Get The Help Of Experts Through WordPress Phone Support

WordPress is a fantastic platform and the most popular CMS present. Working with WordPress is extremely easy and its supportive nature makes it ideal for novices as well as beginners. Many users might face some difficulties initially and that is why there is WordPress phone support. Also, Get The Help Of Experts Through WordPress Phone Support and Make Successful Online Store with VW Themes.

Before Asking For WordPress Phone Support, Understand This:

WordPress is an open-source platform that welcomes everyone to create a theme, plugin or contribute to its core, fix the bugs, or suggests any better modification. This free platform brings more free WP Themes as well as plugins.

How Do I Get Support From WordPress?

If you already have a paid plan, you can use the ‘Contact Support’ form. The annual Premium, Business, as well as eCommerce plans include live chat support. All the monthly plans and Personal plans provide Email support. If there are chatters available, you will be able to chat and get help from us. Otherwise, we will get your message and it will be followed by an email follow-up.

  • in case you are not having a paid plan, you will be able to post the queries and questions on our community forums.
  • for any help regarding the CSS, you can ask for help and advice in the CSS Customization forum.
  • in case you need help for Jetpack plugin, contact Jetpack support.
  • if you want support with REST API, you should refer to the developer’s documentation.


There are many helpful resources that you might want to take a look at before approaching WordPress phone support. So before reaching the support, you must take a look at the documentation since the WP site has a lot of great documentation that includes answers to many questions. There are many videos, screenshots, and walkthroughs present that give details regarding many of the generalized questions and issues that any WordPress user may encounter while using So well before you contact the support team, just go through the documentation and you might find something useful that answers your doubts and queries.

WordPress Forums Forums provide great support to WP users. A lot of active members are there in the forum. There are many volunteers ready to help you. As many of the volunteers are experienced users who did start just like you, you will definitely get some important and helpful tips that will help you out with most of your queries and questions. Be sure to make use of the search feature present on the forum where you will be able to provide previous discussions that are able to provide an appropriate solution to your problem.

Timeline To Support Requests:

We try really very hard to support the requests submitted within 24 hours. But sometimes we do get a bit behind as the number of requests is in huge numbers. To make sure that we get back to you with a solution, please include the following details that will help us understand your issue.

  • URL of your website with which you’re having trouble
  • The URL to any specific posts, images, pages that is causing the trouble.
  • All the details regarding what you have done and what went wrong for you
  • Tell us what error message you saw.
  • Your username and associated email address in case you are having trouble with a user account.
  • A screenshot of your problem will help

Live Support Through Chat

The annual premium plan gives you access to live chat from Monday to Friday 24 hours a day. The Business or eCommerce plan provides access to live chat 24/7. You do get access to live chat by clicking on the question mark icon present in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard. Just fill out the form and click Chat With Us.

In case all our operators are busy, you will see the option of Submit Support Ticket instead of the option Chat With Us.through email also you can send your request or wait a few minutes unless you see the pop-up message informing that one of the operators is available for chat. That button is automatically going to change to Chat with Us.

Localized Support Available

We also offer localized support via email. And this is offered to Premium and Personal plan users in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Swedish. In order to access the localized support, you can change the interface language to any of the above-given languages.

WordPress Phone Support

We don’t like to say it but we hardly provide any on-call or phone support. WordPress phone support is not available as all the support work is done through the medium of online communication. As we often refer to the links as well as screenshots in our online communication, this becomes a lot easier for us to assist and help you. Support

Many of you might be running your own copy of WordPress software with a different host. So we recommend approaching your host first for any kind of help. In case you have issues or trouble with a WP theme or plugin, it is better to reach out to the support team directly. You can always search the documentation first and reach out to the forums present on for help.

You will often see that most of the free WordPress themes or plugins are developed by individual developers so you can least expect any support from them unless they are selling it at a price. Though most of the developers are going to help especially if they are offering premium products, at a certain point, they will be looking to get paid for the extra support.

Wrapping Up:

A lot of help is available for WordPress users. You can get help from the online WordPress community, look for support from experts or developers in case you are using any paid theme or plugin, and of course, documentation is always there. We do not have WordPress phone support as we can efficiently provide you with solutions through online communications. The forums present at can prove useful as you can receive help from the entire WordPress community.

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