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Do you work on WordPress? If yes then you must have come across some of the most common questions about the WordPress platform. You might have questions about the cost of WordPress, reliability, security, etc. Also, you might be confused about the ways, to begin with, WordPress. Do not worry, this article is going to cover plenty of WordPress Database Optimization clearing much of your doubts and basic questions about WordPress. Check out Top WordPress Themes By VW Themes for stunning WP themes.


What is WordPress Database Optimization all about?

Currently, WordPress is the biggest CMS platform used to power a variety of websites under different hosting plans. It’s now possible to build online stores, blogs, kinds of websites, landing pages, and a lot more web stuff using WordPress

Do I need to pay for WordPress?

WordPress is a completely free platform. To make use of WordPress, you are required to only invest in a good hosting plan. If you want to maintain your website easily, you should take a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Do I need to be familiar with WordPress coding?

Not at all. Due to the availability of WordPress plugins and themes, even a non-coder finds it easy to work with WordPress. Furthermore, it’s not necessary to learn PHP or CSS when already user-friendly themes and plugins are there to help you out.

WordPress installation

WordPress Database Optimization commonly includes installation steps. The process of WordPress installation is very easy. To initiate building your website, you just need to install WordPress and get a theme and some plugins.

How is the process of WordPress installation?

WordPress installation is a simple 5-minute process. You will find the single-click WordPress installation feature offered by many shared hosting plans from the cPanel of your website. In case, you are using managed WordPress hosting, you’ll get already installed WordPress for you.

Will WordPress support my computer?

Yes, of course. WordPress supports every operating system and you can locally install it on your computer. Furthermore, if you are skilled enough, you can use a 3rd party software such as Local. Also, you can proceed with manual installation of WordPress using XAMP, WAMP, LAMP, or MAMP.

What about updating WordPress?

While going through WordPress Database Optimization, WordPress updates are yet another important aspect to consider. For updating WordPress, you need to press the update/refresh icon. Other than this, you can proceed from Dashboard > Updates, and press Install Now. After your WordPress installation is complete, you will come across a confirmation screen which will bring you to the latest WordPress version. Along with learn how to Build New Websites With Gutenberg.

How will I come to know about the WordPress version I’m using?

After logging into your WordPress website, look at the bottom of your WordPress dashboard. It shows the current version of WordPress your site is using.

Is it possible to change the style of a WordPress website?

Yes, you can do so using a WordPress theme. After all, a WordPress theme acts as the skin of a WordPress website. Moreover, your website gets a unique look along with the addition of new features and functionalities.

What about WordPress theme installation?


After logging into the dashboard of your website, move over to Appearance > Themes, and then to Add New. Here, you will find plenty of free WordPress themes offered by WordPress.org. Also, by clicking on the button ‘Upload Theme’, you can upload the theme you downloaded from somewhere else.

What about adding new WordPress features?

WordPress feature is yet one of the significant WordPress Database Optimization that commonly comes in the minds of WordPress users. Plugins are the easy solution to add new WordPress features and functionalities in your website. This add-on is essential to implement new functionalities and make your site feature-rich. All you have to do is simply install them and configure their settings.

How can I change my WordPress password?

After logging in to your admin dashboard, go to the admin toolbar which is present at the top right corner of the dashboard. After scrolling down, click on “Generate Password” and reset your password. In case, you are thrown out of your account, go through the steps of lost password on the login page. Yet another way to recover your password is through MySQL or phpMyAdmin.

How to set the homepage?

You can set the homepage by navigating to Settings > Reading. You can leave the settings default or set your front page to the homepage you formed.

How to boost the speed of my WordPress site?

To improve the loading speed of your site, you need to enable WordPress caching, get good hosting, use a CDN, and upgrade your PHP. Furthermore, select a quality WordPress theme, optimize plugins, images, and keep your database clean.

How can I make money with WordPress?

Advertising, affiliate marketing, starting up an online store are some of the ways, to make money with WordPress.
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