7 WordPress Errors You Need To Know With Their Solutions

WordPress Errors

We all know that WordPress is the most preferred platform for people worldwide to construct websites. So, while making websites, it’s normal to come across WordPress errors. If you want to stay away from the messy coding part and WordPress files, you can approach WordPress professionals. VWThemes could be your next stop where you can get quality Premium WordPress Themes to develop beautiful sites on several clicks. Kick away WordPress errors by outsourcing the WordPress development of your website. In case, you want to dig your own hands into it, this article will help you out. Here, you will come across some of the common WordPress errors.

Error that establishes a database connection

Database Connection Error


Generally, this error arrives while installing WordPress. Well, you can guess from the name itself – this error does not let you connect to your database. This error can be caused due to an error in the wp-config.php file, web hosting problem, hacking and many other reasons.


You need to fix your wp-config.php file. Check for the database information in that file.
If your wp-config.php file is correct, check the web hosting. Find out if your database has overreached its quota. Get to know the temporary issues related to the server.

If there are no issues with your hosting server, move further to make your website prepared from hackers. You can install plugins in concern with the hacking attacks.

Your email is not working or you lost the Admin password


This is another one of the most frequently arriving WordPress errors. As there are many passwords to keep in mind, it’s a normal human tendency to forget some of them. Sometimes, the passwords are tough to remember. However, it’s a bit difficult in WordPress to recover or make another password. You got through the “forgot password link”, entered the email address, but no link for password change appeared in your email id. This situation sometimes happens.


Go to the database section in Cpanel, open phpMyAdmin. Go to your database name. Some tables are available on the right tab. There, go to wp-users and start browsing. You will find a row that has complete details of your username. Now, in the user_pass column, you can change the password.

Connection timed out error


Generally, this error occurs on a heavily shared server. It may occur due to heavy plugins or themes, bugs in the theme functions, or due to the exhaustion of PHP memory. Such WordPress errors are common.


By simply uninstalling the bulky plugin or moving to a simple WordPress theme, you can get rid of this error.

Missing stylesheet


It happens that after buying the WordPress, we face the situation “Theme install failed”. The reason for this could be either you trusted a fraud source or you missed uploading an important theme folder.


Check whether your theme folder has a sub-directory or not. Look for the folder that has your theme name. Zip that folder. Then upload it through WordPress or FTP.

Internal Server Error

internal server error


Sometimes, this error appears as “Internal Server Error” or as “500 Internal Server Error”. The server is unable to identify the problem.


Identify the corrupt .htaccess file. Rename it then load your WordPress website. The error will be solved if it’s related with your .htaccess file. If this is not the case, you can increase your PHP memory limit.

404 Page Error


The 404-page errors take place generally because of faulty permalink settings. This is one of those WordPress errors that almost everybody is familiar about.


For fixing WordPress 404 error make modifications in your permalinks. Go to permalinks in settings. Select the relevant option and save it. Then, check if the error is still appearing.

Resource Limit Reached Error

Resource Limit Is Reached


Generally, the hosting services permit only a certain amount of storage, transfer as well as user traffic. An error message is generated when the limits are reached.


In order to get rid of this error, you will need to upgrade your account

You may face such types of errors in your WordPress website which is somehow difficult to tackle. You need to keep patience and work on them by applying proper solutions.

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