How To Customize WordPress Themes Using WordPress Customizer?

WordPress Customizer

WordPress offers a built-in customizer in every WordPress theme that helps in making the customizations easy. If you are using a WordPress theme, you should be familiar with the customizer. Using a Customizer, you can change the look and feel of your WordPress site in a systematic manner. It allows you to modify and enhance the page elements such as the title of the site, background images, menus, etc.

WordPress Customizer
customizer in VW Fitness WordPress Theme

WordPress Customizer is easily accessible

You need to begin by going to Appearance⇒Customize from the backend of your WordPress website. The Customizer interface will be opened. It shows the theme preview on the right side of your screen and the WordPress Customizer on the other side. Here, I’ve taken the example of VW Tours WordPress Theme to make you understand WordPress Customizer.

Begin with customizing the site identity

The Site Identity is the section that allows you to set your website’s name and tagline. It shows two fields viz. Site Title and Tagline. You need to fill these fields and see the preview on the right side of your screen. Moreover, the Customizer interface has the option to set your website’s icon or favicon. After setting the fields, click on “Save and Publish” button.

Manage the menus on your page

Customizing the menus

It’s very easy to configure the menus of your website using WordPress Customizer. Navigate the menus section in Customizer. To create a menu section on your website, click on “Add a Menu”, name it, and then click on “Create Menu”. Furthermore, you can adjust the settings of the menu by clicking on its name. You can customize the menu by changing its name, reordering its options, adding new menu options in it, positioning it, and a lot more. All these configurations are comfortably fixed in a small WordPress Customizer interface. Thus, we see the extent to which WordPress is useful.

Play with colors

It’s fun to make alterations in the colors on your website which improves the design of your WordPress website easily. To begin playing with colors on your website, navigate to Colors on the Customizer interface. Depending on how many colors your WordPress theme makes use of you can freely change them all even before you preview the results on the right side of the windows screen. The Tours theme here allows you to swap the colors of the title all over your website.

Make changes in the background image

To make changes in the background image of your website, click on “Background Image” on the WordPress Customizer. You can change the background image and configure a variety of display options using the same Customizer interface. Also, you can set the image to scroll. Thus, the image gets a parallax effect.

Preview on mobiles and tablets

VW Fitness WordPress Theme

Responsive VW Fitness Theme

WordPress Customizer has options for mobile and tablet previews of your website. The Customizer shows the preview of your website in desktop mode by default. There are 3 different icons available at the bottom of the Customizer to view your WordPress website on mobile, tablet, and desktop. If you click on the mobile icon, the right side of your screen will display your website in mobile mode.

End Thoughts

WordPress Customizer a very useful customization features offered by WordPress. This is a very simple interface that allows you to perform a number of tasks to transform your website. A Customizer performs the following activities –

  • Configure the look and feel of your website
  • Swap the colors on your website
  • Alter the background image
  • Configure the menus
  • Shows preview of your WordPress website in mobile, tablet, and desktop mode.

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