylish font and colour schemes. The entire interface is easy to customize without using any codes. Responsive design is again measured when it comes to adding a podcast player to any screen size. 

Apart from this, this WordPress Podcast Plugins comes integrated with 10+ popular payment gateways for subscribers. Smart payment gateway options help users easily subscribe to your premium podcast shows. And thus, you can easily earn money from users purchasing podcast subscriptions. Further, it is well integrated with SEO, live chat, and reports, ensuring a smooth user experience. Also, the plugin has a high-end security system that keeps the user's data safe no matter what. Multiple language support is there so that global users can connect and listen to podcasts easily. 

Key features 

  • This is a UI-designed podcast plugin, making it easier for even beginners to use. 
  • It comes with 10+ payment gateways, ensuring safer online subscriptions. 
  • It even allows two-factor authentication, ensuring safe logins for the users. 

6. DTPocketFM 

Then comes the DTPocketFM application tool, enriched for music streaming and podcast websites. This is a feature-rich application tool that is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. This professional music streaming platform comes with a set of customizable features to add podcasts and music shows to the site. 

The user-friendly interface allows users to explore any type of music on the internet and listen anywhere. Not only this, users are allowed to explore stories, audiobooks, and various games too. A seamless user experience is the only motive for providing an intuitive interface along with easy navigation controls to use. 

Its powerful audio and podcast streaming abilities let users play with music controls like play, pause, and more. Also, it ensures smooth and uninterrupted music streaming by allowing you to play music in the background. Even the admin users can easily manage podcast shows or control music streaming. The tool even connects with Google Analytics, keeping track of the users' listening. 

Key features 

  • This application-based tool provides versatile solutions to add various music streaming and podcast shows. 
  • It comes with an easily controllable admin panel connecting to Google Analytics. 
  • It is a completely user-friendly tool, even accessible to Android and iOS users.

7. PodLive


Introducing the most unique and complete entertainment application with a live TV and podcasting experience. This is the modern-day tool engaging global users to stay connected with live TV and podcast shows. This application can be easily utilised on Android and iOS platforms. It comes with real-time video experience features and a responsive design to cater to It features live streaming and a live podcasting experience for users to stay gripped by the new content. 

Furthermore, the tool has a stunning homepage, giving it all that is required for a complete music streaming app. Also, certain customization controls can be easily applied without any codes. It comes with interactive banner layouts, live TV options, podcasts, and more menus to explore. It even allows premium subscription offers so that solid revenue can be generated easily. Further, premium features ensure a great user experience and stay updated with the latest trends. 

Key features 

  • PodLive supports all sorts of music streaming, podcasts, and live TV shows. 
  • The design is completely responsive and can be accessed on Android and iOS platforms. 
  • There are subscription controls so that the owner can easily generate revenue with live TV and podcast channels. 

8. Pods 

Last on our list of the best WordPress podcast plugins is the Pods podcast player application. Pods is developed as a podcast player and music streaming application for Android and iOS devices. It comes with the latest Flutter 3.3 version, giving its contribution to UI template designs. The design is completely user-friendly, and even beginners would love to add it to their devices or websites. Podcasting and music streaming can’t be this simple when you have pods with you. 

The entire interface is colourful and filled with a lot of creative menu items to serve. Template kits are updated every two weeks with a new template, and the latest one is the premium version. Further on, the podcast player design can be easily customized with the available features. It has an advanced design system with customizable fonts, colour schemes, and organized layers. It comes with pre-designed sections like home, product, search, discover, and more. The application lets you customize them all with ease. And of course, this tool is responsive enough to fit its layout on every screen. 

Key features 

  • The application is perfectly compatible with the latest Flutter 3.3 version. 
  • It comes with UI template designs that make it easier to insert podcasts and music streaming on your site. 
  • The entire application is easy to customize and comes with pre-designed pages for music streaming. 

Finding the Best WordPress Theme That Fits Podcasting Websites 

The above most skilled and professional podcast plugins and applications are a must-use. You might have seen that some tools are compatible with most WordPress themes too. Plugins won’t easily function until and unless you have chosen the right theme for your podcast website. And finding the right theme for a podcast website is like finding a needle in the sand. 

But you have got our back, as we are taking you to one of the most popular premium WordPress themes by VW Themes:

The premium Audio Podcast WordPress theme is brilliantly crafted for hosting podcasts and audio websites. The theme is made with the latest WordPress versions, giving a kick to your niche on the web. It holds your music, podcast, or music brand websites in such a way that even professionals will be surprised. It owns your website with the latest template and layout designs with easy customizations to apply. All you need to do is get this theme and start building your music website. You can either start from scratch or simply use the demo content to customize, and it's ready.

Its template designs come with pre-designed inner pages, making your work simpler. The attached plugins, like Woocommerce, make it more functional. You can use widgets, custom animations, and more styling features to innovate the site. Woocommerce is attached, offering subscription plans to boost revenue for your podcast. Additionally, it comes with SEO, social media icons, and a responsive design. 


That was all about knowing about the best WordPress podcast plugins for podcast websites. Owning a music, podcast, or multimedia firm isn’t easy in this digital world. You need to be active offline as well as digitally. Well, the ratio is diverted to digital media more, as people these days are more on the web than purchasing CDs. Being online is the best thing you can have for your niche today. 

Building a podcast website becomes easier when you have the right assets for it. And this is what the above blog is inclined toward. We have made a complete list of the best podcast plugins to help you add podcasts and audio players to your site. It seems pretty easy when you have the right podcast plugins with you. Also, don’t forget to look at the premium audio podcast theme by VW Themes. This highly creative theme can help in building a unique podcast website. Buying a WordPress Theme Bundle unlocks an opportunity of getting 240+ premium themes at a very affordable price. Whether you are an audio podcaster, video vlogger or musician you get theme related to every niche with sleek functionality and modern design layout. So what you're waiting for? Buy now!

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