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WordPress provides ample of opportunities to the people all across the world. WordPress is a great platform to express new thoughts and ideas for the entrepreneurs, corporations, freelancers, web enthusiasts, developers, and many other people. The reason behind such a vast usage of WordPress is that it is extremely easy to use and to learn. So, now if you are thinking about giving your contributions to WordPress, this post is helpful for you. It tells you the ways to Become a WordPress contributor. Along with this have a look at Top WordPress Themes by VWTHEMES.


What are the benefits of becoming a WordPress contributor?


Being a WordPress user, would you not like to Become a WordPress contributor? Of course, you would love to if you’re inspired by WordPress platform. Here are some benefits of contributing to WordPress that will elevate your confidence to get into it.

Enhance your status in the WordPress Community

WordPress contributor


By contributing to WordPress, you are boosting your status in the WordPress community. Even if you contribute a little to WordPress, it will greatly impact your reputation in the WordPress community. We know that the great people who are associated with WordPress are providing their service to WordPress as well as to its community. Let’s consider a situation: If you are searching for WordPress developer, are you going to hire the one who is engaged in WordPress forums or the one who is sitting behind a well-built online portfolio? For sure, you will count the first person who is actively involved in WordPress forums.

Deep Learning Environment

You should Become a WordPress contributor because along with giving you a status in the WordPress community, it also creates a deep learning environment. You will learn a lot of things about WordPress within a span of time. And with learning WordPress, you come out as a more skilled developer, designer, and of course a WP contributor! Your knowledge multiplies when you contribute to WordPress.

Catch more business

WordPress raises your status and that is helpful in catching more business. Why won’t one like to take services of a reputed WordPress professional? Of course, everybody prefers to approach the one who has good status in the WordPress community. You can expect your clients to be associated with your WordPress community. When you Become a WordPress contributor, you are creating ways to get business clients and build connections. More jobs will come your way when you contribute to WordPress.

Contribute to WordPress and become happy

Let’s go through statistics about WordPress and you will come to how worthy is your contribution to WordPress. Currently, almost 25% of the websites are being fed by WordPress. So, if you contribute, you are giving a part to the WordPress community. It is a web platform that is dominating almost a quarter of the web world. Though your contribution is small, it can largely affect the community and raise WordPress's status. You are contributing to the 25%, isn’t that great?

Fix your name in the history of WordPress!

List of some Core WordPress Contributors

We all know how rapidly WordPress is flourishing with such a widespread community. Today, this platform is no longer just a blogging platform but a complete web development CMS. And there is no doubt that it will rule the online world in coming years. It is creating the kind of history which nobody will hesitate to be a part of. In case you have something to improve WordPress, you have a vision for it, Become a WP contributor. Build WordPress better. So, leave a mark on the WordPress community. Along with this Buy WordPress Themes from VWTHEMES at great prices.

How can you contribute to WordPress?

For those who want to Become a WP contributor, there are several ways to do so. Everybody can give their bit to help strengthen WordPress.

WordPress Developer

If you have the thorough knowledge of PHP and MySQL and are a WordPress developer, you can very well contribute to WordPress. It’s good to add new features and keep WordPress updated. Being a developer, you can give your contribution, be a WordPress contributor and let this platform grow. You can develop new WordPress features, perform testing and release updates. In this way, your contribution will be counted. You can work on the development of WordPress themes and plugins, and a lot more.

Write for WordPress

You must be aware of WordPress documentation which needs to be updated timely. This is an entry point for you where you can utilize your writing skills and Become a WP contributor. The documentation involves handbooks, online documents, WordPress instructions, admin support and many other tasks. Be a part of the documentation team of WordPress and become in-charge of all the documentation related work.

Web Designer

The WordPress websites depict a strong user interface. It’s the hard work of web designers that gives rise to beautiful and appealing websites. It’s the efforts of WordPress contributors which has made it an open-source platform. The designers put their skills into work and bring the design to life. So, as far as designing is concerned, you can contribute to WordPress and show your creative skills.


Are you well versed with several languages such as French and Russian? Would you not like to use WordPress in the language you like? Yes, you’d. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to be a WordPress translator. Translate WordPress in the languages you know. Also, there is a polyglots community in WordPress which won’t hesitate to take your help in building tools that can help translate WordPress into different languages which are known worldwide.

WordPress Support

WordPress contributor

You can offer your help in the WordPress support forums and leave your footprints in the WordPress community. Go through the questions asked in the support forums and answer them. Provide support to WordPress users as this is a great way to Become a WordPress contributor.

Organize WordPress Events

Do you enjoy throwing events? If so then join the WordPress team of contributors and initiate conducting WordPress programs. It could be Local WordPress meetups, official events, contributor initiatives, WordPress expo or any other event. Be the star of your local WordPress meetups and take a step to global WordPress programs such as a WordCamp event.

Wrapping up

When you contribute to WordPress, you get many chances to give something in return to the community that has offered so many things to you to build your online presence. It’s a great spirit to Become a WordPress contributor and help our world become more productive in terms of business. So, this article covered some of the most common things which you can do to help boost WordPress.

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