The 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins for 2023


Are you planning to construct an online directory web URL?

That’s great. But did you research how it would be possible?

Because constructing such websites from scratch is quite a tedious job. The WordPress Directory Plugins can make this job easier. Today we will be presenting the top-notch WordPress Directory Plugins for you in this article. We can assist you in making a decision about which one to choose.

Before proceeding, we are assuming that you all are aware of the idea behind the web directory. But still, we are trying to convey the primary definition of it for those who are unaware of the concept.

“An online directory website is like a list index that is created to help visitors explore businesses, services, products, and more. It is just like a telephone directory that we all use to find the contact number of a particular person in the city in the past.”

7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

1. GeoDirectory

Let’s travel to our guide to the finest WordPress Directory Plugin information.

As the name suggests the GeoDirectory is the plugin that is introduced to develop a location-based commerce web directory. GeoDirectory is an excellent plugin among the other WordPress Directory Plugins that has the potential to convert any WordPress website into a useful commerce directory. It is the best choice if you want an accomplished plugin to create a Web directory URL.


Prime Attributes:

  • Move directory data by using CSV import and export options
  • Drag-and-drop interface to construct directory listings for you.
  • Simple to style directory using available themes.
  • Location management system.
  • Tweak the appearance of search results and single listing pages.
  • Search results determined by a certain place
  • Permits users to rate listings
  • Combine with the Ninja Forms to connect with other CRMs and
  • Merges with page builders like Divi
  • Incorporates s with popular SEO Plugins like RankMath.
  • WooCommerce supportive.
  • Monetizes your website with the premium Add-ons, sets up recurring payments, and allows business owners to claim listings.
  • Compatible with Multisite for creating a directory network.

GeoDirectory Cost: Free, Premium version is $229 a year

2. Business Directory Plugin

It is one of the simplest WordPress Directory Plugins ever. You can easily control or govern the different kinds of directory websites. It doesn’t require any code to list out the services, products, or businesses. A comprehensive plugin can deliver a quality directory URL for free of cost. trusted payment support and the potential to create analytics on the basis of lists.


Prime Attributes:

  • Monetize your directory using, PayPal, or Stripe
  • Hold up WPML for multilingual directories
  • SEO friendly and combined with Yoast SEO
  • Listing filtration by location
  • Qualify rating and reviews with proper schema markup
  • Empower users to upload files and control the file types that they can insert into listings

Business Directory Plugin Cost- Free, premium version is available from $149 per year.

3. AWP Classified

AWP Classified is again a simple-to-use WordPress Directory Plugin. It is placed at number three in our list of best 7 plugins and used for creating classified ad listings on your WordPress website. It mainly concentrates on the monetization. If you are looking for a plugin that can insert a classified ads section in your site, then you can opt for the AWP Classified plugin. You may find some restrictions regarding the number of submissions, reviews, or listings. It depends on the plan that the user selects.

You also can analyze the new classified section and showcase external ads across the classified sections on the site.


Prime Attributes:

  • Automatic creation of required pages streamlines the process of configuration.
  • Non-registered users are allowed to post ads with simple email verification
  • Monetization support along with customized subscription plans, enabling the creation of a classifieds site for instant money making.
  • Merger with 4 major payment gateways for simple monetization through paid listings and charging for banner ads on classified pages.

4. Directorist

Directorist is the number four plugin that is suitable for different types of websites. It is the plugin that will serve you with a plethora of functions. You can rectify your web directory with powerful add-ons like a job manager that completes with several top job board plugins and numerous more connectors. The same firm has created (but does not require) its own classified themes, which might be useful to aspiring directory operators. It offers to create a filterable listing for your web-based directory. You can get the authority to insert the searchable custom fields or utilize standard directory fields such as price, tags, text, location, and more. The plugin has the ability to transform your web directory into a mobile application.


Prime Attributes:

  • Easily develop your listing pages with the help of  Directionist’s custom drag-and-drop form builder
  • Searchable custom form fields for exact search results
  • Comprises search widgets with 10+ different filters
  • Uses Google Maps or OpenStreetMap for geo-based listings
  • Suitable with WooCommerce’s Multivendor plugin to create a multi-vendor marketplace

Diretorist Cost: $139/ year

5. Toolset

Getting an advanced medium for producing a desired outcome is luck. Thanks to WordPress for delivering the high-powered Toolset plugin. It is one of the dynamic WordPress Directory plugins that helps you to generate advanced and modern web directories. You can integrate this plugin to create web directories relevant to custom eCommerce, real estate, membership, and other Directory sites. It is quite difficult to learn as it has its own ecosystem. Still, you can start to develop a web directory from scratch once you understand it. The plugin is just used for creating web directories only in collaboration with Divi to generate magnificent directories.


Prime Attributes:

  • Develop custom post types, countless custom fields, and taxonomies that you can show on your site front.
  • Produce custom frontend forms for users for easy interaction with your directory.
  • Limit specific website features and sections for paying customers.
  • Includes a detailed course and an onboarding program

Toolset Cost: From $69 a year (renews at $51)

6. Connections Business Directory

The Connections Business Directory is not so convincing plug. Still, it has the potential to develop a neat and clean web directory for you. A simple but high-featured plugin is able to host and create almost all kinds of directories. It is one of the most affordable WordPress Directory Plugins you can opt for.


Prime Characteristics:

  • Hold up the Block Editor with four directory blocks
  • Listings and directory entries Privacy control
  • Controlling the fields shown on your listings is permitted.
  • Supportive to nested categories
  • Face Detection is an add-on to properly center the display of profile pictures automatically

Connection Business Directory Cost: Free.

7. HivePress

HivPress is the last fantastic directory plugin that comes with wonderfully designed directory themes and extensions.

The prebuilt clean and modern user interface of the plugin has the ability to govern business, product, and service listings without logging into your WordPress backend. Also, it permits you to create a Favorites page. If you want to create a beautiful web directory for free, then you can go with the HivePress directory plugin that can generate the desired outcome for sure.


Prime Attributes:

  • It can charge users to feature their listing
  • Users can submit the rate listings and leave reviews on listings as well.
  • Provision to send private messages to listing owners
  • Allows users to create “favorite” listings which makes to find the information easily in the future.
  • It provides private, frontend dashboards to manage listings to the users.

HivePress Cost: Free. For add-ons- $39

Comparison between the WordPress Directory Plugins

We have selected and explained the top 7 plugins for your web directory. You can compare their prices and features to select the best one. There are free and paid versions of all the plugins. The best WordPress directory plugins can maintain a balance between the features and collaboration to other multiple plugins.


Among all the 7 WordPress Directory Plugins that we have discussed in the article, we will suggest the GeoDirectory as the finest among overall plugins since it consists of significant capabilities and add-ons that are all uncomplicated to use.

Its lifetime cost is also something to think about carefully. Business directory Plugin is another excellent option, particularly if you intend to monetize your directory. Advanced WordPress users should consider utilizing Toolset in conjunction with Divi. This potent combination will offer you all of the tools you need to develop a directory 

tailored to your individual requirements. Whatever you decide, make sure it matches your business requirements and your budget.

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